29 November 2009

I'll Try And Write To You Tonight.

I'll Do My Best

to convey the freedom a "kid's 'toy'" can impart. Especially given the ability to use the device with the right mind-frame. But for now I'm gonna hop back on the bicycle and head park way.

That's pretty much the extent of the plan.

See how it all works, Folks?



28 November 2009

I Just Got Snarky With My Father

Sad Thing Is, I Had To Do It E-So...

Phone mailbox.

Then I backdoored my service tower with a call to my 'brother'-- my step-mom's son by my dad.

"Yep. He's sitting right here. Probably didn't hear [his] phone ring."

But YOU did...

Me: "Cool. Have a great ... I'll call when there's less background noise..."


was my message on his voicemail, my second call. Um, ALSO not answered.. Oh! And I added 'MY [half-] BROTHER...'

Because...lying in the pudding...

slainte, volk.


23 November 2009


Good Night, folks. Sweet dreams. See ya later...


22 November 2009

The Rest Of My Life...


And I'm well on my way, folks. Been in Houston a good year, and don't have any more dollars in my pocket today than the same calendar day last year, but am certainly more financially ahead. [By no means caught up, but then who ever is, eh? "EXTRA" money! HAR! An oxymoron if ever there were...]. Despite that-- or rather because of it; it's why I came here, to regain some dollarstability-- I'll likely fly the city-coop soon. I have places to be. Places that make me...

More alive.

Alive for me is not trading my time for work for green paper to trade for... Well, actually, that's deceptive. Alive is sailing, or parachuting, or hang gliding, or rock climbing... All these require green paper at least for initial equipment and training, etc.

So, maybe not selling my worktime to another, not working for another.

Working for me.

I've too many dreams, and not a damned thing in the world from stopping me from pursuing them at this juncture in my life. In fact, recent... changes-- the afore-mentioned physical relocation being primary-- are positive contributing factors all pointing to crux time:
If not now, when?
If not me, who?

I'm the captain, volk.

And this ain't no Irish Cream Coffee Friday-- the original intent of this blog.

It all comes full circle in my mind; let's see if I can't shave some of the fuzz of of my picture and clear it up to your mind's eye. See, this song is to blame...

I chose this version because of the lyrics' clarity. "There is no drug... I'VE made a mess of me..."

Yeah, I'm a midnight-toking alcoholic, but one up and out the door every morning at oh-god-thirty to work for the pleasure. The song is saying no drug to cure me. True; I say none to mess me up either. That'd be me. But, I digress. Kinda...

Just that I was on the way home from making this an Irish music/coffee Saturn's day nacht when the song came on, and, well, I feel like I'm well on my way to doing what the song also says-- spending the rest of my life ALIVE.

So anyhow, the storetrip was multi-purposeful. I got a coffee-maker today to take to work (what with winter approaching and all...), and wanted to treat myself, and break in the thing right, with a good blend of beans. I got half-pound of my favorite, French Roast (gotta love a stout cuppa), and, to try, a quarter-pound of some Texas blend with pecan overtones. Quite tasty, that latter blend, particularly with the American Honey...

Sure I tried the coffee alone, and it's great. But... this is Saturday, and I am Cygnus.

The American Honey is a Wild Turkey Bourbon/ honey-blended liqueur. And folks? Smoother than a baby's bottom...

I was in the mood for some spiked coffee away from the traditional Bailey's or Amaretto. I didn't want liqueur in particular-- not big on sweet stuffs (okay... ladies... there are ALWAYS exceptions! ha!)-- and had thought about straight Bushmills or Jamesons, or some spiced Cap'n Morgans (ooh! Wonder if they make a buttered rum? Hmm... Buttered rum coffee...). Then I spied the Turkey...

Aside from the upcoming holiday honoring said bird, the 101 version is my preferred cola-mixer these days on the rare occasions I stray from the Busch (to hunt the bird! HAR! gods, I could go forever on this one! ha! I shall, however, currently refrain. You're welcome.). Then there is the whole bee thingie, and my obsession with, fear of, and interest in making, apiaries, bees, and mead, respectively.

And it just sounded damned good, this Texas Pecan-American Honey Elixir.

Damned if it aint!

[Come to think, I'll just say it IS good, because I think I'm damned either way...]

So see? It all ties together now! Don't it??? Birds and Bees and Cannabis Mead, and reclaiming ME...

Well, Folks... I think that's all I have to say for now. If I've 'said' anything yet.. heh heh...

Time for Thistle!

Love ya! Slainte!


18 November 2009

In Both Personal Experience

And Casual Conversation

With others [no not with Self this round-- he were busy, thank you...], I note an increase in conscience remembrance of dreams. Particularly bizarre ones.


Peanut gallery? T'on vous? I mean, it can't be all attributed to the obvious turning-of-the-seasons-thus-we-turn-psychologically-inside thingie.

Can it.

Got Succubus?



14 November 2009

Hello, DJinn...

And Other Saturn's Day Observatia...

On my way down the backroads to the auto parts yard and heard this tune
and a morning dream was immediately remembered-- I saw the earrings, the brown-skinned goddess sitting indian-style in standout cameo...

The I thought of my friend in Reno, Jeanie, when I heard the line about mayhap never seeing again.
I weren't sad... but reflective.

The very next tune on the airwaves...
I'd been singing before leaving the abode. I always loved the Gentle Giant...

Eye candy day for ol' Cygnus-- after grabbing what I needed at the auto yard, I stopped-- more accurately was magnetically suckled into-- a huge garden Center.

