28 February 2009

"And President MacLlyr's Nominations For Cabinet Are..."

OK, you, me, we're all sick of what an Obamanation this country has become.
Bailouts out of control. Outsourcing. A g.p. stick-it-to'edness of mom&pop Americana.

We've talked.
We've typed.
We've teabagged half the flacid members of our House and Senate.
We've ranted until we were blue in face and balls...


I have a solution.

I must needs sacrifice, like George did, and step in and do DUTY.

I hereby motion that we abolish the illegal hoard that Worseington has become-- as is our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY-- and replace it with a new way. The Old School Way...

[Drumroll, Please!]

First and foremost, note that I have proffered to take the lead here and allow myself to be bid President.

No, no-- it ain't an ego thing. In fact, I realize that the Pres is merely a puppethead-- and puppethead-dom I can do.

I know that the true power belongs to those behind the scenes, the diligent movers and shakers that make up the Cabinet. Hence, once pres-elect, I duly nominate the following True Souls to said appointments:

Starting with the DEA, I nominate Livia Indica. This was primera because if you're anywhere near as stressed as I at the modern mayhem that America has come to be, we're all gonna wanna take a 20-minute Attitude Adjustment before continuing on with assigned/ elected posts...

[Back] Better? Yeah... cool... Now-- Onward Thru The Fog!

As Vice-President, the Notorious Hermit Jim seems singularly appropriate...

Third in line would be Speaker Of The House-- and here I nominate that Ornery Bastard, Busted Knuckles, on sheer talent of unadultered eloquent verbosity...

Now, I'm gonna go off the norm here and add a few 'foreigners' (Non-Nationals) to the shelf-- a couple of Canuks (no offense, Ladies!) and an Aussie, to be precise-- not just because I'm the Pres and I Says, but given the nature of the offices and the girls' abilities, I feel it would greatly enhance our value to be allowed to add them to the mix...

That said, I also want to amend Constitutional Amendment #1 by adding an 'r' and an 'm' : Thus we have Freedom FROM religion, not OF...

And I hereby nominate DarklyFey of Red Leather Couch fame to continue keeping separate Religion and State.

Department Of Foreign Affairs? Whom other than Edain? English, Pagan, and in Canada... Sounds qualified to me!

Back in the States, we'll need a qualified Dept. Of Domestic Affairs head(ess?)...Lettuce.. er, let us elect, then, our very own Lazy Housewife...

And of Commerce. Only one fills the bill so unerringly-- Confess, Overworked Mom, that you don't deserve the bid, and I'll withdraw it...

Department of Health? Now we needs go down under, for Molly seems best qualified to help us do it, naturally...

Of Eddication-- um, Education? Un-School 'em all, Stephanie In Arkansas!

Of Welfare? It's been abolished. You caint make it in a capitalist sphere, go to Leningrad, commerade...

Our department of Agriculture seems no doubt best guided by the True-Gritted neophyte [yeah, my ass, a "neophyte"...! Must make me a puppet's ASS, not head...], Phelan.

And we needs aesthetic stimulus to aide in the times of our rebuilding, so I propose we turn over the Fine Arts Institute to the infinitely capable hands of these two talented Lassies, Ash and Aesha...

The Department of Transportation would obviously benefit from Maddog's expertise.

FEMA? A given-- BISON is the man. Or beast, in keeping consistent theme...

And the ever-important Department Of Energy would lack in top performance world-wide were it headed by any other than DRAGON from The Circle.. Tell me different and you lie...

Now I ain't keen on post-9/11 bureaucracy, but do propose that we keep the Department Of Homeland Security, combining it with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other TBA watch-dogger worlds under one umbrella, headed by Bullseye. I know this nomination is on target with our goals...

A lot of red tape will, by popular decree, simply vanish. But I proffer that in honor of the Second Amendment to the [Original] Constitution Of these Newnited States of America, we at minimum semi-nationalize the N.R.A. and head it up with KEN. The world will be a better place, then.

Mayberry has his choice of posts. He would, in this Old Bird's books, qualify for many if not any of the afore-mentioned assignments, but here's an individual likely best left to pursue his passion for the First Amendment.. so maybe(rry! ha!! :D) we'll just turn the F.C.C. over to him. Yeah; that's what we should gear for... stupid me!

Erik, work with Steph on educational reform, would you, please?

As well as watching over our Parks and Wildlife interests, venture to the Private Sector and revamp tha A.S.P.C.A., would ya, Catman and Catwoman?

