22 December 2009

Hullo??? Somebody Home?

Think I will, thanks.

Slainte, Folks.


13 December 2009

Because, You Know...

Goofy For Me Would Be A Change...

Kinda like the sub-title of Chapter Three...

Slainte, Folk!


Doncha Just Love Fresh Grease

And Parmesean-peppered Sweet Potato Fries?!?

So dinner is turning out to be.

Freedom of house, the radio set to soon blare me Favorite Irish Music Program, and hunger.

Physical, metaphorical, ostentational, pragmatical...

Al them alls..

Slainte, Folks. Have a great Saturn's Day Nacht.


12 December 2009

fukk u

Universe-ity of Life

And solving, bit by bit (no computer pun intended, but it DO be funny now I see it in writ...! har!), some o' the C-813 Dilemma-- BATTERIES!!!

Solution? Put 'em in backwards [the Energizer Bunnie ones]. That away, the pictures keep coming and coming and coming...

Therein [the batteries] lies the Quatro. Now, whether it IS nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous battery misrepresentation...

[Well, I'll just go on record here and now as saying


or to]

Take [to spending] arms [and legs] against the sea of sorrow...ful 1.5v representation. Four times the cost, but a batt'ry that lasts, and showeth, All four seasons.

Slainte, Folks.


09 December 2009

Pre-Song Swan Pennings Return!

So Here's Something I Haven't Done In A While:

Pre-write a post at work-- where I'm getting paid to do so--!!! Vicariously though that be, the pay...

Speaking of--I'm being paid more, too, than last time I did this.

The Company has officially declared the fall 2009 [Sheet Metals Apprentice] Semester over by way of reimbursing with-held tuition monies AND adding several pennies' to the regular semanas stipend as well.

Now, here's some irony for us, and the scary part for me:


School I've learned to like. Better said, I enjoy worthy educational pursuit-- even in the sadly intellectually-watered down formal setting.

And I even enjoy work to a degree. At least the aspect wherein I accomplish something constructive and can, as a consequence, eat and mayhap pay a bill.

So, those are all fine and well, schooling and verk...


But, I Wanna Grow Some Things...

And for this I need more space, both physically AND metaphorically, to [literally] branch out with this dream.

Now I'll be honest; the morning's commute was consumed with facing my fear of leaving what I've worked at for a year... (funny, my conscious stream-of-thought for writing that sentence was "what I've spent a year establishing", but a quick mental inventory corrected that to "what I've invested the time moving towards", and by mere way of departing the Nation's Fourth Largest.)

Long and short, the 'fear', splayed askew for personal dissection, failed to Wake.

Thus, buried.

The minuscule amount of green frogskins required to cover yon debt? I got enough wherewithal to line up some contract labor to get me thru the lean months. So, whilst the familiar and consistent cash flow of the current stipend is a comfort...

So is confidence in my ability to feed myself-- and mayhap pay a bill-- in this new clime, at this familiar- yet new-scaled adventure I set forth on...

Um,, A-t-t-tthe-t-tha-thu--at's all,Volk!!!



04 December 2009

Cygnus Sings Shirtless In Snow!!!

Extra! Extra! See All About It!!!

Guess that's a wrap. Slainte, folks.


02 December 2009

I know If I Don't Start Now...

You'll Never See My Red-Veined Yellow Buddy...

[Hmn... I was beginning to wander did this 'puter have enuf comput...]

Slainte, Volk. More photography forthcoming when Bob the Wonder Computer is introduced to Cygnus' C813...


29 November 2009

I'll Try And Write To You Tonight.

I'll Do My Best

to convey the freedom a "kid's 'toy'" can impart. Especially given the ability to use the device with the right mind-frame. But for now I'm gonna hop back on the bicycle and head park way.

That's pretty much the extent of the plan.

See how it all works, Folks?



28 November 2009

I Just Got Snarky With My Father

Sad Thing Is, I Had To Do It E-So...

Phone mailbox.

Then I backdoored my service tower with a call to my 'brother'-- my step-mom's son by my dad.

"Yep. He's sitting right here. Probably didn't hear [his] phone ring."

But YOU did...

Me: "Cool. Have a great ... I'll call when there's less background noise..."


was my message on his voicemail, my second call. Um, ALSO not answered.. Oh! And I added 'MY [half-] BROTHER...'

Because...lying in the pudding...

slainte, volk.


23 November 2009


Good Night, folks. Sweet dreams. See ya later...


22 November 2009

The Rest Of My Life...


And I'm well on my way, folks. Been in Houston a good year, and don't have any more dollars in my pocket today than the same calendar day last year, but am certainly more financially ahead. [By no means caught up, but then who ever is, eh? "EXTRA" money! HAR! An oxymoron if ever there were...]. Despite that-- or rather because of it; it's why I came here, to regain some dollarstability-- I'll likely fly the city-coop soon. I have places to be. Places that make me...

More alive.

Alive for me is not trading my time for work for green paper to trade for... Well, actually, that's deceptive. Alive is sailing, or parachuting, or hang gliding, or rock climbing... All these require green paper at least for initial equipment and training, etc.

So, maybe not selling my worktime to another, not working for another.

Working for me.

