05 June 2010

Garden Of The Future

My Ideas For Winter/Spring 2011

Because, really, what better way to plan for next year than when your garden groweth NOW?

We needs more peas next winter. A little later outside than Janus' month. We certainly need more spinach, and there container gardening is likely the best answer.

More staggering of major items like peppers and tomatoes. And melons!
" Lawds, yes! Mooon!-- that spells..." a metric butload of cantaloupe and 2 varieties of watermelon showing up all just too late for any backyard 4 Julius celebratory.

And the zucch's. And more yellow crookneck.

The pole beans would benefit from 8' tall trellises.

And another bed. 16x8. North grassy area-- get good enough sun all early spring afore the surrounding trees leaf&blossom to cover the peas-and-brassicas expansion!

Other than that-- and watching how much of the back 4 gardens sink unto the 7th Circle-- not a lot going on. Time to gather and prepare une petitte super:
  • Cabbage leaves
  • Onions. Baby squash
  • Shredded cheese, browned breakfast sausage. Spices to your heart's content
  • Spoon sauteed ingredients in cabbage leaves. Roll.

Bake. Savor.

Vino, anyone?




Kyddryn said...


Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...
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Stephanie in AR said...

Sounds like a plan. For that back shady area - cucumbers don't mind a bit of shade.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks, Steph! Those are doing great everywhere in the yard-- particularly in pots at the top & bottom of the stairs that they're using as trellis!

Thank you, Lady Felinae! I passed on the vino, too, but the Black&Tan weren't far away...

Kydd-- there's some eggshells and coffee grounds in my waterbowl in the 'fridge; help yourself.

Unknown said...

Dinner does sound really good!
Your bro-in-law bought an electric smoker at his favorite store for $5. He ordered a few minor parts off the net and smoked some brisket (hard to find here as CFS) and ribs.Did a good job but they don't eat good, fresh veggies
(with exception of corn).I did have some fresh yellow squash and zucchini that I fixed (prepared in Yankee talk) myself. I might have to make another visit soon to eat some good stuff..and to see y'all,of course!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Bring some of those Carolina watermelon seeds, mom!