31 May 2009

"My Gift Is My Song..."

"This One's For You..."

It has been a gift to me, this introduction in to the blogosphere, a place to share my thoughts, dreams fears, and frustrations with any who care or chance to pop by. This place to further develop my writing has also granted something else I never would have imagined, and might have laughed silently had anyone else told me it could be-- numerous and inexplicable friendships.

MY SONG, my writing...if any of you have enjoyed it, well then, I'm doubly thankful.

Slainte, folks...


30 May 2009

Goodbye, Lady! You Were My Only One...

And... it was great while it lasted...

But, fair MollyMaroon, I canna shell out anymore ducats to keep you about, you bottomless pit-whore, you!

I stripped you bare.. I poured heart soul.. dripped sweat and blood; ripped flesh at times...
Still, you abandon me.
You ask, at a time lacking beyond all other times of me fair existence, more than FOUR FIGURES -- before the decimal enters play-- JUST for the honor of returning home.


Not only do I na know anymore what that is, but were I privy to said comfort I would na share it's locale with you.

I slept with you-- IN YOU, literally... for nights on end. Through rain, and mud, and a field or three-- and yea, even that night through the Gulf Coast snow-- you carried me, singing all the while, keeping me warm.. my only companion...

Alas, only to abandon in this, my poorest hour, my most needed and desirous of your ability to transport...

Good-bye, my Maroon One...

Ye weren't me first, and likely won't be me last.. but I shall ever hold the keys that once sparked your coil in my treasure chest...



28 May 2009

WARNING: Extremely Foul (No Pun Intended) Tongue Herein...

Honest This Time, Folks...
[Just A Heads-Up To The Delicate-Of-Ear...]

I awoke from last night's 'nap' (can't rightly call 1.5 hours of sleep a night's rest, now can ye?) to a financial butt-fucking-- ol' Cyggie being recipient...

I had a good talk with Joe Schmoe last month at XYZ Corp-- a financial lending institution. My primary question was confirmed-- APRIL was to be my last large (e-)three-figure payment to said corp, leaving debt settled.


Turns out what we'll call a "mutual oversight" was made. Long about midnight last here come-a some'un with a handfull of sand...(versus K.Y., y'ken...)

I won't bore you with petty details. What I AM going to do is piss and moan that this raping , on top of that Gods-forsaken buick [I refuse to call her by name until or unless she starts acting right], is continually bleeding me profusely from the anus...

Originally I wanted to tuck tail-feathers between swan-waddling legs, to fly to some safe misanthropic haven and hide from the world in general and blog obligations in particular, if but [heh! quit with the puns already!] only for a few days.

I decided in stead to ride [fly?] it out-- to WRITE IT out... After all, there's a large handfull of you out there whom I consider close family, and the remainder of you are, minimally, good friends. And if one canna cry to friends and fambly, well... s/he hath no tears to shed...

Quickly, then, I recovered from the piss-poor-excuse-for-a-human-being-feeling the event dragged me into, realizing it ultimately matters most that the excessive additional time needed to recover from this dick-it-to-ya, Cygnus! debacle will stall THAT MUCH LONGER my escape to the Ozarks.
I don't know how much longer-- that depends on how much that bitch-assed buick (I won't even properly CAPITOLIZE it..),
which went to shop yester'een, sucks from me sphincter by weeks end...But, [Cat]man [and Brother Bulls-- hey! doncha love we're all ANIMALS? I ne'er afore noted, consciously... HAR!], delay be DELAY... And de lay SUKKS!!!!!!!

Okay, I reckon that's enough spittle-spewing for one sitting...
So, until the next thing pops ITS ugly head up {and you KNOW, folks, if it ain't the one thing it'll be the next}...

Slainte, Folks!

(erm.. and, uh-- sorry fer gettin' the feces in yer ear...)


27 May 2009


I got one comin' your way.
My chinese P.O.S. [aka "piece of SHIT"] camera is having Hanoi conniptions...

Sorry for the Technical Difficulty...




25 May 2009

Just A Reminder...

