31 December 2010

This Song Is CORE...

I'll be investing time the coming year with Windows Moviemaker and this tune, I'm so sycophant.

I'm not christian, but just like all the REAL PEOPLE in this video, I AM...

Jesus isn't a WHO. It's a WHAT.

Every one of these folk was a beacon.

I got video work to do, folks. Do yourself a favor-- TWO, even:

1) LISTEN to the song. Listen and HEAR.

2) BE.

Salinte, Folks.


10 December 2010

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like...

A Full Winter Onslaught!!!

Let's see: we got a full Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice, chriss-mess a few days later,

the drunken revelry of Gregorian's calendric New Year in a few mas days,

and, here at Casa de Crazies, a Stork Fly-In about three weeks followin'...

I know, I know-- I wish it wasn't gonna be so all-fired slow and quiet 'till St. Paddies' either...

Slainte, folks!


02 December 2010

Got BOB???

HERE'S one reason to think about it-- or check up on yours if it's been a while. I mean, global warming has it acting more like Winter than Fall, friends! HAR!!!