13 April 2010

I Ain't Been Around In Aeons...

Here's A Rundown Why Not:

20 bean plants-- 4 varieties

5 cantaloupe plants

20 cucumber plants-- 4 varieties

26 lettuce/ spinach plants

4 okra plants

11 onion bulbs

17 pea plants-- 2 or 3 varieties

20 pepper plants-- 5 varieties

10 squash/zucchini plants

12 strawberry plants

18 sunflower plants-- 2 varieties

42 tomato plants--5 or 6 varieties

9 watermelon plants-- 2 varieties

This doesn't account the better than 25 cups of nasturtiums and marigolds started from seed, or the decent amalgam the herb varieties are making.

Nor does it count the better than half the seeds of many veggies and fruits still hiding under the dirt-- the above was a walking inventory of what exactly is showing, and a good half of these are in solo cups awaiting transfer and requiring watering attention throughout the day.

In other words--- PARADISE!!! HA!!! Who gots time to write with all the tanning garden play goin' down?!?

Salinte, folks!!!