It Should Be About THIS:



NOT THIS-- seen in the [?]state[?] of Caliphony lately:

Or THIS-- where we're headed under Uncle Sammy & Obammy:

I never had the honor of serving this country. I'm going to, this country keeps headed down the rat-infested, tax-and-bailout-until-we-break tangent it's on.

Goddamn right I'll be a "DOMESTIC TERRORIST"-- if, by that term, you mean one who will stand for what the CONSTITUTION truly means.

I've said enough; more than intended, really. I just wanted to post a pic of Old Glory and say "REMEMBER"...

But, godsdamnit, I don't wanna be saying "REMEMBER..." to grandchildren who may never know, except through stories, of freedom seemingly too fantastical to imagine-- freedom I KNOW EXISTED, because I've been honored enough to have lived it...

THINK, and remember, folks...



23 May 2009


You're doing TWO at ONCE...

So, am I cheating again???

{Relax, YOU, and read on...}

What I mean is... you're reading two blogs at once.
I don't typically do this, but this here missive is more than fairly indicative of what's going on in my life of late-- and , as this IS My Song--aka my life-- well...

Plus... [flutters eyebrows mischeviously] I kinda LIKE trying two at once... hehehe!

[Um, let me know how it was for YOU...]


Yesterday the Moon and the planets Venus and Mars made an inverted triangle in the morning sky. This is the way of subtle Magic in this swan's life:

An inverted triangle-- symbolic of the Feminine Aspect.. of the feminine of 'female'. [Mmmm...]

The Moon-- The Mother Of All female Psyche; The Triple Goddess.

And Venus, Goddess of Love. Love in the larger sense-- the conversation and friendship beyond the mere physically Aphroditic...
VENUS.. Sex and Friend and more--

Above Mars-- my [astrological/astronomical] ruling planet-- at the the base of the Triad...

A lot of Magic going on in my life of late. Glad I'm more receptive to it these days...


This morning I stood under, staring up at, the Dark Veil again. Mars and Venus are still close. The Triple Goddess had moved a bit more East-- towards her final of the Croning phase. She'll be a new one tomorrow, hiding her face from Mother Earth for a few days, basking fully in the Sun's light.
From our ground, the perspective is Earth-Moon-Sun.
From Theirs? What need they of earthly things, there in the heavens, each recharging the other? The Sun and Moon and Stars...

To detail how all of this is Magic to me is impossible. Look man, I'm likely only fathoming about a third of the True Workings myself :D.

And Of The Heavens

This morning I stood communing with my God.

The constellation Cygnus-- The Celestial Swan--was directly overhead. I gave Thanks-- that which I could fit into words-- for all the magic and blessings I've received and perceived of late. Those which I couldn't-- fathom, know, or put into words-- I let my heart radiate it's peace [and turmoil! ha!] for.

Then, I tried to listen...
Tough, the majority of times, to shut out the constant background static of our own egocentric mind and BE, and HEAR... and even more so, to LISTEN.
Yet, I try and do so when praying for Guidance.

"Be Careful What You Ask For..."

I was reminded, too, that all gifts and blessings have their price. All things gained generally require, in some way, shape or form, equivocal sacrifice.

Well, SO MOTE IT BE. Though from the afore-mentioned egocentric view it often seems so, I have never been burdened with MORE than it is my fate to be REQUIRED to bear; from that of the CYGNUS, this I GROK.

Slainte, Folks...


22 May 2009

A-Readin' I Will Go...

Taking the night off to do some SERIOUS catching-up on my lax-of-late reading... [hmm.. seems like I just posted this very heart-felt, meant-but-not-done missive...] .

Here-- check out me kindred in the interim...
[note: Not a lot on youtube by the band; I like this Lady's video because of the intro-- save digging thru my archive, which I'd loath subject you to-- LISTEN CLOSELY... That is, if ye care for a wee glimpse into the overall picture of Cygnus and my blog title and.. man, just all kinds of tied-in tangents... THANKS, FOLKS...]