And none of you are to neglect your Blogpost duties as well. After all, the Puppethead must needs stay abreast, oui?

And speaking of...

I'd be a bit disappointed if there isn't one current reader out there just a bit miffed at thinking she's been left out.

You shouldn't be, silly woman. You haven't been forgotten. I simply thought it obvious that everybody knows you'll be asked to reign as First Lady.

[Rimshot! Thank You...]

Slainte, my newly elected officialis!


Step Outside. Now.

Hey folks-- going to be back in a few with re-comments on yesterday's Snooze post and a new one everyone should enjoy...

Gotta warsh me arse first-- been @ work all day and in the garden the last couple hours. The latter is what prompts me to tell you to head to your backyard right now-- you've got about two hours to get a glimpse of the new crescent Moon and Venus floating cheek-to-cheek semi-low in tonight's western sky...




27 February 2009

Snooze? LOSE!

Sleep, That Is

I don't use a snooze button. My $0.02, it's like waking yourself up to get ten more minutes of sleep.


All the excuses (i can't justify the term 'reason(s)' here...) I hear as to why folks interrupt their sleep so they can wake up later just don't... I just don't quite fathom.

If you snooze, please try and help me understand. May be futile, but ain't so much of life?

Slainte, Folks!

26 February 2009


Been The # Today...

Today is Wotan's day (Wednesday, bastardized), the Third day of the week...

The spot named Three's, not too far from Waikiki's (another surfbreak name), was one of my favorites when I inhabited the isle of Oahu in '86-'87. I dawn- patrolled it every morning I was off of work and the other half wasn't...

I had Three text messages on my phone this a.m. when I awoke...

I've had Three persons on my mind today, almost to the exclusion of all else...

Three nights ago I had a series of dreams-- Three separate dreams, to be precise (honestly!)-- about the same person. (Progressively more positive, thank you! :D) ...

I'm gonna meet a new "friend" in about Three weeks...

I've been paying on my land for Three months now...

In Three weeks, in the Third month of the year, I go to visit said acreage.

The moon goddess will be in her Third phase at the time--waning, my most libidious and creative moonphase, by far...



Slainte, folks!


Update: Since Earlier Post

A quick trip to the local food warehouse (closest of the three mentioned recently).
A mandatory Metallica blitz on the airwaves.
A small attitude adjustment.
A quick homage kneeling in front of the garden.

And a video for designated Assholes worldwide.

You all better wake up, men.

Though really I hope you don't.


25 February 2009

Project : camp trip Preps...

Well, I could say I'm overwhelmed at the response in comments on yesterday's posts, but that would be a bit... untrue.

There are a few 'new' readers who chimed in, too, but this is the Blogoshpere, and though not expected by any means, there is a Knowing that when you've had a shi+&y enough day to blog about, your daily friends will at least offer a slap and a loud "Snap Out Of It!!!" lol! Why would the more recent glommerons be any less sensitive? No Reason nor rhyme...

I want to send out a heart-felt THANK YOU, ALL! to those who chimed in with cheerful wishes and comments yesterday. Sincerely-- Thanks.

You may be sad, happy or indifferent to hear that today proved balance exists in the Universe; I was almost giddy with mere motions of normal life. I suppose the Gods felt some respite was due after yesterday's Uriah Heaping on me of every emotional pitfall I've earned this go...lol!

So they saw fit to remind me that whatever is next on life's ticklist is all that needs be focused on-- and dad gummit focus with a fury! Oh, wait, make that a passion; not sure, as a Pagan, I want to give Furies any more involvement than they presently have! Anyhoo...The Project.

I'm prepping for this Spring Equinox Missouri camping getaway like it's actually gonna happen.
And I'll tell you why it will, it MUST. There's no turning back now because...

On the way home from work today I stopped @ my favorite sports and out-of-doors store, and for the bargain barter of five paper bones, picked up one of those folding chairs with a built-in koozie. So, there's like no way I can't go now.

I spent my allotted 45-minute samich feast drafting a rough list of necessary items. Keep in mind that this is a three-day camp-out, essentially, and not an extended visit. My three main -- no, four, cause you never wanna forget asspaper...-- priorities are, in order:

1) Water. I figure five gallons per person would cover three days, excluding showers. Drink, cook, and wash ( the latter sparingly-- dishes, body spots...) And mayhap a visit to a nearby stream will aide. Hell, a nearby stream would negate necessity of hauling in packaged stuff.. but that would be expectant of providence. Not a Prepper's bent, non?

