31 July 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy Guy!!!

A Blues Legend...

Here uncluttered by words or other stimuli-- just pure, unadulterated blues guitar:

Slainte, Mr. Guy!


26 July 2010

Out Of The Monkeysphere

I'm Thankful For The Internet

...because of the number of like-minded people I realise are aware, communicating, and WILL STAND when the time comes. [Hell, most of you probably already are!]

Slainte, Gwath Avathar!!!


25 July 2010

When The Moon Hits Your Eye...

The Song Is Stuck In My Head...

But I love this scene from the movie, which, coincident if you believe in such, came to mind a millisecond after I began belting "~... THAT'S AMOREEEEE!!!!!~"

Slainte, folks...

"Snap out of it!!!" HA! Love it!!


23 July 2010

Mathematics On Friday

Maketh My Head Hurt...

But I took pen to paper anyhow, just curious how much food I've garnered from the garden.

Lettuce, tomato, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, cantaloupe, strawberries, peas... so far we've reaped just under 60#. Not bad for half-way through the season!

Well, folks, sorry this is so short, but-- I got a fresh tomato and some bacon screaming to be eaten.

Hmm... reminds me of a girl I once knew...

Slainte, folks!

21 July 2010

So Lost...

I Got So Lost In This Video......

I closed my eyes and belted the words. I'm gonna have to put up two videos, because that's how this version is recorded. I hope you take the time to listen all the way through.

This is one of my favorite Stevie Ray songs, sad and harsh though it be. It's a poor second video and not the ending I know, but...supposedly these two tie together.

Regardless, the man was a God. Watch his emotion throughout; he's not 'singing' or performing this tune-- he's FEELING it, living it, expressing... He's THERE...

God, I tell you; a blues-belting god...

Slainte, folks!


18 July 2010

"TEA Party Federation..."

Kicks Out Williams over blog post"

Read and make your own mind; I'm just passing this interesting thingamabob along...

Slainte, folks.


17 July 2010

I Wanted To Hear It From

The Gentle Giant Himself...

Several good covers out there, but nothing quite as evocative as Mr. Williams on his own poetry...

Slainte, folks.


15 July 2010

Having Some Fun!!!

Click On The Picture(s) Below.

It should go to full-size screen. Look at the two boys-- neither of which have identical twins. But...

They're in two, three places at once!!! ALL THE LAWS OF PHYSICS HAVE BROKEN DOWN!!! I mean, who drove only half a white car to the park? Rest of the family stay behind to watch the all-star game?!?

We..... maybe not. But I am having fun watching the seven-years-old in the Spongebob britches try and figger it all! HA!!

Slainte, Folks!!!


"Who's God?"

"You know when you want something really bad, and you close your eyes and ask for it? God's the one who ignores you!"

Nice movie night at home. Here's some pic's from last night-- I got a few print-worthy water-sun shots; you get the dregs! HA!!!

Slainte, folks!


13 July 2010

Found This By Accident...

Was looking for a Harrison Ford playing the gutbucket video, and at the end of some or other, this popped up. I got such a kick and laugh out of it, I thought I'd share...

Slainte, folks, and keep your lips off da floor!!! HA!!!


12 July 2010

i hold a loved one

Looking into the palid sky backing yellow-green treetops dropping to the valley
I sense in some way I must matter to my sire
Midst the most unusual still of time even as wind moves leaves
I search and find neither how nor why...

JMc aka Cygnus

Slainte, folks.

11 July 2010

It's Not Braggadocio-- It Really IS That Big!!!

Camera Day For Me, But Don't Worry: It'll Be A Photoless One For Y'all!!!

Formulated the plan in my mind last night, and will spend a fair portion of today's computer time loading pics & vids, clearing cameras, charging, organizing the dumped amalgam, and hopefully learning as little new-to-me colorful words and phrases as possible whilst creating my first ever full-length edited video. No promises on the latter there...

I can promise a glimpse of my 3.5#, 14 3/4" garden monster on my other site later this eve though...

Slainte, folks!

10 July 2010

Kinda Computer-Frazzled...

Don't even want a subtitle tonight; I want a bath. I want Mafia Wars to hurry up with my property income [ yes, gads, I've been faeried into the evil time-consuming Underworld of online gaming! AARG!!!] because YouTube takes so long to load videos I shot at Wisteria who still hasn't contacted me about volunteer security before I'm too busy next year to offer time due to newborn lug-about regulations...

And my garden needs weeding. And some rain. Somebody do a rainsong for me???

Slainte, folks.


09 July 2010

07 July 2010

I Love This Tree

A prime example of how, against all odds, totally out of the bounds of ordinary, unlike anything even the most vivid imagination could have conceived...

one can still grow and stand, their difference marking them a beautiful, unique contribution....

Kudos, Tree.


06 July 2010

First Amendment? WHAT Constitution?!?

Gotta Love Gub'mint, Eh?

Slainte, folks.


05 July 2010

Daft Hermit Does Trash...

Happy Fourth, everyone!

I hope it has been as wonderful day for you all as it has been here. We went to a friend's house for a grand pool party-- fun for kids and adults all.

I was just tying up some contacts on the net [because, y'know, some of my ken are into that sorta thing...] when youtube led me to this marvelous little production. Andy is one of the coolest, gentlest chaps you'd ever wanna meet online (and in person I'm sure!), and has a gift with the camera that never ceases to astound my artistic sycophant. Enjoy, folks, and I'll see yall in a few days!!!

Slainte, Andy&Mel!!!


01 July 2010

A Musical Journey


Really, folks, you have to see this group live to truly experience the Journey.

And, it IS. They are.

Go to their site; find the tune SHINE.

Slainte, folks!