21 May 2009

A Green Sonnett

Farmer Greening

He Keeps two rows of pennies by his stash
(as good a way as any to keep count)
When down to twenty-five he'll make a dash
replenish the original amount;

And folk visit all hours of the day
to get a penny-count or two of smoke.
(He only asks at night they stay away;
not want to catch the eye of certain folk

Whom, like Sheriff John Brown, might come to hate
our misanthropic hero in farm duds.)
He'll never turn away a needy soul;
he always has the kindness to partake
out of his own supply of 'sample buds'
and help adjust bad attitudes through bowls.

jim aka Cygnus

May I someday be just like my hero, folk...



20 May 2009

Let's Get PHYSICAL!!!


Holed Up, Bunkered Down, Or Just Short Of Space And Resourses-- You Still Need Your Health...

Maybe now so more than ever...

Not to worry; here is Cygnus' 5-Point program for overall body maintenance, fitness and well-being.
I'ts rather simple, really. Just recall-- without the groaning, please!-- your school gym days.
I'll skip telling you to stretch good, and to be sure ANY physical exertion you undertake is physiologically feasible to your person-- this last just self-preservative instinct.
Yet, that is one of the beauties of this pogrom-- it can really be as easy or as strenuous as you deem. Now, enough talking: Let's DO it!!!

  • Jumping Jacks: move the blood around well-- an entire body calesthenic. Not much need for detail here-- just watch out for the overhead light...
  • Push-ups: Ah, quit yer cryin'! You're gonna needs maintain arm strength for hauling about young-uns, rapid-reload, dragging the dead would-be invader from the premises... y'know-- daily activities. Just do one at a time to start, if you feel that's all you need to. Rest a minute. Do another. In fact, scatter them out-- do ten during each new song on the radio. Or every hour... you get the idea. That goes for ALL the exercises... Just DO THEM...
  • Sit-ups: Ditto push-ups-- quit yer bellyachin' (pun intended) and make it fun! (Ideas for said after the last two bullets.. er bulleted items... er-- oh, never mind! "SEE BELOW"; how's that?)
  • Leg-Lifts: Yes, another abs/ core one. It's the pivotal point of all bodily activity. [Replace these with easy "standing bends" if you prefer: stand upright, legs together or spread to your comfort. Place hands on hips. Bend at waist, keeping spine as straight as possible; when upper body is parallel with floor, reverse to upright position. VOILA! Simple! And painless- the easiest of them all.]
  • No-Weight Squats: Not much to these, either, but the legs are the largest muscle group, so start slow here. You'll feel it, for sure. Easy, chief/chiefess! You're trying to get HEALTHIER, not make yourself immobile for days on end... Just stand, feet about shoulder-width apart, arms at your side or crossed in front of you (or held straight out, zombie-fashion for more effect both physical and aesthetic-- maybe the REAL ONES peeking in your window-- bet ya didn't know bunkers had those, ey-- will see you as "NOT DINNER" and move on to the Jonses'... See what all you can learn from this ol' bird?!?), bend the knees and keep the spine as erect as possible. When the tops of your thighs are parallel to the ground-- back up ye go!

Now, how can all this be fun? Hell, I dunno. For you, that is. Me? Make these things some sort of REWARDS system, rather than seeing them as must-do, self-imposed health care.
Or make a game of it. One of my faves?

Grab a deck of cards. Remove jokers (or leave them in as 25-count bonuses). Shuffle deck. Place face down on table. Now-- push-up time!

Numbers are face value-- a three turned over = 3 push-ups, etc.
Jacks, Queens and Kings are 11, 12, and 13, respectively.
Aces are 15-in-the hole.

The entire deck (sans jokers) added up this way gives you 424 reps.

now, add your own variations. Maybe each suit represent a different exercise: diamonds for push-ups, spades for squats... just go with 4 of the 5 above and HAVE FUN!

Take all day to do them, again. Each time you pass the table, turn a card. (But-- don't avoid the table just out of laziness!)
Peak fitness days for me, we did all 424 with no rest between reps save to stand up and turn cards. Record day? Went thru the deck 2.5 times, all push-ups. YOU do the math.HONEST ABE, Folks!

All in all, just do SOMETHING each day to avoid muscle atrophy. This really is more important if, for whatever reason, you are confined and have minimal out-of-doors movement, limited equipment [I say limited-- I keep a jumprope for serious cardio. Despite what your eight-year old daughter makes it look like-- IT AIN'T A TOY! :D Give 'er five minutes and see, y'don't believe (yet. You WILL inside three of those minutes!!! lol!)]