2) Food. Again minimally a five-day supply should do it. And simple stuff will suffice here: potatoes, oil, onions, canned meat, a veg or three, some ramen noodles... Beans. Peanut butter-- hell, you know! What do you take on a weekend fish/camp trip? And I got plenty o' preps, but those keep for the Apocalypse. I'll splurge and get fresh stuffs for the weekend.
And always the possibility of blow-darting a squirrel or rabbit to supplement the potatoes. (Note I didn't use the word PROBABILITY... be fun to try, but I'll take an extra potato and a garlic clove or two...)

3) Shelter. Now, this one... actually this reminds me that even before I wrote 'water' down and bought the koozie chair-- thus inexorably setting the Event into motion ( I "So Mote It Be" apostrophe d the heavens, so...y'know; it's a done deal...) I finished outlining what needs be done to Molly (my car; "Molly Maroon" be her sobriquet! Not our Brilliant-Blogging Aussie! :D) Looking good there; a front-end alignment, maybe a new rear tire or two. And some brake fluid; all else is primo.
And I put this under shelter because, folks, I'll be in the boonies. Come a horrendous thunderstorm, TEOTWAWKI, a.. heck, just a good back-up plan to a tent-- the car is solid.
Now, I plan on tenting for the duration. It's a CAMP TRIP, for all intents and purposes. But I'll have some green pieces of paper on hand for emergency needs of a hotel etc... but let's say shelter is more than covered and move on, shall we? We got blogs to read, comments to make, research to do, kids to tuck in... Et Cetera Ad Infinitum...

And I could add a #4 clothing section, but I'm thinking it's Spring Equinox, with Osatra not too far away, and what with wanting to blow a rabbit, hell, why bother with cloth??

It just don't sound right, but stands none the less...

So, my friends, what has this old bird left out?

And those of you in that neck of the woods-- do it seem like a tent in late March is tempting the Fates (or Furies, Goddess forbid!)? I have all the minor stuffs like insect repellent, band-aids, a radio, hiking shoes...

Hey folks, thank you again for the smiles and grins yesterday. And the hugs (u know u). I'd ask for a kiss, too, but would needs navigate to another address to do so, according to post title.

That, and I have to hold my tongue.

For the squirrel, y' ken...

Come back with commentary, o gallery of peanuts...



24 February 2009

Don't Care Anymore

Nor have I for a long,long time.

No motivation.
Don't care about music.
Don't care to write.
Don't care to read.
Work doesn't interest me.
Just don't care. I'm tired of it all.

Just thought I'd offer some insight as to why this site has taken such a drastic turn south of late.

I know what the problem, or block, is, but there's nothing I nor anyone else can do; It's gotta self-correct.

If and when it does, the world will be more balanced. Mine, anyhow.

Until then, I'll keep existing, because for me there are no other options.

But without that catalyst, nothing much matters.

Slainte, folks.


22 February 2009

Bullseye: Asked, So He Shall Recieve...

Clearest Lyrics...

and ain't that what it's all about?!?

If you ain't bored, keep the dreams coming. I really do love guessing wha.. I mean, er, TELLING YOU,what your dreams might symbolize...



20 February 2009

The [Dream] Doctor Is..


[THEN, ASK!!!]

And allow me to share.

Dream Interpretation/Analysis is my Gift, Folks.

As my buddy Rod says, It Is What It Is...

And I Yam what I Yam...



19 February 2009


Garden Photos Taken 18 Feb 2009

Ten days ago I direct-seeded my backyard garden area. So early in the season, and the weather being unpredictable at best here on the Gulf Coast, I wasn't sure the luck.

Figured the greens-- bib lettuce and spinach-- would sprout as cold weather-preferring plants:

Was right-- in fact we saw sprouts not five days after seed...

The green beans aren't much of a surprise either:

What is, is their extraordinary growth over the last 3 days. The seedlings are by far the strongest showers in the bed, some as tall as 4" from poking dirt three days ago...

Some squash-- yellow crookneck if I remember correctly:

And most surprising to me, given the warm-soil preference of okra, is to see several stout seedlings on the rise...

There's also sprigs of onions (not pictured) coming up.

Fairing well, considering the time of year, and that the new growth and constant watering are confusing Smokey and C.B. about litterbox options...

I thank you for dropping by, and hope you continue to come share joy at Nature's progress through another Turning of the Great Wheel...



18 February 2009


What? Me? Stress??

