29 November 2008

No Sense Whatsoever

Hey folks-- Check this glib out from the Associated Press: ALEXANDRIA, Va. Wal-Mart had its Black Friday marred when an employee was trampled to death as thousands of people rushed through the doors at the opening of the store in Valley Stream, N.Y. Police said the man, identified as 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, was a temporary employee who lived in New York City's borough of Queens. In addition, police officials said a pregnant woman was taken to a local hospital, but was expected to be released Friday. Video footage showed as many as a dozen people knocked to the floor in the stampede of people trying to get into the Wal-Mart store, according to Nassau County Police detective Lt. Michael Fleming. The employee was "stepped on by hundreds of people" as other workers attempted to fight their way through the crowd, Fleming said. "We expected a large crowd this morning ..." Around the nation, shoppers descended upon Wal-Mart en masse in hopes of scoring Black Friday discounts. From New Jersey to Dallas, there were reports of hundreds of shoppers lining up before stores opened, looking for $2 DVDs and flat-panel TVs priced just under $400. At the Fairfax, Va., location, the scene was social. Hundreds queued up before doors opened at 5 a.m., with some having arrived the night before in order to be among the first to shop. "We skipped Thanksgiving dinner," said 30-year-old Arash Habiezadeh. "Even with the economy, you've got to go with the deals," said Robert Balboni of Centreville, Va., while loading his shopping cart with a 42-inch flat panel TV, a portable DVD player and a Philips 2GB MP3 player. Wal-Mart has already shown signs of benefiting ... -- The Associated Press

So, a man was trampled to death when impatient murderer... uh, I mean "bargain shoppers"... blaa-aaa-aa-sted [read busted down] the store's door in a frenzy to get to whatever perceived bargains existed on this "busiest shopping day of the year"

This is a recurrent theme every year, folks. EVERY YEAR. Someone PLEASE tell me where the sense is. Oh, wait...its with those of us who were smart enough to NOT have been amongst the sheeple c'est jour.


Folks, WHAT do you think Wal-Mart was selling today that they don't the other 364 days of the year? Musta been gold @ 90% less than Wall Street value. OR million-dollar bank accounts for $3 if you used your Sams Club membership card.

What, people, WHAT in this cursed world is worth taking the life of a 34-year old man-- a man who was likely working @ Wal-Mart to provide his child(ren) with the latest must-have gadget?!? What was it in that store that was so important it caused people to camp out 12 hrs. in advance of the stores' opening that was even CLOSE to provoking this Kind of mentality???


You know what I want that bad this christ-mass?

That man's life back.

EVERY YEAR, folks, this insanity rears its ugly head.

Busiest shopping day of the year. I only pray to whatever gods that be that my dear mom, who works at Wal-Mart, was off today enjoying the company of her twin grand-daughters.

That god only knows when she may be robbed by embiciles of said opportunity.




HermitJim said...

hey Man...good post and as a former retail slave for many years, I have to admit to NOT missing the fun and excitement of Black Friday.

Makes you wonder about the shopper mentality sometimes...

have a good day!

Noki said...

If only some of those insane shoppers would be taken out when this happens, instead of innocent bystanders, perhaps the problem would decline with time. But no, they have us outnumbered.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

would that it were! alas oui, us 5% will never garner such luck...
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