13 January 2009


That's how many days ago I became a "free" man.

Some days it seems like so little progress made. But a quick inventory...

Got a vehicle, free and clear (let's not mention the legal extortion that is insurance...)

Finally started a permanent job (and I use the term permanent loosely, if only from my own rose-colored desires), one day shy of a calendar year from "release".

Reconnected with a family member and discovered so many parallels in mindset that you'd think we were relat.. oh, wait... A new-found mentor and friend to share the dream with.

And what of that ultimate dream? The 'Old School' American one I've nourished, cherished, and relished for YEARS? Of my own seclusion in the woods, of a "hobby" farm?

Less than a year to date of earning ANY cash for labor, you know the Swan's story; if you don't (or even if you do , at risk of redundancy), to whit:

I'm on my way to "owning" 2.1 acres in the Ozarks. Paid the down payment as soon as I could.

Less than a full solar year...

Could have been a worse one.

May the next one be as prosperous. And by the same token, leave me still feeling like I ain't through... on my way, but never, until called home, THROUGH.

Thanks to everyone on my read list for inspiration, support, and ideas. Keep Blogging. I need it...!



Bullseye said...

Every sunrise awakes a free man. What will we do with this new found freedom that greets us each and everyday?? Simple........try to have another one tomorrow.

I think you have done well in a very short amount of time man. Hang on tight and try to have another one tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

WTG Cygnus! That year will fly!

Catman said...


There are ways to get around having to have insurance. Look for places offering a "shared risk pool". My understanding is that people are not "required" to have "insurance" only that they are able to show "proof of financial responsibility".

Out here in California, the Menonite Churches have that for their members. The catch is, you have to be a Menonite to participate.

There used to be one open to the general public, but it shut down to what I understand was pressure from the state as a result of the insurance companies. The cost to participate in the pool was $250.00. It didn't matter how many vehicles you had, or what type of vehicle it was. It was a flat $250.00. All you had to do was show that your driving record was clean for seven years.

HermitJim said...

The dreams are what keep us in motion! They furnish us with drive, offer us some hope, and fuel our quest to btter our situation!

Keep plugging, Nephew!

Lazy Housewife said...

Insurance has came in handy for us, the most recent of which was a couple years ago when we hit a bear. Yep, a bear. Scarrrrry. Anyway, congrats on getting a free car; that's awesome. A year will fly by for you; it always seems to now. :-)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

dead center again my friend! Or should it be 'live' center, in keeping w/ theme!
Thanks; i see the sunrise tomorrow i WILL have another...

Molly, Thanks Lady! Time do go by, don't it...I'm with bulls-- let's make the most of it!

Hey there Catman... good point; something to look in on, certainly. On the state level, of course; I'd bet a fake copper peso that Tx. followed cali an that one; hard to pass up 'legal' extortion...

Hi again LHW! (I'd feel bad greeting you as "Lazy!!) Well, the car wasn't free, per se; I meant no note now... But what a great way we could have privately (not govern-mentally)bailed out the auto makers: give EVERYONE in the ol' US of A a free, new car! Since they're so shoddily built, we'd HAVE to have a new one soon, and being so enthralled to have rcvd free, we'd line up like dominoes for the fall again...

Hermit, M'Man, fuel us they do and drive us along ! (wow, what a theme-turn this has taken!ha!) And rest(area) assured that in motion towards those dreams I will continue!

Thanks to all of you for the feedback(fire!)