Well, sometimes. Like, for example, whenever three-dimensional time-space is perceptibly moving forward...

But occasionally I hit a moment when I have sighed my most exasperating sigh, when I have had it up to here, when if the S has yet to HTF I'm on a rampage looking for methods to aide the damned thing along...

And then in a moment whence the deepest breath comes, and we remind ourselves that ONE MORE CYCLE OF SEASONS HERE is all We need, and We'll get through those one Day, Hour Minute and Second of the Time...

And Epiphany. The reason, the True underlying Unconscious reason for all the stress of late comes to Light.

No, not that I/you/we couldn't think of anything all morning-- ok, all afternoon, too; so all day, essentially, would be correct-- except how HER valentines day should have gone, WOULD have gone, had Skipper stood aside and let a man take the helm for 48 or so...

And no, also not the fact that job doldrums are setting in after only six weeks on site. Generally takes...well, honestly, we're right on schedule there...

Anyhow, none of that, I now realize, is why I be stressin'...

Here She Is:

I am forty-five minutes from Galveston Island, Texas Gulf Coast.
it's Late Winter, approaching Spring.

This indicates an eventual approaching Summer.

Which means storms, A' La' Ike. And Gustav.

"Blow me, Ike! Hey G-Meister! Huff And Puff! Blow THIS Away!!!"

["achemm.." looks shyly about..] "Sorry. I digress."

An approaching summer, and Her inevitable Storms.

And me out of shape, and sans so much as even a longboard presently...

Time to wax up and get pounded or hang ten...

More Soon! Slainte!


17 February 2009

Caspar's Significant Other...

Hope This Wasn't The Surprise You Staged For Your Valentine.

Else, we can say "ex"...

I know, it's a joke wronger than two boys a-humpin'.

And I can't stop laughing! I swear I can't! I'm so sorry, girl, but DAMN that is FUNNY!

Slainte, Folks!


15 February 2009

"You're My Exception..."

A Valentines Day Review:

He's Just Not That In To You

But he was in to this chickflic-- uh, I mean movie. Yeah.

Really, he was. OK, I was..

Here's why:

1) Not too "soapy"-- e.g. the plot was straightforward: the aeons-long struggle to understand relationships

2) The redhead with the round face--the obsessive one. Yes, it WAS a complete sentence. Read again. 'THE REDHEAD...'
Very Kerry Russell-esque...
Absofuckenlootely beautiful, in other words...

3) The script follows four or so stages of relationships through screen characters that are maneuvering said stages... No mater where you are in your penultimate Reason for Existence quest, this movie addresses your plight in a very enthralling manner.
Just talked on the internet?
Been married for years and suddenly...

Anywhere in between?

See, whom does this movie not touch?

And no, I did NOT cry.
My right eye had this wet moment, and...

My left had one liquid comment, easily deleted by my buttery popcorn napkin.

Oh, and at the end, when even as a writer you love the "NO PANTS" scene, in all of it's predictability, for being so.. well.. simply Well-done, well-timed cinematographically.

So well in pulse with the hearts beating in the auditorium seats....

Be warned: the screen inexplicably blurs. Looking away, focusing on how the children might be raiding the chemical cabinet at home-- these help clear the eye condition right up. Just about all that will, too...

The clincher for me was the closing-- the very word, if I recall, though it could have been the last paragraph. But say word.


Hey' long as you got that, you got life...

Good Movie.

Pretty women. Pretty men.

No pants... Everybody's happy, right?



And Once Primed, Bullseye..

When we're really ready to jam, We'll be headed for this Par-tay!!!

English, Pagan and in Canada!: Something a lil' bit sexy...

Slainte, folks!

Oh Wait! everybody go to Kenneth The Conquerer's blog and inundate him with welcome-backs and just general comments. Seems he's short of things to read over there after a hard day out Conquering hoardes...

Love Ya, BUDDY! GREAT to see ya back in the proverbial saddle!


14 February 2009

say, aint this valentino's place???

Older than This dirt, Uncle?

I'll be honest, ladies, I have had a question or three about where this whole Valentines Massacre music Disaster was, is or will be heading.

Funny thing about concepts. And frothy adult beverages.
And live-time publishing options...

I heard a specific song on the way to work one morn and a certain Lady came to mind.

All day @ work, the Mind, having a tendency to blog of Its own volition, came up with the idea to do a song per day and end with THE ONE. I figured that by pretending to claim each song brought to mind a different person, I would hide my burgeoning... Admiration, shall we say? for THE ONE this song beckoned.