I've too many dreams, and not a damned thing in the world from stopping me from pursuing them at this juncture in my life. In fact, recent... changes-- the afore-mentioned physical relocation being primary-- are positive contributing factors all pointing to crux time:
If not now, when?
If not me, who?

I'm the captain, volk.

And this ain't no Irish Cream Coffee Friday-- the original intent of this blog.

It all comes full circle in my mind; let's see if I can't shave some of the fuzz of of my picture and clear it up to your mind's eye. See, this song is to blame...

I chose this version because of the lyrics' clarity. "There is no drug... I'VE made a mess of me..."

Yeah, I'm a midnight-toking alcoholic, but one up and out the door every morning at oh-god-thirty to work for the pleasure. The song is saying no drug to cure me. True; I say none to mess me up either. That'd be me. But, I digress. Kinda...

Just that I was on the way home from making this an Irish music/coffee Saturn's day nacht when the song came on, and, well, I feel like I'm well on my way to doing what the song also says-- spending the rest of my life ALIVE.

So anyhow, the storetrip was multi-purposeful. I got a coffee-maker today to take to work (what with winter approaching and all...), and wanted to treat myself, and break in the thing right, with a good blend of beans. I got half-pound of my favorite, French Roast (gotta love a stout cuppa), and, to try, a quarter-pound of some Texas blend with pecan overtones. Quite tasty, that latter blend, particularly with the American Honey...

Sure I tried the coffee alone, and it's great. But... this is Saturday, and I am Cygnus.

The American Honey is a Wild Turkey Bourbon/ honey-blended liqueur. And folks? Smoother than a baby's bottom...

I was in the mood for some spiked coffee away from the traditional Bailey's or Amaretto. I didn't want liqueur in particular-- not big on sweet stuffs (okay... ladies... there are ALWAYS exceptions! ha!)-- and had thought about straight Bushmills or Jamesons, or some spiced Cap'n Morgans (ooh! Wonder if they make a buttered rum? Hmm... Buttered rum coffee...). Then I spied the Turkey...

Aside from the upcoming holiday honoring said bird, the 101 version is my preferred cola-mixer these days on the rare occasions I stray from the Busch (to hunt the bird! HAR! gods, I could go forever on this one! ha! I shall, however, currently refrain. You're welcome.). Then there is the whole bee thingie, and my obsession with, fear of, and interest in making, apiaries, bees, and mead, respectively.

And it just sounded damned good, this Texas Pecan-American Honey Elixir.

Damned if it aint!

[Come to think, I'll just say it IS good, because I think I'm damned either way...]

So see? It all ties together now! Don't it??? Birds and Bees and Cannabis Mead, and reclaiming ME...

Well, Folks... I think that's all I have to say for now. If I've 'said' anything yet.. heh heh...

Time for Thistle!

Love ya! Slainte!


18 November 2009

In Both Personal Experience

And Casual Conversation

With others [no not with Self this round-- he were busy, thank you...], I note an increase in conscience remembrance of dreams. Particularly bizarre ones.


Peanut gallery? T'on vous? I mean, it can't be all attributed to the obvious turning-of-the-seasons-thus-we-turn-psychologically-inside thingie.

Can it.

Got Succubus?



14 November 2009

Hello, DJinn...

And Other Saturn's Day Observatia...

On my way down the backroads to the auto parts yard and heard this tune
and a morning dream was immediately remembered-- I saw the earrings, the brown-skinned goddess sitting indian-style in standout cameo...

The I thought of my friend in Reno, Jeanie, when I heard the line about mayhap never seeing again.
I weren't sad... but reflective.

The very next tune on the airwaves...
I'd been singing before leaving the abode. I always loved the Gentle Giant...

Eye candy day for ol' Cygnus-- after grabbing what I needed at the auto yard, I stopped-- more accurately was magnetically suckled into-- a huge garden Center.

Good thing I have no [local] land of me own, because I had dollars in my pocket.
Still got those latter...ha!

And that, even after a visit to a more specialized, ah, indoor garden supply palace. Because, again...

Back home to struggle with putting the light fixture on the truck, only to find the unit burned behind the casing. And for the first time the parts store didn't have my desire. So... Tyr's day it is, and to and from work in the interim on some wing [Swan's, perhaps?] and prayers.

I had pictures and all that jazz, but, I mean, who ain't seen swan's wings, eh? So...

Guess I'll go listen to Fiona.

Slainte, folks.


12 November 2009

I Have to Say

To Those Opposed To Gun Ownership...

Y'Know. Because, well... the whole rock-chucking thing? Um, Not so technologically a barrier worthy of this nation's defense.

Slainte, Veterans.


09 November 2009


Not So Much 100% There, Ugly Duckling...

Because had all cylinders been firing correctly, I would have both followed the gut instinct AND heeded the voice inside my eardrums saying "ASK HOW MUCH THE CONTRAPTION IS..." whilst proffering my hard-earned green frogskins for mechanical fixes for an ailing vehicle yestere'en.

No, I spent the needed five bones (for the bonus point for cash back thingie), and then some, getting spark plugs.

Chalk one up to preps. The fuel filter, too.

What I did need, I got today.

I rolled two numbers and set out on foot to the auto parts store, picking up the 4.99 piece I opted not to inquire of yesterday, and some other ~$15 worth of S-10 zoom-zooms and wham-whams.

