29 October 2010

Cygnus' Bodhran Practice

My Mind Diskombobulated...

Got a phonecall from a friend this mornin'; seems they might wanna good mule-Swan for a trip next week after all.

Works for me-- work for me works for me... AHEM.

But... mental adjustment is required. I mean, here I am, home for what seems like all of 12 hours since last weekend's tentless fuferaw, looking forward to wasp stings and mosquito bites up @ Ma's for a day or three, and to generally unwinding and Flower-pickin and such...

Now I gotta go I'm being forced FORCRD I TELL YOU to endure five mas days and nights of sleeping in the wilds when the sun comes up and drumming the nights away around the bonfires 'till it does.

Oh, the agony.

Better step out in the Sunshine and give this a good think-over...

Well, I don' know 'bout you, but I feel better already!

~~I'm not know for doin' a lot...
A go-getter, maybe I'm...~~

Slainte, folks!


28 October 2010

And Going And Going...

Or More Accurately, And Reaping And Reaping And...

We're making chili tonight. It's quick, easy, seasonally appropriate.

It's been rainy the past two days; damp. Warm, but damp and... 'fally', if I may be so bold. It certainly is.

But the rain, and the bit-higher-than-seasonal-norm warmth, helpeth the garden. The green peppers are still proffering belles, the okry eluding my eye long enough to be good for naught but seed once weighed out.

In turn, the green peppers, full o' water from the heavens, helpeth the chili. NECTAR OF THE GODS, man!

It's been a good learning year in Georgia for me. I've kept some written records, and plenty of photographic log... I'll fare 3x better next year.

Hope you're staying dry and warm wherever you are, and the rains come as a blessing.

Slainte, folks.


27 October 2010

Swan Dimensions

I'm Gonna Share This Part Of Me Here, Too...

This is some of the writing that led me here-- led me and Flower to ignite, propelled me to move to Georgia. The better post, the first one, I want to repost here, because it [polyamory] became a physical reality in my life as of this Summer Solstice past, and it shall ever remain so.

The following highlighted text is a post from my PagansWan blog, written round 'bouts 18 months ago. Boy, did I call THIS one! HA!!!

Got Love?
You're in the bedroom moaning with sexual pleasure from a partner you love.
I'm in the kitchen-- same house, or one miles or countries away. And madly in love with you.

If I LOVE you-- unconditional, limitless, real capitol LOVE, not lust or puppy love or that wonderful romantic love we all get when we first meet someone special-- then why would I not be happy that you are gaining pleasure?
My being jealous doesn't denote love.
That I demand, expect or think that all your pleasure--sexual or otherwise-- come solely from me is not only unfeasible but smacks more of a want to possess, of ego-driven self-aggrandizement.

Two of the three people I profess to love will never share a bed with me. "He" won't because neither of us are homosexual. "She" won't for various reasons, distance being a major factor. (Even if we were close the love might needs remain unrequited due to the opines of her spousal unit-- whom she loves very much, thank you.)
That doesn't negate ONE IOTA the love I feel for them.

Is that love 'different' than the love I share with the one I actually have a shot at getting into the sack?
Sure-- insofar as they are unique individuals. For me the love for each one differs not in amount, not 'more' or 'less', but in shades of subtlety having to do with reasons we were drawn together. Personality types, interests, dislikes... all factor in, but I don't see the LOVE in and of Itself as different. Different than family (e.g. sibling or parental) love, but the same love one non-blood related adult has for another.

50% OF [Traditional] Marriages...
So you're married. Happily. In love. The kind of love that grows as your friendship and life together are growing, long after the initial romantic fires wane. (And they do, folks. Be Honest.)
Attraction to another. Even if it is purely a physical attraction it doesn't cause you to love your partner any less.
Who's in your mind's eye that night during love-making?
And what if you and this new attraction begin to become friends, bond.. Does development of this new one cause those aspects of your current relationship to diminish? Might seem so, given the divorce rate.

But I question...

Was the first "love" Love? Now you only love the second "love"? Was, or is, then, this love you transferred Finite? You can't still feel them both?

I don't have the answers. These are questions helping me constantly examine and evaluate my beliefs on this issue.

Thanks to everyone for commenting on this. Your words and thoughts have occupied endless hours of my time. A little extra thanks to Allie for prodding a good deal of today's thought on the matter.

And Granddaddy (and Grandmommy!) THANKS to He, She, and V.J.T. for bringing an exceptional-- and it seems, an extraordinary-- amount of LOVE into this bird's existence...

The numbers have changed-- life is dynamic-- but the writing sounds the idea well.

Um, the best reading-- like most blogger-- is in the comments section of these two posts.

There'll be more.

Isn't there always?!! HARAA!



26 October 2010

"Shiver Your Timbers Or Something"

"Can I Do That In Public?"

A lady laughed; when she was walking away I could nae but help to hear her sharing with her family the reason for her glee.

Sacred Clown.

wouldn'y have it any other way.

Slainte, folks...


19 October 2010


My Rose Lady Turned Me On...

To this band, and the second song I hear by them fits her like skin.

Enjoy, folks. I'll be back more with some sillySwan schtuffs; I hear the muse grinding her coffee beans...



08 October 2010

They Say 'Find Something You're Good At"...

And Stick To It.

And from twelve oz. to 40 at a time, well...
I'm glad I've endured!!!

Slainte, folks!!!


03 October 2010

Happy Birthday STEVIE RAY VAUGHN!!!

Texas Tornado!!!

I could run every damned video of him on youtube...

If I can turn his cd off long enough to get there! Here: this'll get ya primed and over there...

Slainte, Stevie Ray! Hope Elysia is bein' kind to ya!


01 October 2010

Time To Sow...

[Thanks, Bullseye...]

So, I've had a good learning year in Georgia. Near 100# of mostly veggies, and a few fruits, from garden beds tended since Feb last.

One of the most remembered, Flower and I reminisced @ luncheon today, was a tomato pulled from our vine-- a sun-warmed compliment to the cool turkey and mayo...

GODS! Abrosia.

So, I go to bed tonight mentally designing my future garden-- next years' tomatoes wher the beans were, given the nitrogen fixation; more peas, and earlier! And, no matter the opines of others, we needs mo' squash. And okry. LOTS more okry...

I have a better idea of shade-- foliage times in and out, sun angle for warming beds... y'know-- all those things we gardeners KEN, but do na 'know'... the things I've only begun to 'learn' this past year. So mayhap, come fall, I'll put in another bed down Yaupon Maple way...

Yes, another evenin' o' the seasonal temps hath made me wax Autumnal. But,then... I AM a witch...

Slainte, folks.