Limited only by our imaginations, folks.
Hope this has been good food for fodder-- and even more so that you actually TRY it once or twice. Go ahead-- GET PHYSICAL --for a change! [OOH! Catchy slogan! har!] You might find you LIKE it!

Slainte, folks!


19 May 2009

It Got 6" Longer, In ONE DAY!!!

REALLY!!! (I Measured...)

Sweat pours down my body from the heat and exertion; a drop leaves my chin and lands in the bed below as I lean down and in...
I see an area missed before, somehow neglected. (Can't have that...)
I reach down with two fingers, taking it gently yet firmly between... wiggle it some to worry it loose a bit first. I pinch it then---

And pull the pesky little weed trying to take root in my garden. And that, right where the heirloom watermelon resides! That watermelon vine, I promise, has grown half a foot in the time between yesterday's glance and today's labor of weeding I've let get near out of hand.
Well, more the creeping-in of bermuda, in an area of the bed I added this year-- where grass previously lay.

Here's an overview of the expansion bed. The afore-mentioned watermelon is in the foreground...
Behind that is the out-of-control melons... Store-bought cantaloupe, consumed and the rind and seed thrown out to compost (the original intent of the vine-covered area), the seeds decided to do what seeds, given sun [heat/light] and water [liquid] and dirt [fertile ground!], are wont to do-- PRODUCE... or, um fruit... you know; guess orientation comes into play...
Don't know what the canta-critters will look, taste, or be like (like melons, I'm a-hopein'), but if naught else, we got some pretty groundcover. Oh-- hard to see from the above vantage-- wanna get closer?!?-- but the blooms are PROLIFIC, and many have this:
behind them-- little two-pea sized bloomin' melons! HAR!

Gimme two weeks, and I'll run a taste test. If'n y'don't hear back from me after that-- this being some second-generation hybrid mutie, well... I say then don't try this at home, kiddies!

Gots plenty more pics, both the weekend and today-- but whah! I might needs them to tease you notrherners more of a future date!!!

Well, Folks, before the customary close, I wanna add two more things.


I'll be around if not c'est soir (got loads of housecleaning to do before grandma returns from a week-long foray to me mum's and sister's neck o' the woods to visit and terroriz-- um, i mean, really I did-- TICKLE her great-grandbabies...), then on the morrow latest, with my usual snide, snippy, or otherwise off-the-wall commentary on yall's sites.
Thanks, all, for allotting me hiatus.
Which leads me to my ...

SECONDLY-- a very deep, heartfelt bow and TREMENDOUS THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! to one very good friend who kept my spirits up with near-constant emails this past week or so. YOU know who you are. If we weren't being watched, i'd KISS you here (or there! lol!) and now... Ahh, what the hell... hide yer eyes if'n you don't wanna watch--
[um.. you did get the tongue, d'in ya?!?]

Slainte, Folks!

See ya on the morrow!!!


17 May 2009

It's Been Said...

[Nope-- this ain't the title i said it would be.]

Something else intervened. Something else grew that measure...

Salinte, and godspeed, Lady...


Um... I'm Back...
In The West Texas Town...

Pretty hoss...

Pretty name...

Pretty tired! lol!

G'nite, Lady...

16 May 2009

You Can Eat Crackers In My Bed Anytime, Baby!!!

Or, if YOU [know who you are] prefer, bring Oreo's...

Um, you could even eat them-- NO! NO! I meant, let me feed them to you-- via your choice of the following utensils/implements:
  • Spork
  • Spatula
  • Chopsticks
OH?!? You brought STRAWBERRIES???
Wait! wait...Here! I got cream...

Slainte, folks...


15 May 2009

got Truth?


[ A Continuation On Theme...]

Color me real. I SEE YOU.
And.. You ain't gonna get away




No "Gold" in 'Frisco, But...

Sure, you dig long, hard and deep enough, it'll turn up somewhere...

Slainte, Folks


14 May 2009

Cygnus Speaks...

Or, rather tries to let a video or three do so for him.