The finnif was all that were required. Sally the S-10 is safely ensconced in the street front of the abode now.

Nice to have fifteen dollars American fix a problem and right for a change.
Woulda been less stressful to have done it yesterday when The Voices said...

Double-win: I learned something AND stocked up on some future preventative-maintenance items for the transportation/oft-also-Swan-habitat.




08 November 2009

If You've Not Seen "V"

You should. Tonight.
And you folks know, coming from me, any recommendation to sit in front of the idiot box WILL NOT prove to be a sorry suggestion...

Slainte, Folks.


How Long?

Before I learn to not hit the enter key after I type blog title first, thus publishing with no body?

Hmm... No body, by NoBody...

The title shoulda been "Marley Belongs Here!" Because I was talking to two friends tonight at separate times, and with both this song came up in conversation. The second conversation I was simultaneously on the computer and the phone, so youtubed... I was already ready already... um, I was about to type some smarm for the Pagan Site, so when spur-of-the-moment-youtubing lent video, and I mindlessly copy-pasted and published...

Et Voila! 180.

Imagine my perplexion when I went to view blog and it shot me to the 'other' one...

So, i figured I'd just save face and say here what I was gonna sat there since I did reciprocate there. {Or, does that make me here doing inverse? Is dat de event horizon right there?}

So, without further add eew...


My Gut Sense Has Been...

Near dead-on all nacht.

This is a good thing. I was to meet a friend; he was driving, I peds.
On the phone (with a third party), I sensed... my gut.. Start walking.

Twenty minutes, he'll be there.

A mile later, within twenty seconds of each other, we were.


Later, and no longer on the phone (yes, seems I perpetually am, don't it? Well, 'till I move to Georgia, So Mote It [needs] Be.), I get a call from a neighbor:
" Can you come over-- I'm bleeding..."

later, I was out the door. What would you have done? What actions would you have invested the five seconds with?

In retrospect I know it was only five. I proved some other realm of Quantam Physics [besides the afore-mentioned Event Horizon, for those of you smarmy enough to glomeron...] by filling the void vith twenty-five seconds' worth of activity.


And what, you ax if you are still reading, do all this point to to make me care to continue on?

Well... Funny you should mention Chronos and Quarks. Take this whole "Daylight Savings Time" thingie.

Do some quick common-sense etymology and feel your head spin faster than the little blonde girl in Exorsist.

"Saving" daylight?

Um... from WHAT, exactly? [Let's not say eternal damnation, shall we? Remember, this is supposed to be PagansWan, not sWanSong...]

And, uh, daylight-- as well as nightdark-- IS time, peeple. Comprehends? Why risk redundancy?

It gets dark when the sun goes down, no matter where the hands on the circular minute-tracking device hung on the kitchen wall-- or the on in my room set to "Georgia Time"-- sprawl.

I'm hungry when I need to eat.

I need to pick the melons when they are ripe.

I need to leave now, because Aquatic Mary is driving my way...[Swimming, then??]

Time. Clocks. Jewelry like watches, and things like humans who can't sew their own buttons on their own shirts.

How, Volk, do you just not KNOW???



06 November 2009

Well... I DID Get A New Phone # Today...

And, Coincidentally, A New Lease Under An Old Roof...

Um, or maybe not so much co- incident...

But, Folks, like it or not-- I AM "they".



02 November 2009

And Still A Bit Wild...

And Will Remain So.

I am not he who was before. I am Cygnus.

I try. Effort ... is rewarding.

I bow deeply, when I do, at altars and spaces and Ideas. And I always use my martial-arts-taught bow because it feels right.

I do stuff. I walk in woods in rain. I plant stuff and cull stuff if allowed.

I drum. Just... only publicly on blog so far. Probably change soon.
If I don't cop out shy and all...

I DO eat, despite what a recent accuser , well, did. Said?

And I wander.

I'm there.

I'm Here.

Yonder. In and Out.

Off and on. You know...

So... OH!

But most of all, well...


Sometimes even physically...

Slainte, folks.


30 October 2009

A Salt and Batter, ay...

Well, as y'mighta read here prior, I'm on vacation. And... a wonderful one it is, too!

They finally fed me some today: I was let into sneak into the kitchen to scrape the pan for half-burned, half-raw baconfat leavins, and there were potato peels not too coffee-ground covered right there in that big plastic container with the foot-operated lid cover...

Later I was chained to the kitchen floor and the Little Dude was allowed to pulverize ribcage with peds...

Then I was allowed some time with the feral felines, but the rain made me want some dry time, so was pointed to the steep, slippery-red-clayed ravine out back, told I could play there ["hehehe", seems was the encouraging verbal sendoff...].

Seriously, folks, I'm having a wonderful time walking the land, talking to the yard, finding out where stuff like green beans and compost wants to be.

And raslin' with a Small Bird...

Y'all stay tuned ... and thanks to Miss Rene (that Lady Rocks!) and the Hermit for the brownie points and the holler out...

Slainte, Uncle and Celtic Goddess.

And all of you, Folks.

Um... I gotta go now, 'cause her come all the pussies, and... One got obligations, don't one...


