27 November 2010

Goodbye, Salle...

Me S-10 Takes Me On 'er Final Beer Run...

Then made her way into some great hands-- two mannered youngsters from the next county over. They run an independent body business-- and judging from a GANDER AT THEIR WEBSITE, they're talented as well...

It were a good deal-- I got what I wanted, and the young men got a solid mechanical vehicle. Given Salle's 'major flaws' were aesthetic, and the men have a talent for makin' bodies purdy...

Everybody wins!!!

I have mas wheels in line-- no skate pun intended, though I like it! ha!-- and will use [some of] the made fundage for insuring, registering, defleaing and otherwise Swanverting the other Chevy.

WHAT-- you think I wanna (be) Found On (the) Road Dead?!?


Slainte, folks-- and Fare Well, Salle!!! You did me! HARAA!!!


23 November 2010

Let's Get MIKEY!!!

'Cause I Ain't Tryin' It Jest Yet...

Oh, I'll be desparate enough soon enough-- soon as someone elses schnozz confirms alcohol and not just yeast..

If This is me last post, well-- I died trying! HAR! Gotta be close to the top way out...

[Don't You Believe It:]

Slainte, folks!!!


21 November 2010

No Swan Left Behind...

Leastwise Not In Le Kitchen De Crazy...

Not one to be outdone in the kitchen, Flower's punkin' seed-roasting binge left me feeling... restless. I mean, three days into my Blueberry Project, and alls I can do besides wait is feed the yeasties a bit...

Well, of late I've seen a brisk business in homemade frothy beverages not just of the adult kind.

Digging around the net today for DIY recipes, I started with Cream Soda, and am glad-- all the ingredients needed, right there in the pantry. [Root beer will be a fun experiments, too, but alas, I has no extract. YET.]

Worst case scenario, I get good redneck blogfodder with pictures of an exploded bottle; best case, my Mom has something homemede to drink over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

And, I have a new avenue of a new hobby to explore...

Slainte, folks!!!


19 November 2010

Cygnus Scores SIX TIMES!!

And For Less Than 20 Bucks!!!

Won't my daughter be proud?!?

Slainte, folks!!


17 November 2010

Mobile, Al. RenThingie Picture Post

I Put A Joust Vid On youtube As Well

I didn't take a lot-- it was a working trip for me. Still, gotta smile occasionally, even there.

Slainte, folks!


10 November 2010

FPG Pictures

Florida Pagan Gathering

I went, I saw, I drummed.

It was four, five days; I took pictures. I won't charge you for the ones I'll publish here.

I turn around tomorrow [mayhap today, as you read this the 10th...], headed for Mobile, Alabama's Renaissance Fest, then get to be HOME for a few months. I'll have a newborn daughter waking me up not too long thereafter-- I'm convinced that combining mine and her momma's Karma will produce a Morning Pearly-Bird...

It's a lovely clusterfukk I'm waltzing currently. I DO wanna/gonna blog more; the upcoming winter will help that, what with slowin' mobile...

Enjoy the pictures for now; we gotta LOTTA talkabout this Winter...