Well, turns out I can find many a cover edition for the song, but not one done by The gentle Giant himself, Mr. Don Williams.

So, here's the best one-- the only "BE MY VALENTINE" request I really care to send out.

Not only that, but I never made it to fourteen songs. In typical guy fashion I got a late start, tried to finish early, postponed until just beyond the last minute, and will get it done late.

And that's all good, because I'm pretty sure i don't know 14 of you..

And you (Yew) came to mind every song, even if to say "Yes, this one is not her..."

Ladies, every one of YOU are this person in another's eyes. Oh, not the person I Ain't Gonna Marry, but the one who above all others drives us menfolk to see the beauty in "simple" things like Stars, and a Sunrise, and napes of necks, and...

Which of you beautiful creatures Started this whole conflagration, I'll never, ever tell. And, Ladies, It Don't Matter.

What does is that THIS SONG makes you that person in someone's eyes.


Happy Valentines Day, Ladies


13 February 2009


Three Doors Down.

I'm Here Without You, and you know who Yew are.



Ahh, but She WILL Be...

For the One Who Ain't


Tah teh mnee a wa chi pi.

aka Cygnus

12 February 2009

what kind of FATHER are you?

Sit little Suzie down and define FREEDOM to her.

Now ask yourself how far you are willing to go to defend that definition:

Kentucky Preppers Network: They Lived in Forests and Caves

A real simple definition of karma is What Comes Around Goes Around.

Westerners often say the same: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

Thanks Bullseye and all the preparedness networker-ers 'out there'
Keep the info flowing, live-time. Yall are the liveline, Folk...



Update and Ramble.

Two days ago I was deemed medically fit to Fly an airplane.

As of today I have

IX "..Been Found To Be Properly Qualified To Exercise The Privelege Of... [sub.sec.] II PRIVATE PILOT

Essentially I was deemed healthy enough and qualified to walk on to any municipal airport in the United States of Ameirca and... rent any available aircraft I am qualified to Fly.

Next Step... B.F.R.



So My trip to the future Swan Lake of the Ozarks is fast approaching. Too fast. Ol' Molly still needs a front-end aligning (mayhap after 250.00 for tire rod repairs??? Mechanics, Help Prease What Dis Is?. Am I bein' schnookered?)
A LOT of auto work needs take place 'twitx now and then...

And I still canna find a State road map of Missouri.
Yes, i can see it fine on computer screen.

I wanna ROAD MAP. With parks, and airports, and Wildlife Reserve/Management Areas... And local and State-maintained roads...

If it tongue-ties half of Texas County, by me gods...

Good day and good week thus far. Behind on poetry writing, but when is one ever "ahead" there... Kinda like defining 'extra' beer. WHUH??

Rambling, as promised. Oh, hey-- if anyone wants a cool Irish Newsletter site, there it is...
They got good National News plus lots of shopping/genealogical/varied other info... Chekk them out.



11 February 2009

Theory Of A... Bad Girlfriend

What # are we on? Oh yeah...
(Clears throat):

Don't you wish you were #5! (Don't I??)

(May as well read the lyrics; there aint no video. you wanna good one, follow my buddy Ken's suggestion in last night's comments section...)

Bad Girlfriend Lyrics

My Girlfriend's a dick magnet My Girlfriend's gotta have it
She's hot, can't stop, up on stage, doing shots, Tip the man he'll
Ring the bell, get her drunk she'll scream like hell.
Dirty girl, gettin' down, dance with guys from outta town.
Grab her ass, actin' tough. Mess with her, she'll fuck you up.
No one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned, but she's
Comin' back to my place tonite!

She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat
She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth
I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end
You know what she is, no doubt about it
She's a bad, bad girlfriend!

Red thong, Party's on, Love this song, sing along.
Come together, leave alone, see you later back at home
No one really knows if she's drunk or is she's stoned
But she's coming back to my place tonite. I say
No one really knows just how far she's gonna go,
But I'm gonna find out later tonite

She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat
She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth
I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end
You know what she is, no doubt about it
She's a bad, bad girlfriend!

Doesn't take her long to make things right.
But does it make her wrong to
Have the time of her life. the time of her life
My girlfriend's a dick magnet My girlfriend's gotta have it

She's a gold digger now you figure out it's over, pull the trigger.
Futures finished, there it went, savings gone,
The money spent

I look around and all I see is, no good, bad and ugly,
Man she's hot and fixed to be, the future
Ex-Miss Connolly!