28 October 2009

And I Can Prove It Thus:

The S-10's driver side door now opens from the outside. [Small comfort to you that have had the convenience of not opening two-for-one or doing the oh-god-thirty-a.m. crawlover... I'm STOKED!!!]


It's kinda like a Freya's Day (Friday for you muggles) to me today... in 2610 hrs I'll be stepping off a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 into another state-- both in the contiguous United States and in my mind [the whole mind-body theory proven... ] because I'll be on something 'normal' folk [???] call a VAY-CAY-SHUN...

Looking forward to breathing some clean country air again. Breathing even deeper on a spiritual level.

Feeling those so-light fingers on my skin again...


Shit's getting too fun McCorvey S.M... [Having absolutely nothing to do with anything other than finally being at a point in your work relationships where you can trade practical jokes and have verbiage and nary a lawsuit ensue...]


HOUSTON. [Texas, Y'all...]

Some of the most beautiful women I've ever had privy to set eyes on...

And noses all turned so snooty that they immediately drop six points on that digit scale thingie that pretends ten is a numeral...
[BTW: I'm gonna make a phonecall oh-four hundred local time. Be on the loveseat with some ice and a ...]

Just saying...


Love ya! See ya later in a couple of days. Only...



NO SILLY SHIT at any international airports.



26 October 2009

One Week Ago...

Truck Camping Close To "Home"

Kind of ironic considering my truck IS my home... But I took a drive down to Galveston Island State Park last weekend. Nice day on the beach

I was sure I had discovered a new life-form...

Must be a new breed of Mussel, I'm thinking...

New Breed all right. Plastico from Micky D's. Nice Hamburgler. Nice find...

There was this watermelon vine growing close to the walkway to the beach
Wonder who spit seeds...hehehe!

Probably my favorite eye-candy of the day
NOW QUIT!! Who put THAT there?

Were these homes, rebuilds a year after Gustav

that give one the sense some folk are becoming keen on geometry and it's relation to wind resistance...

I had fun, and saw part of "my" neck of the woods I hadn't previously. Chalk one up in the Cool Experience in Life category.

I'll leave y'all be for the nacht. Enjoy some more eye candy from the Texas Gulf Coast.

Slainte, Folks...


25 October 2009

Chikcens Dance Down In Georgia...

Looked like a perfect video to post one week from tonight when I'm two days into my new pussy, RooKitty, and shankin' pun'kins... But when was I ever one to hold back Irish Step-Dancing Cocks from the wanton masses, huh? When, I ask???



23 October 2009

Of Sheeple Or Cattle... Or, Um...

Mayhap Buffler?
This One Is For My [Blog-] Brothers Catman, Ken, Bullseye, and Hermit.

"Chickens in choppers"... Sounds like my Halloween Plan...

Cabritos me arse! I got your tar-tare right here, may-un!
[-aise!!! HAR!!!]
Prep on, Men!

Slainte, Folks!


22 October 2009

Now Hush!!! This Is All A Conspiracy!

Or SOMEONE'S Big Secret...

Bonjour, Folks.

I feel like a stranger here. I AM a stranger...

The land ain't so strange, just... deja view. The more things change...

I'll be here for a few... but don't get all spoiled-- or scared, whichever; est-ce que la meme chose a moi. Because, I'm only HERE before I get there...

Then I'll be there for a bit, and then likely return to the underground for more hands-on research for some upcoming vendetta cum romance novel...

Stay tuned...

Slainte, Folks.

And... nice to be here, if only for a little while...


Post post-scriptum: Just "WHERE THE HECK YOU BEEN, Cyg?" I can hear you axing me.

Well... Watching someone clean house; whaddya whaddya??!
More Soon...

10 October 2009

This Shit Still Turns Me On

So, I'm driving to work this morning and I hear about this.

Three minutes later, I'm standing at the Roach Coach lookin' up at the moon, searching for the six mile high plume of dust and water vapor - - that's what we're really looking for, water vapor.

Just want to let you know I'm doing fine. Be able to talk to ya more soon...

Like, say, Samhain...

Slainte, Folks.


20 September 2009





17 September 2009


I had no computer access last night. Nor will I for many to come. I am being booted out of this house. So...

I'll see y'all when I can.

Or not.

Slainte. Been nice.


15 September 2009

"I Never Left This House!!!"

[Bonus! @ 5:50 in: "PLASTIC, ASSHOLES!!!"]

Mondays are long days for me.

Actually nice now that I'm getting some new work experience. And school to coincide.
Yes, we all know schooling, Industrial-Grade, is a common-sense joke. But a lot of dead folk didn't pay heed...

I'll likely have some interesting tripe menana, like a video of me doing pullups or some such smarm...
In the interim, hope I can find some cool tripe to fill slot...

Do yerse'f a favor: watch the whole thing!

Okay, so ye have a life. Hmn. Lucky you.

Well, then... just drag the timer thing to about 7:30 in to the video. Politicians will fill your time and eye. And your mind will wobble, folks!

This spontaneously comes to mind:

Slainte, folks!


14 September 2009

Sans Swan Monday

Friday Flashback: 9-11-01 Tribute

I've got a full day of work, then a full evening of school to learn how to do more work.

And, y'know what?

At least I do... I'm thankful.

