30 November 2008

Still Inept...

OK Folks,

I was gonna add another chapter to the "getting 2 know the author better " Saga, but my technical ineptitude has once again prevented me from importing the writing from "over yonder" to ... uh, well whatever the heck "here yonder" would translate to in whatever your regional dialect is.


Where to go from here?

To bed would seem both the physiological AND psychological answer, but alas, who could be or get so lucky? Certainly not me nor any renaissance nerd i might know...

{Sigh} Where is Kerri Russell with that back rub when you truly need her?

[Likely in the same ether as that text I'm trying to cut and paste (read; non-existent:( ) ]

So now I am left w/o any ideas for any kind of interesting fodder for the morrow...

Ah heck-- are you so sure you had THAT much an interest in gazing into my Abyss?!? Wasn't it Neitsche who said "Be carefol how long you stare into the Abyss, for if you stare too long, the Abyss also stares back at you "

Y' don't want me staring back, Folk; we'd both need too many a year of follow-up therapy...

I'll try to glean some tech support in the form of my coffee-consuming Uncle on the morrow and hence complete that-- or rather continue the-- filling-in of the Cygnus' refrains, people.

In the interim, keep your heads up... Uh, unless that's the phrase someone decrees in a panic situation. Best, if so, to follow the ol' airline addage: put your head btween your legs and kiss your ass(etts) goodbye- 'cause you can BET that at this point that all bets are off, and you should pray to your maker that you don't man a Wal-mart door...

29 November 2008

No Sense Whatsoever

Hey folks-- Check this glib out from the Associated Press: ALEXANDRIA, Va. Wal-Mart had its Black Friday marred when an employee was trampled to death as thousands of people rushed through the doors at the opening of the store in Valley Stream, N.Y. Police said the man, identified as 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, was a temporary employee who lived in New York City's borough of Queens. In addition, police officials said a pregnant woman was taken to a local hospital, but was expected to be released Friday. Video footage showed as many as a dozen people knocked to the floor in the stampede of people trying to get into the Wal-Mart store, according to Nassau County Police detective Lt. Michael Fleming. The employee was "stepped on by hundreds of people" as other workers attempted to fight their way through the crowd, Fleming said. "We expected a large crowd this morning ..." Around the nation, shoppers descended upon Wal-Mart en masse in hopes of scoring Black Friday discounts. From New Jersey to Dallas, there were reports of hundreds of shoppers lining up before stores opened, looking for $2 DVDs and flat-panel TVs priced just under $400. At the Fairfax, Va., location, the scene was social. Hundreds queued up before doors opened at 5 a.m., with some having arrived the night before in order to be among the first to shop. "We skipped Thanksgiving dinner," said 30-year-old Arash Habiezadeh. "Even with the economy, you've got to go with the deals," said Robert Balboni of Centreville, Va., while loading his shopping cart with a 42-inch flat panel TV, a portable DVD player and a Philips 2GB MP3 player. Wal-Mart has already shown signs of benefiting ... -- The Associated Press

So, a man was trampled to death when impatient murderer... uh, I mean "bargain shoppers"... blaa-aaa-aa-sted [read busted down] the store's door in a frenzy to get to whatever perceived bargains existed on this "busiest shopping day of the year"

This is a recurrent theme every year, folks. EVERY YEAR. Someone PLEASE tell me where the sense is. Oh, wait...its with those of us who were smart enough to NOT have been amongst the sheeple c'est jour.


Folks, WHAT do you think Wal-Mart was selling today that they don't the other 364 days of the year? Musta been gold @ 90% less than Wall Street value. OR million-dollar bank accounts for $3 if you used your Sams Club membership card.

What, people, WHAT in this cursed world is worth taking the life of a 34-year old man-- a man who was likely working @ Wal-Mart to provide his child(ren) with the latest must-have gadget?!? What was it in that store that was so important it caused people to camp out 12 hrs. in advance of the stores' opening that was even CLOSE to provoking this Kind of mentality???


You know what I want that bad this christ-mass?

That man's life back.

EVERY YEAR, folks, this insanity rears its ugly head.

Busiest shopping day of the year. I only pray to whatever gods that be that my dear mom, who works at Wal-Mart, was off today enjoying the company of her twin grand-daughters.

That god only knows when she may be robbed by embiciles of said opportunity.



28 November 2008

this SUCKS!!!

hello Folks...

Its late thanksgiving eve-- Or more accurately early the morn following...
Many a safe arrival home wish to, in particular, two cousins whom I have not seen in collectively
damn near 30 tears (a lot o' time for a man only 41, n'este -ce pas?!?).

More godsend to the two second cousins I am just getting to know-- Kaiya (one of the most
beautiful women on the face of the planet), and to Catherine (the great) whom I've not seen
since she was knee-high to a grasshopper; both you beautiful ladies please make it home safe as
safe can get .

The xgiving day SHOULD be chok full of unexpected blessings in the way of guests one might not have seen since the 1990's, and today proved even more fruitful there than I could tonight.

I love ya Women:)

more soon,


27 November 2008

Robert Frost I aint, folks...

One of those days, folks, that I need to reflect on what the morrow may bring. Hate to do it to ya again, but on occasion the Swan must sing.

And if Song was in any but some poetic form, would it ever be heard?

So, loath as I am to do it to you, (unless, of course, you are Kerri Russell; then there is nothing on goddess green earth I long to do more...), I must needs cut this short and inject some poetry...

Love Ya, Kerri. Call me:)

12 oct 2000--




30 apr2000 titled I.



ok people/person; i know you logged off long ago. 's cool...
see ya after the turkey. hey--y' got some wariche?!?