First choice-for-voice video: HATEBREED's I WILL BE HEARD.
Disabled embed. Damn...

Then, an attempt to the positive, to show what i'm working in the time off: The Little Enging That Could.
I can, and Will-- that's as definitive of who I Am as much as anything.. but I CAN'T and won't subject anyone to ten-plus minutes' worth of time for a cartoon... (Woulda been cool for the kiddies, though!!)

"Is next? Swimvear!!!"

Oh, sorry... old commercial... welcome to the American sheeple-mind...

So, third time's a charm, right?

The third choice woulda been person-specific-- (the group) Apocalyptica's video I Don't Care .
"Embedding disabled by request"...
Yep. Fits the person HARHARHAR!!!
[But youtube the thing (see it here. go full screen. HOT HOT HOT!!!...) Well worth it! Spin 'er around in the hall, man!]

Anyhow... thanks so much for the support-- right from those I had NO DOUBT it would stem...

And a VERY SPECIAL thanks to those I'll miss Independence Day week... SUX, July now... but other ops will arise...

Then again, my son, Lance Earl McL... was born-- in Kapiolani Women's and Children's Center, in HONOLULU, HAWAII, on the 4th of JULY.

OHANA, indeed.

More soon, folks!



12 May 2009

A Few More Sub-Par Days...

The writing here of late has not been what I like to produce. I've let life detract, as it is wont to do.
Time has been one factor-- every day some under the Buick's hood; maybe more tonight, too.
Other personal stuff that I won't bore you with.

Today has been an emotional roller-coaster. Sad, as coasters go-- not many hills, and those small.
On the plus side, though I'm as miserable as ever, today it's more of a fresh, clean, almost gleeful misery-- oxymoronic as that sounds-- a sense of wiping the ass-slate of the past free of collective dust to prepare for a new chalking.

Ye faithful, I beseech you grant me a few more days of "filler"-type posts. (No; I REFUSE to take total break. Period.), as well as much less comment rounds that are, for me, an integral part of the blogosphere. I'm going to "break", to mentally and spiritually recharge, and while the time I spend at screenfront won't be much less in Chronos' Measure, my applique will be geared towards the personal.
Cygnus ain't gone, folks; he just needs a good birdbath-- a dusting and watering so's we can have back the right amount of poignant stoopidity i likes betray here...

Thanks so much for standing by...

Hey-- mosta ya have the real warmth of seasonal glee to pursue now anyhow! So get out there! Get yer fingernails dirty!! Run the kids ragged-tired!!! Teach the doggie a new trick!!!! Enjoy the sun, the moon, the stars... the WARMTH! HA!

Slainte, Folks. Health from my heart to your'n...


Cygnus Stir-Fry's...


So, I had these green beans-- nearly a half-pound-- chilling in the 'fridge.I thought I had two ripe squash also, whence a third, fresh-picked of the night, would be added. I didn't-- I had THREE:

And un ultra maketh four...[Ended up using only the two smallest. And am STILL FULL!!! HA!] I dug two garlic cloves [there by the bitty tomato-- the second red one of me biggest bush. (Get yer minds outa the gutter! We're here to cook and eat!) {I ain't helpin', is I!?!}] out of the dirt, and a bunch o' yunguns (onions to you yanks! hee!) to add some eye-water...

A little SeaSalt, some blended red-and-black pepper-- and the ubiquitous-@-Cygnus'-stove Fiesta Fajita Seasoning--, a generous skillet-coating of canola oil [no olive avail. 2nite... :( ]. Heat, naturally! [Er-- in this case home-electric- appliance provided, via grid, so... ixnay autralnay...]

Let's see what --OH!!! NOT JEST YET!!! Take a gander (um, what's a swan's... ah, never mind. Don't Go THERE!!!)

One of the MOST important ingredients of the night-- THE CHIEFTAINS on c.d. LOUD, because I could, and it should be. Tonight I rule the abode...{MORE THERE LATER, COHORTS!}

NOW let's see what, when dished up, split in three, and covered, thirds, in shredded cheddar, parmigiana, and soyu, we can consume...

Rather, Goods From The Heavens.. from The Earth [est-ce que la meme chose a la paganus...]