Oh sure-- be nice when I've paid my dues and can retire and not. But for the time being, when I need it?

Thank Goddess I've got it.

There was a cleaner, older version on youtube, but this one made me cry right fast-like...

Slainte, Folks!


12 September 2009

Quote, Reaction, Ponder...

"Every dog has it's day."

Mine, when she do show, will probably be a bitch... ha!

Come to think of it, being a dog, and having a bitch of a day... not bad for the male or lesbian pups...

For a swan?
Hmm... Can Swans have Pen days?

I do know that for the first time in a good bit I picked up pen and got some writing done @ work today. Not much, but enough.

I also changed the way I approach this motion I've recently been given @ work (the one court is still out on as to whether it's 'pro-' or 'de-' ). I changed both some of the physical aspects as well as my mental approach. Well, kinda inseparable since the doing of new things is what a high-school dropout cum college summa cum laude grad needs to keep the soul from asphyxia via ennui-- something they missed in High School...

Also, the physical work can easily be made to keep the body fit, and exercise is something I've lacked of late. Again we combine the mental and physical-- no less labor than previous is now being done, but it is being seen as, and made, beneficial by mentally altering perception of the motions. Zen Awareness parallel...

That said, I thank all of you who recommended various treatment thingies from yesterday's post. I've found that all my life this thing is to be ridden out. It's part of the gamut of human emotions we are incarnate to experience. For me, using self-proscribed methods mentioned put into action above have been key to overcoming these emotional plateaus and moving on.

On a positive aside, none the less sorta related... somebody been padding my paycheck by about four and a half percentage points. [Score one for 'pro-', eh?] Not sure for how long this has been in effect-- all paycheck stubs are (get the following: why even call them stubs?!!) electronic-only, internet-accessible only.

Good thing I got those. And that bank where the Company sends those, um... ahem. "Checks"

Slainte, folks. Thanks for your concern. Sincerely.


11 September 2009


We're Gonna Officially Call It: MID-LIFE CRISIS

Because, really, there ain't no other reason I've been beyond depressed for going on eight months now.

No, the mood has not improved, save superficially, in all that time. [Never mind what it were like before; it was...not much less oscillating, honestly, but certainly had shorter cycle durations...]

I don't care to blog. Sad, to me, but, ... (Um, is 'sad' the same as 'I Don't Care'? Because... maybe I do have some emotion left...) Well, I do care that I don't care, but I don't wanna get in a loop here...

I don't read anymore. ANYTHING. (Now, THAT'S not me...) I don't exercise. Half the time I don't care to eat.

Or shit. [But, when you gotta go...] Or shower. Just don't care much to exist, in general. But ain't of the bent to not, so...

I just feel in a stall that is non-recuperative.
I won't bore you with all the items that come to mind to write down. Because... I don't care to.

Granted, I get down from time to time-- who doesn't?-- but it gets longer and longer each round... and this one seems to have no circumferential closure.

EIGHT MONTHS??? Something's up.

I just wish I cared what.


Nope. Don't.



10 September 2009

Welcome To Wednesday Sucks...

Worked with fiberglass insulation all day.
Stopped on the way home to get a haircut, looking forward to a nice, refreshing shower upon abode-arrival.

Um, how's about you repair a waterleak instead?
Okay. Point it out.

All tools and parts in order; commence repairs.

Break plastic off inside copper cut-off joint. Need replace.

Maybe menana.

Shower tonight?

Hope you got a girlfriend to go to...

DAMN!!! 14-hour drive for a shower?

Well, come to think... the prospect is so damned inviting you better check tomorrow and see I'm still blogging from Texas...

Slainte, Folks. Might be back later tonight, might not.

Clean or no we won't even approach right now.
I mean, this IS Cygnus' Song we're talking about...


2100 Hrs: Just F.Y.I. : Got the waterleak fixed. Got a shower.

Still Dirty. Because I'm Cygnus.


See Ya Later...

09 September 2009

Welcome To Tuesday-Monday...

A Long Day w/ no Internnet Access...

But alls I wanted was to say I was takin' the day of to recoup from the long weekend!

Here... kick back and enjoy a cool-beans seasonal song by my friend Mr. Petty...

Slainte, Folks.


07 September 2009

Sun's Day Drumspeak

Hey! Quit lookin' at me bum!

Shot two videos; can't get the other one off the camera just yet...

Hope you've had a great, relaxing weekend

Slainte, Folks.


06 September 2009

Strictly For Entertainment Purposes Only...

Disclaimer: I verified no facts about oil barons, renewable energy, Rockefellers [oh, wait; that's Not The...] or Henry Ford stated in the following video, nor do I make positive or negative stance with what is being claimed.

Just found it on youtube and couldn't resist...

Slainte, Folks!


05 September 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Folks!

I hope you're doing something more exciting than reading this blog!
We've got a bevy of fambly scattered about the house and yard today. I'm here as reprieve! ha!

Pictures of the dear ones will be a while forthcoming-- this computer's memory now seems too minuscule to deal with that in the camera required to scan for download (I've been a busy shooter of late. Hold yer comments...).

Gonna leave you with wishes for a safe, happy and relaxing weekend. Enjoy, and be careful, Folks.