Good thing I have no [local] land of me own, because I had dollars in my pocket.
Still got those latter...ha!

And that, even after a visit to a more specialized, ah, indoor garden supply palace. Because, again...

Back home to struggle with putting the light fixture on the truck, only to find the unit burned behind the casing. And for the first time the parts store didn't have my desire. So... Tyr's day it is, and to and from work in the interim on some wing [Swan's, perhaps?] and prayers.

I had pictures and all that jazz, but, I mean, who ain't seen swan's wings, eh? So...

Guess I'll go listen to Fiona.

Slainte, folks.


12 November 2009

I Have to Say

To Those Opposed To Gun Ownership...

Y'Know. Because, well... the whole rock-chucking thing? Um, Not so technologically a barrier worthy of this nation's defense.

Slainte, Veterans.


09 November 2009


Not So Much 100% There, Ugly Duckling...

Because had all cylinders been firing correctly, I would have both followed the gut instinct AND heeded the voice inside my eardrums saying "ASK HOW MUCH THE CONTRAPTION IS..." whilst proffering my hard-earned green frogskins for mechanical fixes for an ailing vehicle yestere'en.

No, I spent the needed five bones (for the bonus point for cash back thingie), and then some, getting spark plugs.

Chalk one up to preps. The fuel filter, too.

What I did need, I got today.

I rolled two numbers and set out on foot to the auto parts store, picking up the 4.99 piece I opted not to inquire of yesterday, and some other ~$15 worth of S-10 zoom-zooms and wham-whams.

The finnif was all that were required. Sally the S-10 is safely ensconced in the street front of the abode now.

Nice to have fifteen dollars American fix a problem and right for a change.
Woulda been less stressful to have done it yesterday when The Voices said...

Double-win: I learned something AND stocked up on some future preventative-maintenance items for the transportation/oft-also-Swan-habitat.




08 November 2009

If You've Not Seen "V"

You should. Tonight.
And you folks know, coming from me, any recommendation to sit in front of the idiot box WILL NOT prove to be a sorry suggestion...

Slainte, Folks.


How Long?

Before I learn to not hit the enter key after I type blog title first, thus publishing with no body?

Hmm... No body, by NoBody...

The title shoulda been "Marley Belongs Here!" Because I was talking to two friends tonight at separate times, and with both this song came up in conversation. The second conversation I was simultaneously on the computer and the phone, so youtubed... I was already ready already... um, I was about to type some smarm for the Pagan Site, so when spur-of-the-moment-youtubing lent video, and I mindlessly copy-pasted and published...

Et Voila! 180.

Imagine my perplexion when I went to view blog and it shot me to the 'other' one...

So, i figured I'd just save face and say here what I was gonna sat there since I did reciprocate there. {Or, does that make me here doing inverse? Is dat de event horizon right there?}

So, without further add eew...


My Gut Sense Has Been...

Near dead-on all nacht.

This is a good thing. I was to meet a friend; he was driving, I peds.
On the phone (with a third party), I sensed... my gut.. Start walking.

Twenty minutes, he'll be there.

A mile later, within twenty seconds of each other, we were.


Later, and no longer on the phone (yes, seems I perpetually am, don't it? Well, 'till I move to Georgia, So Mote It [needs] Be.), I get a call from a neighbor:
" Can you come over-- I'm bleeding..."

later, I was out the door. What would you have done? What actions would you have invested the five seconds with?

In retrospect I know it was only five. I proved some other realm of Quantam Physics [besides the afore-mentioned Event Horizon, for those of you smarmy enough to glomeron...] by filling the void vith twenty-five seconds' worth of activity.


And what, you ax if you are still reading, do all this point to to make me care to continue on?

Well... Funny you should mention Chronos and Quarks. Take this whole "Daylight Savings Time" thingie.

Do some quick common-sense etymology and feel your head spin faster than the little blonde girl in Exorsist.

"Saving" daylight?

Um... from WHAT, exactly? [Let's not say eternal damnation, shall we? Remember, this is supposed to be PagansWan, not sWanSong...]

And, uh, daylight-- as well as nightdark-- IS time, peeple. Comprehends? Why risk redundancy?

It gets dark when the sun goes down, no matter where the hands on the circular minute-tracking device hung on the kitchen wall-- or the on in my room set to "Georgia Time"-- sprawl.

I'm hungry when I need to eat.

I need to pick the melons when they are ripe.

I need to leave now, because Aquatic Mary is driving my way...[Swimming, then??]

Time. Clocks. Jewelry like watches, and things like humans who can't sew their own buttons on their own shirts.

How, Volk, do you just not KNOW???



06 November 2009

Well... I DID Get A New Phone # Today...

And, Coincidentally, A New Lease Under An Old Roof...

Um, or maybe not so much co- incident...

But, Folks, like it or not-- I AM "they".



02 November 2009

And Still A Bit Wild...

And Will Remain So.

I am not he who was before. I am Cygnus.

I try. Effort ... is rewarding.

I bow deeply, when I do, at altars and spaces and Ideas. And I always use my martial-arts-taught bow because it feels right.

I do stuff. I walk in woods in rain. I plant stuff and cull stuff if allowed.

I drum. Just... only publicly on blog so far. Probably change soon.
If I don't cop out shy and all...

I DO eat, despite what a recent accuser , well, did. Said?

And I wander.

I'm there.

I'm Here.

Yonder. In and Out.

Off and on. You know...

So... OH!

But most of all, well...


Sometimes even physically...

Slainte, folks.