20 September 2009





17 September 2009


I had no computer access last night. Nor will I for many to come. I am being booted out of this house. So...

I'll see y'all when I can.

Or not.

Slainte. Been nice.


15 September 2009

"I Never Left This House!!!"

[Bonus! @ 5:50 in: "PLASTIC, ASSHOLES!!!"]

Mondays are long days for me.

Actually nice now that I'm getting some new work experience. And school to coincide.
Yes, we all know schooling, Industrial-Grade, is a common-sense joke. But a lot of dead folk didn't pay heed...

I'll likely have some interesting tripe menana, like a video of me doing pullups or some such smarm...
In the interim, hope I can find some cool tripe to fill slot...

Do yerse'f a favor: watch the whole thing!

Okay, so ye have a life. Hmn. Lucky you.

Well, then... just drag the timer thing to about 7:30 in to the video. Politicians will fill your time and eye. And your mind will wobble, folks!

This spontaneously comes to mind:

Slainte, folks!


14 September 2009

Sans Swan Monday

Friday Flashback: 9-11-01 Tribute

I've got a full day of work, then a full evening of school to learn how to do more work.

And, y'know what?

At least I do... I'm thankful.

Oh sure-- be nice when I've paid my dues and can retire and not. But for the time being, when I need it?

Thank Goddess I've got it.

There was a cleaner, older version on youtube, but this one made me cry right fast-like...

Slainte, Folks!


12 September 2009

Quote, Reaction, Ponder...

"Every dog has it's day."

Mine, when she do show, will probably be a bitch... ha!

Come to think of it, being a dog, and having a bitch of a day... not bad for the male or lesbian pups...

For a swan?
Hmm... Can Swans have Pen days?

I do know that for the first time in a good bit I picked up pen and got some writing done @ work today. Not much, but enough.

I also changed the way I approach this motion I've recently been given @ work (the one court is still out on as to whether it's 'pro-' or 'de-' ). I changed both some of the physical aspects as well as my mental approach. Well, kinda inseparable since the doing of new things is what a high-school dropout cum college summa cum laude grad needs to keep the soul from asphyxia via ennui-- something they missed in High School...

Also, the physical work can easily be made to keep the body fit, and exercise is something I've lacked of late. Again we combine the mental and physical-- no less labor than previous is now being done, but it is being seen as, and made, beneficial by mentally altering perception of the motions. Zen Awareness parallel...

That said, I thank all of you who recommended various treatment thingies from yesterday's post. I've found that all my life this thing is to be ridden out. It's part of the gamut of human emotions we are incarnate to experience. For me, using self-proscribed methods mentioned put into action above have been key to overcoming these emotional plateaus and moving on.

On a positive aside, none the less sorta related... somebody been padding my paycheck by about four and a half percentage points. [Score one for 'pro-', eh?] Not sure for how long this has been in effect-- all paycheck stubs are (get the following: why even call them stubs?!!) electronic-only, internet-accessible only.

Good thing I got those. And that bank where the Company sends those, um... ahem. "Checks"

Slainte, folks. Thanks for your concern. Sincerely.


11 September 2009


We're Gonna Officially Call It: MID-LIFE CRISIS

Because, really, there ain't no other reason I've been beyond depressed for going on eight months now.

No, the mood has not improved, save superficially, in all that time. [Never mind what it were like before; it was...not much less oscillating, honestly, but certainly had shorter cycle durations...]

I don't care to blog. Sad, to me, but, ... (Um, is 'sad' the same as 'I Don't Care'? Because... maybe I do have some emotion left...) Well, I do care that I don't care, but I don't wanna get in a loop here...

I don't read anymore. ANYTHING. (Now, THAT'S not me...) I don't exercise. Half the time I don't care to eat.

Or shit. [But, when you gotta go...] Or shower. Just don't care much to exist, in general. But ain't of the bent to not, so...

I just feel in a stall that is non-recuperative.
I won't bore you with all the items that come to mind to write down. Because... I don't care to.

Granted, I get down from time to time-- who doesn't?-- but it gets longer and longer each round... and this one seems to have no circumferential closure.

EIGHT MONTHS??? Something's up.

I just wish I cared what.


Nope. Don't.



10 September 2009

Welcome To Wednesday Sucks...

Worked with fiberglass insulation all day.
Stopped on the way home to get a haircut, looking forward to a nice, refreshing shower upon abode-arrival.

Um, how's about you repair a waterleak instead?
Okay. Point it out.

All tools and parts in order; commence repairs.

Break plastic off inside copper cut-off joint. Need replace.

Maybe menana.

Shower tonight?

Hope you got a girlfriend to go to...

DAMN!!! 14-hour drive for a shower?

Well, come to think... the prospect is so damned inviting you better check tomorrow and see I'm still blogging from Texas...

Slainte, Folks. Might be back later tonight, might not.

Clean or no we won't even approach right now.
I mean, this IS Cygnus' Song we're talking about...


2100 Hrs: Just F.Y.I. : Got the waterleak fixed. Got a shower.

Still Dirty. Because I'm Cygnus.


See Ya Later...

09 September 2009

Welcome To Tuesday-Monday...