04 September 2009

Warning-- Vivid, Graphic, Oft Violent Imagery

I saw this video on Ancestral Celt's site. My first comment was before watching the video-- I think the chart shown here pretty well sums up today's health evolution.

I went back and started the video... and my eyes never left the screen.

After watching-- actually during-- I decided this was a great vid for My Song.
And the other one.
Any one.

Slainte, folks.


03 September 2009

I'm Not Quite Sure...

Why This Song...

On My Song! ha! Just... something telling me to play it.

Probably just how I feel, anyways.

Slainte, folks!


02 September 2009

Preparedness-- Our Safety Meeting

Lowen B. Hauld-- The Sheeple [almost] See...

Funny thing happened yesterday morn at the company's weekly OSHA-outlined safety meeting: the topic was PREPAREDNESS.

And an amazing thing happened-- the thing didn't turn in to the weekly lecture about how many dumbasses need a lawyer to keep from putting an eye out when putting their safety glasses on...

People were alert. The speaker never lost eye contact after looking up from the mandatory reading. When he asked what else he'd left out, yet another interesting thing happened:

Damn Straight! "You needa have this! " "We got one of those! And we're gonna get three more!!"

Heck, ol' bashful Cyg almost reported that everyone kept mentioning being able to cook on the grill, and the importance of having canned goods stored away, but not having the propane to fuel it all [yer electric stove be kaput, r'member? That's why you's not workin' and drunk for three days eating all your own and your neighbors' thawing freezer stock, after the ice melts...]

But, I didn't; and surprisingly, someone DID... so, I needn't, de rien...

What I do needs is, go out and look at my own S-10's preps: just added half-case of bottled water, 24 for $2.66 (ca va...) The other half in the bedroom closet.
Some new tools of late reminding me how much I'm lacking in the general possessions department. All this, none the less, is digression from what the topic started out as, and that is preparedness and everyone's bright-eyed [relative] enthusiasm about it versus some other stuffs covered of late.
Might chalk it up to two major hits in two years... Suddenly it CAN happen to you. REPETITIVELY.


Unless... But like the Uncle and I say, as preppers, we're never 'fully' ready...
Because... heh! We're REALISTS...

Slainte, Folks!


It's One Of The Most Horrendous Things...

Ever Happened To Me

I got out of the shower too early.

Allow me to elaborate:

Scrubbing the daily gathering of sweat-secured insulation off me bod. Washed some hair. [Mine. Alas.] This crevice. That...

Sufficiently cold-rinsed later-- or so I thought-- I cut pump and grab towel.
Immediately The Rice Crispies Bros. are alive in my left ear.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!!!

I mentally tally age-- nope; not bone breakage (these are millisecond we're talking here, folk. Bear with me). As well, I note I do not live in earthquake country, nor are there forest fires crackling outside my window, I am certain, for the lack of forests if naught else.

No, something far more... sinister has taken place.

Failure to thoroughly rinse the soapy foam residue off of the left eardrum.
Whence it now beats so incessantly [CEREKEKEGHOUOOUWWW!!!] that I can almost sense kinship with Jack and Big Chief...

And NO AMOUNT of water funneled down then tissue-siphoned out will cease the echoes of a rockslide on steroids therein...

Horrendous, Folk, I tell ya...

Hope you never have to go through the auditory Inferno I was just subject to.

[Um, shamefully, yes-- AGAIN.
Though in my defense, it's been a good many a year! lol]

Slainte, folks.
{And, um... give the Dam Water Company [like that, you who live in reservoir townships? the "DAMN WAT"-- ah, never mind... Some jokes are, really, just for me...] the extra five seconds' worth of rinse-water.

And sleep with no cereal killing your mind before it's time...}


01 September 2009

Another Video Try...

Took me twenty minutes to prove the drum video must be the problem.

Thanks to the ants for working for such cheap wages-- all fair, though!

Slainte, folks...


29 August 2009

Let There Be Video...

I bet Bobby Frost had an easier time writing the poem than I had getting it from camera to blog. Damned electronica-- verks mas when you give it the "on" button!

Slainte, Folks...


28 August 2009

Some Days...

It Just Doesn't Pay To Get Out Of Bed...

Today, however, was like getting a promotion on christ-mess eve...


Here's what near ten hours take-home of labor looks like in sheet metals tools.

And what the store did na have when I went a-searching [y'all are my witnesses!] and so was forced forced I tell ya to buy the camera in stead.
[Well, look at it this way-- if I hadn't a bought the camera, how would you ever be able to appreciate my tool? HA!]

And WHAT a tool it is...

No clue what kind of 18 oz. of tempered steel this baby is made of, but will bang head-first or side-bodied on 16-gauge stainless for years with no defect...

Kinda feel like I'm wielding Mjollnir when I'm in possession...
And if I'm gonna barter ten or so hours' worth of labor for the tools to do tens of hundreds of hours more, well, then... I s'pose I aughta be serious about the whole apprentice class then...

Oh-- the 'promotion' part of the deal is, come Monday I get to start itching more-- working with insulation near full-time.

They call it a promotion. They don't realize...

I know the fast road to cancer when you put me on it!! HA!

See Ya, Missouri, come Spring Official!!! HARAR!!!

