19 November 2008

Well Folks, here goes nothing...

Hell, I don't even know who you "folks" are. In fact, I'm not sure how anyone would ever know this post is here...
What's more, I can't figure out what, exactly (or even imprecisely), I need with or am doing in another place to write. Already I keep two "hardcopy" journals. Will I quit those in lieu of "writing" here? Not likely; I'm a bibliophile through and through.
And what of that opening sentence-- how WILL anyone ever know to (or will they ever care to?) read the Swan's song?
Welcome to the perpetual writer's rub....
Never has, never will. anyone who posts a blog knows this axiom.
I, like my newfound fellow traveler the HermitJim, write for writing's sake.
Gods only know what myriad subjects will come up for ponder here in the coming time this is allowed to run. And I hope they are a bit in the dark, too. Hey, what fun is predictability?!
Sheeple I ain't. "Normal"? Don't even get me started---in fact, that sounds like relevance for future fodder...
So here's to another in a series of spots to espouse. Mayhap a year down the road I'll enjoy reflecting on this verbiage.
'S what it's all about, n'est-ce pas?
Happy blogaversary, Hermit.

Jimbo Cygnus

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