The flavor from fresh-from-your-backyard CANNA BE BEAT. The mass-produced grocer's hybrids are simply LAME-O when considered side-by-side...

Add the joy of having done it ALL yourself [ok; we put a seed in dirt, let the sun shine, the rain fall, and claim "WE!" HA!!! SHE... Mother of all Mothers, Gaia...] is... undeniably smile-producing!

Panta Rhei; Ouden Menei...

Slainte, people...


10 May 2009


The most sacred of gifts: LIFE
While it takes two to create one, it is the mother's duty to bear the pain of making that gift physically manifest.


Meant in the most sensual of ways...

You're sex goddesses-- every one of you.

Mothers of the world, Cygnus salutes you!!!




The Voice revisited:

Animae Beauty Version...

Mighta been several moons ago, but this song spake, of a magical night, to me.
It did again all day today...

These lyrics...
SO beyond RIGHT...

I may be Cygnus, but have had the Dream of Oengus...
[ Which, oddly, are not incompatible, now are they!?!]

Slainte, Folks!!!


09 May 2009

Welcome to "FULL MOON FRIDAY"!!!

But you can '86' the two percent...

Lightbulb Full Moon & Crime - Study Results


The Utah state bureau that tracks crime has decided to test out the old police superstition that crime peaks during a full moon.

The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification decided to track eight categories of crimes to see how many of them occurred during a full moon. And for the first time, the bureau has included its findings in its quarterly 2001 crime reports.

Statistics collected by the bureau through June 30 showed four of the last six deaths ruled to be homicide or manslaughter occurred during a full moon. In fact, from January 1999 through the first six months of 2001, the number of manslaughters during a full moon was more than 220 percent greater than on all other days, according to BCI statistics. The number of homicides during that same period were more than 53 percent higher during a full moon. Rape, motor vehicle theft and burglary were other crimes that were higher during a full moon.

Simple assault, aggravated assault and robbery, however, all decreased during a full moon compared with all other days, according to BCI.

Utah BCI defines a “full moon” as the actual day of a full moon as well as the day before and the day after.

Overall, based on the eight categories analyzed, crime was up 2.86 percent during a full moon compared with all other days. Dating back to January 1996, there were 19 homicides or manslaughters during a full moon, or four times more than on all other days. Police say they don’t have any long-term statistics to back up the observation, but they do seem to stay busier when there is a full moon. “We tend to get a lot of weird calls on full moons,” said Sandy police Lt. Kevin Thacker. “There’s always kind of been that superstition on a full moon,” concurred Murray police Detective Rob Hall. “There’s no concrete stats or facts, but on full moons you sometimes watch your step a little closer.”

BCI is offering no analysis of the statistical findings. “We just thought it would be interesting more or less to run the statistics and see what would happen,” said Adrienne Sowards, BCI criminal information and compliance specialist.

I hope everyone has clear skies-- both Meta- and literally -physical; She oughta be a Beauty...

Here's some other interesting Full Moon stuffs. And NO, Cygnus is NOT baring tushie here LOL!!! [That got me a two-month long suspension in high school.. ahh, but that's ANOTHER post! Har!]

Enjoy, Folks!!!



08 May 2009

Pertinent Question : "Tell Me..."

What The F^@k Is Wrong With Me??!?

Linkin Park lyrics, during my drive home today, hit home; thought I'd share. And ask.

MollyMaroon has yet another issue. Je ne sais pas what it could be. The battery tested absolutely deader than a coffin nail yester'een. The battery is less than 5 months old. The new one replacing it does not allow cables to be attached (positive or negative first; don't matter) without shooting voracious sparks to the point of terninal meltdown...

Wits end here, folks; I have other UberPriority financial issues to deal with, so unless a miracle (HA!) occurs, Molly sits deader than ... well, ain't 'dead' dead enough??? So she is until after the 15th. At which point, financial issue resolved once and for all, Molly or no, high-gear preparations to get the hell out of Houston commence.

See ya in a year, up Ozarks way. If, that is, I takes THAT long...

Slainte, folks!


06 May 2009

Shot At And Missed.. $h!t At And Hit.