(Still... Moving around at work caint be all bad...
Might not be any GOOD, true... but a step aside is a step not back'ard, aye?)



27 August 2009

This Is What Happens...

When you wait two days in Texas to pick your okra-- and it rains the day you don't!
These critters were not a ONE larger than the tines two days ago.
'Course, they weren't rain-saturated either!

Erm.. come to mention, we have had a fair bit in the Big H of late-- and the stalks themselves have shot up what seems like a foot in the same time-frame...
They seem to really like co-cohabiting with the tomato flora:

Speaking of-- some of the tomatoes I'd thought to pull; seem to have run their lifespan.
On closer inspection, if they serve as naught but natural trellis for the cucumber that seems to want to take to abounding, well then--
I reckon I'll let 'em be...

The watermelon are doing the same to the Okra in turn:
This all kinda gives me an idea... I'd like to take a handful of seeds in season and scatter them in a 20x20 area, and just leave them to their own ways. See what likes what, what chokes what, what is what, y' ken...
But-- that's for next year, I reckon.

Watermelon and cantaloupe both love to put out flowers......
I'd love to see more fruit...
Um.. OH!! Wait!
Seems to be Irish Siesta time-- Leprechaun shade for a siesta! har!

Um... I can't grow these. Honest. not the toadstools, either...

Well, folks, enough of me boring yard for the nacht. I gotta go shower and raid the kitchen.

Alas, no wenches awaiting.

Damn city. I gotta get outo' this place...



25 August 2009

Gonna Have To Be Tuesdays...

From Here On Out...

I started my Sheet Metals Apprentice-- classroom hours-- tonight. The next eight Mondays I will not be on the computer-- I leave home at 0620 and return at 2245... NOT Blogger-conducive hours when 'blogger-hours' means a minimum of three...

I'll see yall on the morrow, folks.



22 August 2009

I'll try [almost] anything once...

Especially when passed on from a cute friend! har!

"A friend passed this on to me. Thot you mite be able to use it.

Flies Won’t Bug You Anymore

We went with some out of town friends to Sweety Pies on Sunday for breakfast, and we sat in the enclosed patio section beside the house. We happened to notice a couple of zip lock baggies pinned to a post and a wall. The bags were half filled with water, each contained 4 pennies, and they were zipped shut. Naturally we were curious! Ms Sweety told us that these baggies kept the flies away! So naturally we were even more curious! We actually watched some flies come in the open window, stand around on the window sill, and then fly out again. And there were no flies in the eating area! This morning I checked this out on Goggle. Below are comments on this fly control idea. I'm now a believer! More comments not included here were about pet dog s and fly problems.

Zip-lock water bags
Sue says:

Many people swear that a zip-lock bag filled half-way with water and attached over entry-ways will repel flies. No one yet knows how or why it works, but there is speculation that it has something to do with the way the moving water refr acts light. If you have tried this please use the comments form at the bottom of the page to share your results with the rest of us.

Ann Says:

October 5th, 2008 at 5:51 pm

I did tried the zip-lock bag and pennies this weekend. I have a horse trailer with full LQ. The flies were very bad this weekend while I was camping. I put the baggie with pennies above the door of the LQ. NOT ONE FLY came in the trailer. The horse trailer part had many. Not sure why it works but it does!!!!!!!

Danielle Martin Says:

September 20th, 2008 at 8:43 pm

Fill a zip-lock bag with water and 5 or 6 pennies and hang it in the problem area. In my case it was a particular window in my home. It had a slight but significant passage way for insects. Every since I have done that, it has kept flies and wasps away. Some say, that wasps and flies mistake the bag for some sort of other insect nest and are threatened by this.

Maggie Says:

June 7th, 2009 at 11:40 am

I swear by the plastic bag of water trick I have them on side porch (our house entry) and all around the basement door. We saw these in Northeast Mo at an Amish grocery store & have used them since. They say it works because a fly sees a reflection & won't come around.

Just DJ Says:

May 16th, 2009 at 7:25 pm

Regarding the science behind zip log bags of water? My research found that each of the millions of mo lecules of water presents its own prism effect and given that flies have a lot of eyes, to them it's like a zillion disco balls reflecting light, colors and movement in a dizzying manner. When you figure that flies are basically prey for many other bugs, animals, birds, etc., they simply won't take the risk of being around that much perceived action. I moved to a rural area ant thought these "hillbillies" were just yanking my city boy chain but I tried it, worked immediately! We went from hundreds of flies to seeing the occasional one, but he doesn’t hang around long.

Reg said:
I tested this yesterday at our cabin outdoors. I was in the hammock with my wife. Flies were llanding on us in droves. I got up, filled a sandwich bag half full with water and put 6 pennies in it spread across on the bottom. I hung it on her side of the hammock about 2 feet above her side and one foot out. No flies landed on her or me except for the very tip of my outside elbow. Next time I will use two bags on both sides of us.

If anybody knows cares to experiment whether this works, feed us back!

Slainte, Folks!


Midnight, Headlight, Blind Me...

Not so much trouble with the video tonight...

Nor with the humidity stronghold being broken...

Might add another vid to this blog-- we'll have to see if the camera kept acting right...

Slainte, Folks!


21 August 2009

One Man's Trash...

