08 January 2009

Inspire.. Aspire.. Expire...

How many of you know how to breathe?

O.K., folks... I'm not talking about autonomic system functionality here. That's a given, else we'd all be dead. I mean CONSCIOUSLY draw a breath in and expel it.

Take a deep breath as you read this.

Now exhale.

Then think: "when I breathed in, where did the air go?"

Good answer, smart@$s-- your lungs.

Which part?

Now take another breath, and this time, on the inhale, pay conscious attention to how your abdominal cavity moves.

Chances are it "expanded" with your oxygen intake. And exhale... the gut retracts. oui?

Do that with conscious focus for three, or four, breaths.

Then change it up, 180 degrees: as you inhale (you ARE inhaling solely through the nasal cavity, yes?), make your stomach move in the opposite direction of the first method. Still breathing in solely through your nose, draw your solar plexus IN. [You may note a 'shorter' breath. That's ok.]

Now on the breath release (through your mouth; right!) "split" the air so that half is expelled and half sinks to your abdominal cavity, thereby causing it to expand.

I challenge each of you to CONSCIOUSLY practice both of these methods for a duration of only a five-count each. Once a day. Ten breaths.

You can do this while you are sitting in rush hour traffic. Or sitting on your porch with your morning (or evening) cuppa. The point is to do it with full conscious control of your breath; where the distribution, both inhale and exhale, are 'going'.
And to mix it up.

Try it for three days and give me some feedback.

[A heartfelt Thanks to Livia; the late-nite banter cured lack of earlier-mentioned INSPIRATION. True to the Goddess Within...]

Breath easy, folks!



Livia Indica said...

I love this. Back in the day when I was in high school choir we used to do all kinds of breathing techniques. They were meant to strengthen to diaphragm but they also taught me a lot about how breathing affects state of mind, etc. Very cool. I'll give it a shot.

Livia Indica said...

Oh, and you're very welcome!!

HermitJim said...

Vey kewl, Nephew! Especially now at my age when I hold a mirror close to my mouth to make sure I'm still breathing at all!

Ash said...

Yoga helps with this. Also, the Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync stuff I posted about in here: http://ash101in1001.blogspot.com/

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi Liv!

Yeah, I didn't take it as in depth as intended; the purpose is for the calming effects, but come to think it was Martial Arts where i picked the lesson up...

Ash! good to see you again! I'll run over to your link-- I read your site every day, but either missed this one or need a reminder of the parallels

Hey Uncle! Keep plenty o' that magic bean that helps title your blog and I reckon you've got many a good breath-filled day left!
Thanks for the visit!

Ken said...

...proper breathing,necessary for proper shot placement...anyway...hey Cygnus,gonna play catch up on the blogs,thanx for the concern out at Catmans place...

...i'll type at ya...

Bullseye said...

Man I fell better now. Gonna make this one a habit. Thanks man. Nameste,


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Namaste, Bro. The Zen masters say doesn't matter if it's brushing your teeth; when done consciously it alters/can alter our perspective, bring more peace and focus.

Ans speaking of "focus"...

Ken, only kickin' meself in the nether regions b/c Bulls beat me to vociferous concern...

Good to see ya back!