She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat
She likes to pull my hair when I make her grind her teeth
I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end
You know what she is, no doubt about it
She's a bad, bad girlfriend!

She's a bad, bad girlfriend.
She's a bad, bad girlfriend.

10 February 2009



"s Lawn chuh"


Your Visit Here Has Been Tracked By An Automated Widgeting System

I Don't Wanna Post tonight.

I'm looking for the right versions of the videos needed to complete my Fourteen in February run-- one for each fleamale I might [or might not have...] on my mind come Massacre Day...




08 February 2009



Knowing the Lay Of The Land

Via The Sky...

Standing in the backyard a (kilopar) second ago, stoking a new pipe and looking at the sky. The evening and night have been as blessedly beautiful as the day here in h-town.

As a result, we have a clear view of a very-nearing
full moon.

You can follow Her, and her progression through the phases, and gain a sense of direction.

She Follows the Sun. On full moon nights (probably around the ninth this month) She'll rise in the Eastern Sky as the sun is setting in the West. Over the next fourteen to fifteen days She'll rise progressively later into the night, until only days before the new moon you watch Her wink as a Crescent to the Sunrise, before becoming lost in his glare for a few days...
The prior fourteen or fifteen days to full you see the opposite-- the Crescent now winking at the sunset in twilight and rising later-- thus moving further eastward and away from the sun through the day and early nights, until that Full One when balance is Him going down and Her coming up...

Tonight is winter, too, despite the weather-- at least the season quartered as Winter on the Gregorian- modified Julian calendar. Meaning (for us yanks here, Molly!lol) the constellation Orion is rising in the East and travelling low across the sky throughout the night.

Granted we can't see the skies every night-- I mean the stars and moon and void-- but nights you can, go out and learn about a new constellation. Look for it nightly, winter through summer.

Figure which ones of the twelve you are to learn are going to be visible in the east or west on any given day (night!) at any given time.

Just another way to know yours...





And Continued To Prep...

Got down to the business today of putting together an emergency throw&go backpack.
Well, started to put it together. Still can and will be improved upon and added to as I think of necessities that might fit.

I figure it can't hurt. Say the Event has happened. I drive as far to wherever as my auto will get me. For whatever reason it too must be abandoned.

Maybe I'm Still in Houston, maybe I'm halfway to Alaska, maybe I'm gods only know.

Reach over and grab my Jansport pack:
Change of clothes
~5 days food. Sparing, but sustain you
Spare hiking boots
Knife (in addition to the pocket one I carry)
Matches and lighter
Tinder-- keep dryer lint in a ziplock...
Plastic silverware

Water is handy- in the trunk of the car in one and two-liter containers.

Likely a sundry or two in the glovebox and the console that could be quickly added.

Tools in their box in the trunk, but I'd like to add a good hand-sized hatchet. Maybe a beltholder-fitted one...

Need to add a bathroom kit-- spare toothbrush, med tape, nail clippers. et cetera

Maps. So I can follow the yellow brick road home. Whatever that is. Whatever, wherever. I have 5 days to decide.

Now, can I only be blessed to make it past the Zombie threshold...

And now, skip straight to the comment section if you don't think this song is your valentine.

Slainte, Folks!


Addendum: Seen this site? It's title hereby receives Cygnus' very first time given:

Most Creative Blog Title Ever! Award

#3 Is Always A BLESSED Magik #

And made me #8, no matter how much #2 that sounds to you.

Because I KNOW she sacrificed.

I lived through it it first hand...

Slainte, Lady...


07 February 2009

I Sewed Seeds on the Seventh, I Saith

Peppers (banana)
Green Beans (bush)

It's a beautiful sunny day in the nation's fourth largest city. So I went ahead and dropped some seed in the garden area.

Yep, it ain't even mid Feb. But what doesn't survive, or come up at all wasn't meant to. only about half of what was in each seed pack wend down. More seeds for later plantings. Containers. New garden area where grass is to be killed off.

So, you reckon we'll have sprouts this time next week?

Somebody get a camera...



4 Lines From Kipling's "IF"

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the WILL which says to them: "hold on"

#2 Of 14.. Because One Ain't Enough...

[And Because I Said I Was On A Roll..]

You Know Who You Are?

Slainte, Lady!


# 1 Of A 14-Day St. Valentines Massacre...


Slainte, Lady...


06 February 2009

Karma Sutured It Moot...

I had the GRANDEST idea...