Again. And Again. And again and again and agai...

Way too peeved to contemplate writing a post tonight, folks. My car came back from the mechanic's-- all roses. Cost? Next to nothing, relatively, to replace an ignition module and set right three spark plug wires that DANE'S AUTO in Nederland, Tx., crossed when they replaced those. [Hope you never needs travel to that Armpit of Texas, Nederland-- or any of the "tri-county" area including Beaumont, Port Arthur, and whatever other cesspool they include-- but if you DO, and you need auto work, and are chugging past Dane's, do yourself a favor and KEEP PUSHING YOUR CAR ON DOWN THE ROAD. Long run you'll be better both physically (for the exercise) and monetarily (just use the greenbacks to kindle your campfire that nacht; you'll get more use out of them that-a-way...)]

So, the Uncle drives the thing home. Hunky-dory.
Until Cygnus enters the picture.

NO JUICE. NONE. Nothing at all-- not even dim interior or door lighting
Battery tests fine. So, if I have any wits, that's the end of them.

The kikker is, whatever gods there be-- and I doubt, folks; DEEPLY DOUBT... they don't even see fit to remove me from the face of this planet. Too damned much fun to continually STOMP INTO THE GROUND, seems I am.

I need a shower, a STIFF Turkey 101 (which I won't have, the latter, because I don't have, and for no other reason! lol! [FINALLY! Sheesh I need a laugh! Instead of BEING ONE...]), and some... thing else. Je ne sais pas what.

I will do rounds of bloggereading after warshin' the arse (sorry for the visual. Unless you liked it. Then-- ah hell, come on over. WTF), so I'll 'see' ya then.

Anyone know a CarGod? If so, Wanna Sacrifice It?!?!!
I'm in!!! I'm LEADING the rite, in fact...

Slainte, folks!


05 May 2009

Who To Be?

I was Polar Bear this morn; I strove to be Penguin by afternoon...

I always love Love LOVE aggressive Pussies...

And would that, in the end, I be the bulldog that NEVER QUITS!!!

Gads, the PERSISTENCE!!! LOL!!!

Enjoy, my most favorite folk in the entire world! [Because, REALLY-- outside o' the Blogosphere-- do any others exist?!?]

Now, folks, THAT DOG CAN SKATE!!!

And speaking of the 'End Shot'... All's I can say is, FOLLER THAT DOGGIE!!! Har!!!



03 May 2009

Garden: " WHOA!'S" And "WOES"

Let's start with the woe..

Can anyone explain this browning on the squash? Granny said last years' crop did the same thing..
Could it be too much "cat help"? Too much moisture? Early fruit that the plant is culling naturally?
Just very few of the myriad yellow ones that aren't, at some point, succumbing...


Otherwise we're moving along all right. Green beans never got above 10" tall; I suppose it's still early in the season, though. And I've gathered nearly 2# off them so far...

Finally got a bit o' reddening on that freaky tomato plant:
Largest bush; smallest fruits!Ha! They group like roma, look like cherry.. at least on this vine. The smaller vines--have about double-golfball sized fruits.

Store-bought cantaloupe filler, thrown out to compost, is in full bloom.
Containered cucumbers are trying, and the Colorado Red beans, right out a 20# prep-sack, are mimicking the green beans-- small but flowering profusely.
And the heirloom watermelon has decided it finally hot enough to make a runner or three...
Lettuce will soon come out (being diligently consumed away!) to make room for either okra or more bell-type peppers. Overall, for such a small chunk o' dirt, I'm relatively happy. And listening to yall in more northerly climes report weather... I'm gonna have to either reconsider my future growing and home spot, or become REALLY proficient @ greenhouse growing! LOL! Can't imagine, here it is May and NOT having dirty fingernails for a good couple months now...
Oh, don't worry; I'll adapt. I'll bitch and moan excessively when that white, flaky stuff continuously thwarts my efforts, but... be worth it to be in NOT HOUSTON!!!

O.K., I've tortured you "yankees" enough for one weekend. I've got a turkey on rye that's BEGGING consumption with a home-grown, vine-ripe tomato...

Slainte, folks!


Saturn's Day Nacht:

Time For Celtic Fare!!!