My Treasure Chest Project

I'll see if I can get some pictures to accompany some of the description herein...

Last night driving home from work I spied a Wooden Box amidst the collectivia of refuse cornering a curb and a mailbox...

I reversed Molly and popped her trunk [and, yes, baby DO got a lotta junk in her trunk... she be a BOV, fer crissake! lol!] and added from the curb the hammered-condition treasure...

I Dunno...

Something quite... Tim Allenesque for me specifically about wooden chests, no matter their size-- big, little, or shoulder-tall...

I'm not a big manly-man insofar as a lot of manly-man schtuff... auto engine bores bore me; followed and stopped following more sports than most of you can name. Don't get overworked by explosions or boobs [e.g. I don't do movies] because I understand the science behind both-- and have seen my share.


Something about the wooden chests... as if I was a pirate in another life. As if... as if treasures themselves could lay hidden in secret compartments: an heirloom diamond; momma's birth certificate; some seeds. An original Cygnus poem in his own handwriting...

Something private, and secluded-like, off-limits. Covert.


Ah, yes... security. Locked. Stronghold.

Chest. Of Treasures...

This one needs some TLC-- mainly some vise- and glue-reparations around corner seams.But then, I needed a project, a goal. Something to give a little TLC and elbow grease to.

Aargh then, Matey! Score!



20 August 2009

Knowledge Is Power.


Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing at all.

IMPLICATION: Power is in the doing.
[Which, by the way, is easy. Um... if you know how. If you have that... if you know that ledge. And don't step off of it...]


Define "NORMAL".

[Maybe Typical is better to shoot for...]

I feel I'm fairly abnormal.
Now...WHAT in the hell is "fairly abnormal"?
Well, I postulate that there is your everyday quirky "abnormal", which we all are [in the words of the Great Georg Carlin-- "...you are unique. Just like everybody else..."].

Then there's certifiable.

I'm not so much the latter, but fer dern sher am far removed from the former...

I think I'm abnormal to a larger degree than is typical, but I have to wonder--is that normal?
I mean, does everybody wonder from time to time just exactly how abnormal they are? Hmm??




19 August 2009

Buenos Noches

Way too tarred to try and faux a writing thing, and end up waxing scatological again...

Don't know where to find a version of the song with all the (below) lyrics, either... the one video'd is the only one I've ever heard.

Color me deprived!!!

Enjoy none the less...

Over in Killarney
Many years ago,
Me Mither sang a song to me
In tones so sweet and low. Just a simple little ditty,
In her good ould Irish way,
And l'd give the world if she could sing
That song to me this day.

"Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby.".

Oft in dreams I wander
To that cot again,
I feel her arms a-huggin' me
As when she held me then.
And I hear her voice a -hummin'
To me as in days of yore,
When she used to rock me fast asleep
Outside the cabin door.

"Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, hush now, don't you cry!
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, Too-ra-loo-ra-li,
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's an Irish lullaby."



18 August 2009

Can I Be The Milkman?

[Better yet, where do I buy one of those Timeline Reefers?!?]

Welcome Back To School, Folks!!!

And so funny that in an email from a friend I get two lines to a song, and I youtube it, and here be the milkman and the cafeteria ladies (gods, help us all! ha!)...

Oh-- the funny comes in because...my friend is in the eddication field... hehehe!

One of the catchiest tunes with one of the coolest fun videos ever-- do yourself a favor-- if you don't watch the whole thing, skip to about two minutes forty secs in and catch the homage to hip-hop...


TOO freaking much fun, folks!

Slainte, Yankee Lady!


17 August 2009

And What Music The Day's Close Proffers...

Is Sheer Poetry...

You can sing for nine minutes-plus and never waste a word, and proscribe one of the all-time best sing-alongs the rock world has ever had...

I bow down!! Imagine being in an audience so small for such a performance! If you weren't sing-alonging when he requested early on, you were by the end. Or had you died with the music? Eh?!?



16 August 2009

I'm A Loser

My Sunday morning wake-up song.

I'm not even going to post the crappy live version of it-- go see the embedding-disabled one...



14 August 2009

Alternative Homes

Treehouses, Geodesics, Yurts

Check out the combo pictured above-- a Treehouse/Geodesic Futuristic Concept Design...
It's #4 on THIS page; see if it don't stir image in the ination...

And moving TibEastward...

The original word for "nomad" came from a word for felt, making the nomads "felt people". These felt people called their circular, lattice-walled shelters "home," ger (rhymes with "air") or uy (oo-ee).[1]

I didn't know that...
But apparently these nomads liked the efficiency of the Yurt, one of many options I explore tonight in a quest for six months' worth of Ozarks-suitable camping shelter (Spring to Fall Solstices...).

Me? I'm dryad-- Druid if you wanna be spiritually sassy about it all, which, really, ain't necessary...
Well, being of Oaken bent, I'm kinda partial to living amongst the birds...

No Flood worries here! Ha!
Then again, a few feet of snow and I'm ... "floating"... on high cotton! HAR!

And then we come full circle, with another circular structure, the Dome...

Always loved these structures...something hearth-centralish about it all, and being able to set the house up Four Quarters in curves...

The message, really, is-- folks, anything is possible.

How probable... depends on how Swan-like your mind be...

Slainte, Folks!