A Long Day w/ no Internnet Access...

But alls I wanted was to say I was takin' the day of to recoup from the long weekend!

Here... kick back and enjoy a cool-beans seasonal song by my friend Mr. Petty...

Slainte, Folks.


07 September 2009

Sun's Day Drumspeak

Hey! Quit lookin' at me bum!

Shot two videos; can't get the other one off the camera just yet...

Hope you've had a great, relaxing weekend

Slainte, Folks.


06 September 2009

Strictly For Entertainment Purposes Only...

Disclaimer: I verified no facts about oil barons, renewable energy, Rockefellers [oh, wait; that's Not The...] or Henry Ford stated in the following video, nor do I make positive or negative stance with what is being claimed.

Just found it on youtube and couldn't resist...

Slainte, Folks!


05 September 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Folks!

I hope you're doing something more exciting than reading this blog!
We've got a bevy of fambly scattered about the house and yard today. I'm here as reprieve! ha!

Pictures of the dear ones will be a while forthcoming-- this computer's memory now seems too minuscule to deal with that in the camera required to scan for download (I've been a busy shooter of late. Hold yer comments...).

Gonna leave you with wishes for a safe, happy and relaxing weekend. Enjoy, and be careful, Folks.



04 September 2009

Warning-- Vivid, Graphic, Oft Violent Imagery

I saw this video on Ancestral Celt's site. My first comment was before watching the video-- I think the chart shown here pretty well sums up today's health evolution.

I went back and started the video... and my eyes never left the screen.

After watching-- actually during-- I decided this was a great vid for My Song.
And the other one.
Any one.

Slainte, folks.


03 September 2009

I'm Not Quite Sure...

Why This Song...

On My Song! ha! Just... something telling me to play it.

Probably just how I feel, anyways.

Slainte, folks!


02 September 2009

Preparedness-- Our Safety Meeting

Lowen B. Hauld-- The Sheeple [almost] See...

Funny thing happened yesterday morn at the company's weekly OSHA-outlined safety meeting: the topic was PREPAREDNESS.

And an amazing thing happened-- the thing didn't turn in to the weekly lecture about how many dumbasses need a lawyer to keep from putting an eye out when putting their safety glasses on...

People were alert. The speaker never lost eye contact after looking up from the mandatory reading. When he asked what else he'd left out, yet another interesting thing happened:

Damn Straight! "You needa have this! " "We got one of those! And we're gonna get three more!!"

Heck, ol' bashful Cyg almost reported that everyone kept mentioning being able to cook on the grill, and the importance of having canned goods stored away, but not having the propane to fuel it all [yer electric stove be kaput, r'member? That's why you's not workin' and drunk for three days eating all your own and your neighbors' thawing freezer stock, after the ice melts...]

But, I didn't; and surprisingly, someone DID... so, I needn't, de rien...

What I do needs is, go out and look at my own S-10's preps: just added half-case of bottled water, 24 for $2.66 (ca va...) The other half in the bedroom closet.
Some new tools of late reminding me how much I'm lacking in the general possessions department. All this, none the less, is digression from what the topic started out as, and that is preparedness and everyone's bright-eyed [relative] enthusiasm about it versus some other stuffs covered of late.
Might chalk it up to two major hits in two years... Suddenly it CAN happen to you. REPETITIVELY.


Unless... But like the Uncle and I say, as preppers, we're never 'fully' ready...
Because... heh! We're REALISTS...

Slainte, Folks!


It's One Of The Most Horrendous Things...

Ever Happened To Me

I got out of the shower too early.

Allow me to elaborate:

Scrubbing the daily gathering of sweat-secured insulation off me bod. Washed some hair. [Mine. Alas.] This crevice. That...

Sufficiently cold-rinsed later-- or so I thought-- I cut pump and grab towel.
Immediately The Rice Crispies Bros. are alive in my left ear.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!!!

I mentally tally age-- nope; not bone breakage (these are millisecond we're talking here, folk. Bear with me). As well, I note I do not live in earthquake country, nor are there forest fires crackling outside my window, I am certain, for the lack of forests if naught else.

No, something far more... sinister has taken place.

Failure to thoroughly rinse the soapy foam residue off of the left eardrum.
Whence it now beats so incessantly [CEREKEKEGHOUOOUWWW!!!] that I can almost sense kinship with Jack and Big Chief...

And NO AMOUNT of water funneled down then tissue-siphoned out will cease the echoes of a rockslide on steroids therein...

Horrendous, Folk, I tell ya...

Hope you never have to go through the auditory Inferno I was just subject to.

[Um, shamefully, yes-- AGAIN.
Though in my defense, it's been a good many a year! lol]

Slainte, folks.
{And, um... give the Dam Water Company [like that, you who live in reservoir townships? the "DAMN WAT"-- ah, never mind... Some jokes are, really, just for me...] the extra five seconds' worth of rinse-water.

And sleep with no cereal killing your mind before it's time...}


01 September 2009

Another Video Try...

Took me twenty minutes to prove the drum video must be the problem.

Thanks to the ants for working for such cheap wages-- all fair, though!

Slainte, folks...