Welcome to "My Song". It's Saturday night, long about 2140 hrs local.

Ever noted, on my sidebar, right under the Swan?..
That's right-- I'm a Thistle and Seamroc BUFF. Never miss it if there's choice. The best of the Keltic [there is NO 'soft' "c" in gaelic. No such thing as a 'selt'. "Celt"= KELT.] music world, usually seasonally attuned.
In H-town, we get Fiona Ritchie's hour-long program-- produced Edinburgh, Scotland-- piped in at 2100 hrs local. Tonight.
I'm there, dude!

Odd-- if you consider "coincidence" (which I don't believe in) so... I spent all afternoon in a park, banging me Bodhran. Then came home and dusted off a keyboard sitting in the house hall, collecting said. And you-tubing instructions on both, and putting my fingers and palms to work to produce...

Welcome to the weekend. Time for MUSIC (is there ever NOT a time?!?).

Hope whatever video I find speaks as much to your Soul as She [music] always will to mine...

AH YEEAAHH... Oft hard to find a solid, upbeat Irish tune. This 'un, though, serves to fit the bill!

ET ECH!!! [windshield-wiper's forefinger in the air]!!! Don't cheat yourself and bug out early! If you must, drag bar to just inside 3 minutes, and await... If'n y'miss the Dance of the Firbolg, y'won't fergive yerself!!!

Slainte, Folks! See ya tomorrow (with fresh veggies on the palate!)


02 May 2009

Founding Fathers Friday

[For Your] Weekend Liberty Quotes

A couple aren't 'Founding Fathers' per se, but notable figures none the less with good words to ponder. And though by virtue of their origin the words were spake in years past, how so relevant they still stand today, given our circumstances...[All underlines, bold font, and italics are mine, for emphasis.]

"At a time, when our lordly masters in Great Britain will be satisfied with nothing less than the deprivation of American freedom, it seems highly necessary that something should be done to avert the stroke, and maintain the liberty, which we have derived from our ancestors. But the manner of doing it, to answer the purpose effectually, is the point in question. That no man should scruple, or hesitate a moment, to use arms in defence of so valuable a blessing, on which all the good and evil of life depends, is clearly my opinion. Yet arms, I would beg leave to add, should be the last resource, the dernier resort. Addresses to the throne, and remonstrances to Parliament, we have already, it is said, proved the inefficacy of. How far, then, their attention to our rights and privileges is to be awakened or alarmed, by starving their trade and manufacturers, remains to be tried."
GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to George Mason, Apr. 5, 1769

"Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech."
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, The New England Courant, Jul. 9, 1722

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any,Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."
THOMAS JEFFERSON, Declaration of Independence

[My dictionary defines "liberty" thus: "the state of being exempt from the domination of others or from restricting circumstances; freedom." and further "the power of voluntary choice; freedom from necessity". How much 'LIBERTY' do we have left, people?]

"When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property."
THOMAS JEFFERSON, attributed, The Quotable Founding Fathers

[Mr. Perry? Mr. Biden? Mr. Obama? I owe no MAN allegiance. I OWE YOU NOTHING. In fact, according to Mr. Jefferson, I OWN YOU!!! How's THEM apples?!?]

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."
THOMAS JEFFERSON, Notes on Virginia

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and cause me to tremble for safety of my country; corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in High Places will follow, and the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the People, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic destroyed."
ABRAHAM LINCOLN, letter to Col. William F. Elkins, Nov. 21, 1864

[I'd say he called THAT one!!!]

And I'm gonna leave you with those thoughts, and a hearty
SLAINTE! folks. Have a great weekend!


01 May 2009

Enough Jokes, AMERICA. WAKE THE F^@K UP!!!


Read this [and decide for your self]:
Swine Flu A "Coincidence? HAR!!!"
Forewarned is... man, I hope you been prepping...

Slainte more than ever, from Cygnus' heart, folks. We'll see in two days.

[BTW, Houston, Tx, just had it's first pigcough death yesterday. Dallas school district-- ALL OF IT-- is closed for two weeks.]

Just remember-- the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy says:
Don't Panic!!!

Yeah. good luck with that one...