26 November 2008

A Little About The Name...

Hello again folks... (well,as best I can tell, "folk" is more accurate):)

Thought I might begin to disclose a bit more about the author of this here humble post. Now, I've discovered over my years of writing that much of my best material shows up in the guise of letters.In fact what gave me the idea to begin baring my soul here was the recurrence of the above statement while proofreading a letter typed to a very dear friend this very e'en. My first inclination was to reproduce a portion of that letter here-- the part whence in catching this friend up on recent events in my life made pretty good history for anyone caring to learn a bit more of its author.

However upon arriving here to begin the peeling of that proverbial onion, a recent conversation with my good coffee-driven accomplice made me realize that a better way to start might be to disclose some of why I chose to so name this blog . That and the fact that I am still in the learning stages of computery and don't want to confound my night with trying to import that letter/file from the eather hence:)

First, Cygnus IS my name; not the one you'll see typed on the piece of paper that proves (HA!) my existence, but my chosen Craft name. It is, in essence, MY essence. Cygnus is Latin for the avian commonly called a swan.

This name holds deep spiritual significance for me, and adding to that significance is a synergistic bond with the other "part" of the name:MacLlyr.

MacLlyr-- aka Lir, Llyr, and many other variations of the spelling, is a Celtic Deity, a god of the sea. Story has it that Lir's wife Aefe was so jealous of her husband's love for his children (her stepchildren) that in a fit of rage she cursed them to remain in the form of swans for 800 years.

In the Irish tongue, Mac (or Mc as it is commonly shortened to today) means literally "son of".
Hence the tie-- Cygnus, the son of Llyr.

The story is commonly known in Irish folklore as The Children Of Lir; the best version I've ever
read is in Michael Scott's Irish Folk & Fairytale Omnibus. The children, resigned to their fate, would float upon the waters of Lake Derravarragh, and sing, and

"Their music was not of this world...it could sooth the most violent warriors and calm the crazed beasts, it could lighten the heaviest hearts or break the hardest. And in the evenings as the sun dipped behind the far distant mountains and shed its last light across the dark waters of the lake, the children would sing. and the crowded lakeside would grow silent, listening to the ancient lays and ballads of the DeDanann, or the softer, sadder songs composed by the four."

I am Cygnus, folks, and this is my song...

More Soon.


24 November 2008

a minor recant...

Well Folks,

the sun rose again c'est matin... as it will regardless of the foul mood we oft find ourselves encumbranced in.

I won't recant everything I espoused last night, because much of it would stand regardless of whether Father Sol decided to load upon the chariot for His morning sojourn...

But for much of the rant I can say I take full blame, or credit, or... whatever:)
Now-- on to today.

I was/ am hoping to rejoin the permanent american workforce today. Had a good interview @ Aca... uh, an undisclosed sporting chain. The irony is, if this company passes me over, they really have lost out.

NO ONE on this planet desires more to make a living @ PLAY than the MacMeister.

I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 years young. I worked pizza parlours and surf stores until birth of my son ( and primarily inadequate education there) led me back to the mainland.

The prospect of not only working for but being an inclusive member of a store so dedicated to the out-of-doors lifestyle is a real positive for ol' jimbo.

And yet...

Yet it really DONT MATTER.

Folks, I'll still PLAY.

I'm gonna climb rocks; I'm gonna fish; I may even work (no pun intended) out a way to buy that travel trailer and haul it to the Ozarks so i can fish and garden to my heart's delight (yes, multi-layered meaning inferred...:)

So,I didn't really mean to F**k YA [uh, unless you ARE Kerri Russell, and then I really meant "make love"...]; I just wanted to ...

Hell, I dunno.

I guess I was just playin'...

Love Ya.

More Soon

21 November 2008

Beware: Poetry to follow...

Well folks,
much as i want to rant and rave, I'm sure it would do not a bit of good in this no-good world we exist in, so...
So here I am with naught to say.
A fellow influence gave me reason to pause earlier, and, to boot, brought to mind an old poem of mine. So rather than subject you to a horrendous diatribe on all that (and this, and this and that...) why don't I just post the poem. I can't think of any reason at all (and I mean that in every sense of the phrase...)

Hope still holds
Like a candledflame's chances
Against an ocean of tears

It's inexstinguishable glow
For the hopeless romances
Of future years...

Yall folks enjoy. Or at least don't despair. I'll do enough of that for an ocean of us...

More Soon...
More Soon...

19 November 2008

Well Folks, here goes nothing...

Hell, I don't even know who you "folks" are. In fact, I'm not sure how anyone would ever know this post is here...
What's more, I can't figure out what, exactly (or even imprecisely), I need with or am doing in another place to write. Already I keep two "hardcopy" journals. Will I quit those in lieu of "writing" here? Not likely; I'm a bibliophile through and through.
And what of that opening sentence-- how WILL anyone ever know to (or will they ever care to?) read the Swan's song?
Welcome to the perpetual writer's rub....
Never has, never will. anyone who posts a blog knows this axiom.
I, like my newfound fellow traveler the HermitJim, write for writing's sake.
Gods only know what myriad subjects will come up for ponder here in the coming time this is allowed to run. And I hope they are a bit in the dark, too. Hey, what fun is predictability?!
Sheeple I ain't. "Normal"? Don't even get me started---in fact, that sounds like relevance for future fodder...
So here's to another in a series of spots to espouse. Mayhap a year down the road I'll enjoy reflecting on this verbiage.
'S what it's all about, n'est-ce pas?
Happy blogaversary, Hermit.

Jimbo Cygnus