I'd put the entire Kamma Sutra on film, and use bits for slow post days (because, like, everyone does music vids-- even me. Wanted something more... well, more!!:)

I set up the camera; infused some baby oil with fresh-crushed rose petals; got out some spare batteries, because, well, you know.. you never know...

Then canceled the venture upon reflection that as a solo gig it probably wouldn'd be such a screamer...

So decided to feed the libido in stead of exercising said. THUS:

Guinness-dipped smoked, then deep-fried, Oysters

Took a couple cans of smoked oysters (woulda used fresh, but the nearest market has no Deli/Seafood ice...) And wanted to try the smoked/fried combo anyhows...

Put a bit o' Guinness Extra Stout in a bowl. Add oysters, oil and all...

Maseca corn flower. Corn meal.
One bit of each individually, and more mixed-- the expiriment was also to try the flour/meal combo vs. regular ol' beer batter or solo meal or flour.

Get to frying! Take the oysters, dip them in the breading, and drop 'em in hot grease. I like the deep-fry method. As small as oysters-- even two dozen-- are, a small pan heated to ~425 F., suffices. And heats up quickly-- a boon when your fuel is propane, not the GRID...

When the succulent little asexual critters commence floating in the grease, they're done (I know you kitchen dwellers-- even the So Not Domesticated ones-- know that trick for any deep-fried foods: floating = done.)

Now, we did make our own tartar sauce, oui?!? Easy as mixing some dicied dill (my pref over sweet; your call!) pickles ( using the pre-sliced hamburger ones saves kniving...) and mayo. Simplicity that adds dimensions to all things Oceanic... I add a bit of very finely chopped onion, too. Because I love 'em. And because I can! HA!!

Coleslaw. Vinegar. Lemon wedges. Fried taters if you're adventurous, willing, and least of all HUNGRY!!!

And the best part? You got it-- the "extra" 5 1/2 Guinness' , which if timed properly have dwindle to near beer-run time about 10 min before the grease is cooling...

Slainte, folks!

And sorry my Karma ran over my Dogma and no video...

Plod on as ye must...


04 February 2009

Arm Yourself

You want to?

First, because I am an ex-felon, I want to direct you to THIS site that shows what the Supreme Court thinks 'we' have a RIGHT to.

I ask that Clarence Thomas respectfully lick my left testicle...

On second (Amendment ) thought, muthafukk respect. Just lick, bi-ach!!

And now, on to business...

I've seen a few of my good buddies have real trouble with stocking up on ammo.


But no longer, my friends...

You give the MacMeister a call. I have a friend...

Still having trouble finding the Specialty Ammo with the John Wayne Insignia on the shell casing?

Your local flea market guru still having trouble delivering the .38 shells?

Anything else you need? Stock ammo; AR15 conversion kits...

E-mail me , buddies. Honestly.

I'll help end the trouble.

Now remember: Obammy ain't trying to reduce your RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, but does want through his Attorney General to give your .22 (and all other gunpowder-loaded shells) a MAXIMUM shelf life of ONE YEAR.

Google Google Google!!! I'll have more links for you by the weekend; sorry they aren't forthcoming tonight...

There are a couple of individuals in particular, and they'll know who they are, whom I hope I am able to help. Many, many others are in need of assistance-- with purchase, delivery, choice, whatever.

I can offer a consultant who can make the connection happen. All legit. Anything you could find at a legal gunshow or otherwise above-the-board deal, we'll do you better on. Period.

Prefer that Texas be the place o' barter, but let Ol' Cygnus know if this is an inconvenience. Something'll make...

I'll see to it.

Slainte, Folks. And beware... these two acres are loaded...


03 February 2009

Shutting Detroit Down...

Thanks to The Urban Survivalist for sharing this gem...

Pearls may have called it-- a tax revolt might be worse-ing-ton's wake-up herald...

"Hard to be sympathetic" indeed. I'd have liked to shot on spot the policicoes that bailed out the Auto Industry AGAIN. AGAIN, folks; you did catch that, right? A-FUCKIN-GAIN?


Or learn how to run one.

Better yet, take those billions and stimulate THIS package, you fucken fuks!!!


'Swan' Gearing Up For Winter Flight

Sorry about the short posts and general absence from the keyboards of late. First and foremost, the body has been making it's final protested adjustments to the new work schedule/ routine-- three weeks in is about typical for the final surge of tiring before the giving in and toughening up commences in earnest...

