30 June 2010

Hey, I Didn't Pee On That Stick...

But Flower Did. Guess What???

I can feel my father's smile shine through and shape my eyes at this prospect, and look forward to a wee little one seeing it there in late January.

Slainte, folks.


28 June 2010

It's A Jungle Out There

Post-Wisteria Pictures

Been out of state-- and off-grid-- for ten days now. Whilst away I had a friend come water my garden for me (THANKS M!!!). She was able to reap a small bit for her gracious help-- go HERE to take a gander.

And now, gander at what she dinna pick:

We'll start gnawing on the stuff above tonight, and the following in the coming days:

I won't bore you with the weighing details [seeing as I haven't yet tended to that task. Ahem...] but in stead allow my photography to send you to the arms of Morpheus.

Slainte, folks!


15 June 2010

Even I Can See Through This One!!!

Once Again Giving Our Military-Industrial Complex Vested Interest

You'll love THIS ARTICLE about how much money we could extract out of-- er, I mean, how much we could, ahem, help Afganistan's infrastructure-impoverished nation convert and share amongst it's populace and happily co-existing, U.S.-installed governmental head! Er, I mean ass.

NO!NO!NO!!! I meant HEAD!!! Honest Abe I did!!!

Slainte, folks.


13 June 2010

Then, How Do I Get Her To Grandma's For Christ Mass???

Well, I Got My Research Project For The Day...

I ran across this atten-getter in the "Today In History" block on my homepage:

1920: US Postal Service rules children may not be sent via parcel post

I tell ya folks, all this government intrusion is really starting to cramp my arse. I mean, I bet these law-makers secretly own airline stock, and will increase postal rates phenomenally as their income drops -- all the while blaming the economic downturn on that e-mail fad!!!

I tell ya, I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore! I'll send my kid on the European Trip any damn well way I please!!! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!

Ahem. 'Scuse me. I get... passionate about political crap...

Slainte, folks.


09 June 2010

A New Eye

"Oh, What Strange And Wonderful Worlds!!!"

Thanks and Slainte, Momlady; now I can share the world as I see and participate in it with the masses again. (Um, if three readers may be considered a "mass"...:)

Slainte, everyone!


05 June 2010

Garden Of The Future

My Ideas For Winter/Spring 2011

Because, really, what better way to plan for next year than when your garden groweth NOW?

We needs more peas next winter. A little later outside than Janus' month. We certainly need more spinach, and there container gardening is likely the best answer.

More staggering of major items like peppers and tomatoes. And melons!
" Lawds, yes! Mooon!-- that spells..." a metric butload of cantaloupe and 2 varieties of watermelon showing up all just too late for any backyard 4 Julius celebratory.

And the zucch's. And more yellow crookneck.

The pole beans would benefit from 8' tall trellises.

And another bed. 16x8. North grassy area-- get good enough sun all early spring afore the surrounding trees leaf&blossom to cover the peas-and-brassicas expansion!

Other than that-- and watching how much of the back 4 gardens sink unto the 7th Circle-- not a lot going on. Time to gather and prepare une petitte super:
  • Cabbage leaves
  • Onions. Baby squash
  • Shredded cheese, browned breakfast sausage. Spices to your heart's content
  • Spoon sauteed ingredients in cabbage leaves. Roll.

Bake. Savor.

Vino, anyone?



03 June 2010

This Day In History

1774: Quartering Act forces American colonists to feed and house British soldiers

And, folks, we all see how well that worked out, right?!!

Justa headsup, Uncle Sammie...



01 June 2010

Back Home...

After Four Days In The Red Baton

We was gone for a few days, folks; sorry I ain't been around. But given what I came home to, mayhap I shall dissappear more often...

My big papas...

I swear everything doubled in size; some enough to lay to vining for lack of trellis or caging:
" I guarded the house real good, papa; promise!!!"

Another on garage duty...

Future 'SKULLDUGERY'. [Um, it's a long joke...]

The start of an Armenian Yard-long:

Pulled near a pound of green beans off plants, and 1/4 lb. peas. Sitting here typing and listening to a beautiful summer shower water for me this eve...

Slainte, folks...