That, and, as you men must know (or at least better be getting it on your mind, you attached ones! Else repercussions...) , St. Valentines day is fast approaching. Now, I was clued off to the event because it's imminent arrival seems to cause strange reactions in womenfolk. For instance, some airbourne infestation steadfastly convinces one or three of the creatures that I might actually have some inherent qualities previously overlooked by less observant fleamales; they get the notion that they need to spend a bit of time trying to pinpoint that certain je ne sais quois the MacMeister possesses.

Oh, they'll get over it in due time, but as long as whatever is in the air is circulating, I figure I may as well enjoy a french benefit or three...

And speaking of something "in the air"... Just what is up with the title of this post?

Ha! Thought you'd never ask!

Well, turns out I ain't a big believer in coincidence. I'm of the school of thought that things happen for a reason.

There was a reason I left an up-and-coming good-paying contract labor job in Beaumont to head Houston way. Didn't know at the time what the reason was, and mayhap it still hasn't revealed itself. But I do recognize serendipitous opportunity when it bites me on the anus...

See, turns out one of the owners of the company I recently contracted employ with also owns a flight school.

And me with a pilot's license in need of refresher...

A sign from the Gods, folks, if ever there were. Gods OR signs...

So Thor's day I go to Dr. Probyer Ectum's orifice to make sure I've a pulse that isn't insulin-diabetic dependent. Those qualifications met, the good stinking fingerman will give me what the Airspace Police (F.A.A.) refer to as an A.M.E-- an airman's medical ('he passed his exam') certificate.

Inside of a few weeks, I should be "current"-- that is, will have successfully completed my Biennial Flight Review (a two-year refresher, mandatory for all pilot's license holders) and be deemed qualified by someone who knows more than me to take any of you adventurous-spirited followers on an aerial tour of your garden. (Or your ex'es house; you wanna soil their britches, we can buzz low...)

The new job IS a goddessend, no doubt. Good money in an economy headed farther south than the equator; a chance to learn valuable skills in an industry I've not had any glimpse into prior; and mayhap a discount in hourly plane rental.

Why not take advantage of the green paper, while it's coming in and still accepted "As Legal Tender For All Debts..." to 'waste' some of it on what amounts to an expensive hobby?

The FLYING, you clowns... The chocolates and trinkets-- hey, once per anum does not a hobby make, Don Quixote...

Slainte, Folks! See ya in the skies!!


01 February 2009

My Overly Opinionated Mommy Said...

Whatever the hell she wanted to; what part about the name do you misinterpret?

Look, folks, here's a bit more Ol' Bird His-story. Because I'm writing, and I'm male.


Let's see.. No; let's start at the beginnings.

Attempted a book when I was 16. Alas, I was 16... Attentive to whuh...

Some poetry. One published somewheres... Dark, but always hopeful.

Went to prison. Still full of hope, because SHE was standing by me. She Always Would.

She quit writing. From a 6x weekly rite of mail call to NADA. Sancho, he'd come a-callin'...


So accustomed was I to this daily rite (write? right/ RIGHT! It's The End Of Th........) and yet not ready to deny reality and glom on to network programming, I opted to sit with pen and paper in hand, just as I had done damn near 730 days concurrent...

I began writing. Label it as you will:

DIARY (idunnosoundskindof..girly..)

JOURNALING ["um... Should I have a point here; because, y'know, really"...]

Sat with a pen in hand and a notepad in lap and continued to crank out two pages per day legal size, front and back.

It was my routine. It is what I did. Lest I spend all my time reading Ludlum and so vastly improving vocabulary that yon minions be said of "let them eat cake..."

Um..(clears throat)..

So I wrote.
A lots of wordses.

And then years later, Uncle Skip introduced me to blogging. Where, as you can plainly see, I perigrinate much less piquantly... 'Cause a bein' shy, an' all...

So I still write. Sometimes poetry.

Sometimes pornoetry.. Y'know, fukken rimin stuff. Y'know...

But folks seriously, this old bird w/o a pen in hand... he'd be like two sitting in the proverbial pesticidal-treated bush: SICK.

Sure am glad at the very least this provides hours of self-entertainment (writing it, Nimrods! You think I'm so bold or egocentric as to read my own stuff! Humphh! Y'all the ones with nothing better to do. I'm busy @ your site, learnin' helpful stuff an' such...)

So see, even when (not IF, folks; WHEN) you proclaimed 'followers' stop proclaiming, I'll continue writing.
For two reasons.

Number One-- It is part of who I am

numero deux-- My Mommy Said.

( That Allie Thought That...)