12 September 2009

Quote, Reaction, Ponder...

"Every dog has it's day."

Mine, when she do show, will probably be a bitch... ha!

Come to think of it, being a dog, and having a bitch of a day... not bad for the male or lesbian pups...

For a swan?
Hmm... Can Swans have Pen days?

I do know that for the first time in a good bit I picked up pen and got some writing done @ work today. Not much, but enough.

I also changed the way I approach this motion I've recently been given @ work (the one court is still out on as to whether it's 'pro-' or 'de-' ). I changed both some of the physical aspects as well as my mental approach. Well, kinda inseparable since the doing of new things is what a high-school dropout cum college summa cum laude grad needs to keep the soul from asphyxia via ennui-- something they missed in High School...

Also, the physical work can easily be made to keep the body fit, and exercise is something I've lacked of late. Again we combine the mental and physical-- no less labor than previous is now being done, but it is being seen as, and made, beneficial by mentally altering perception of the motions. Zen Awareness parallel...

That said, I thank all of you who recommended various treatment thingies from yesterday's post. I've found that all my life this thing is to be ridden out. It's part of the gamut of human emotions we are incarnate to experience. For me, using self-proscribed methods mentioned put into action above have been key to overcoming these emotional plateaus and moving on.

On a positive aside, none the less sorta related... somebody been padding my paycheck by about four and a half percentage points. [Score one for 'pro-', eh?] Not sure for how long this has been in effect-- all paycheck stubs are (get the following: why even call them stubs?!!) electronic-only, internet-accessible only.

Good thing I got those. And that bank where the Company sends those, um... ahem. "Checks"

Slainte, folks. Thanks for your concern. Sincerely.



Kyddryn said...

Changes in perspective are powerful things...and I often say perception is everything...so if something's bothering a body, finding a new way to look at it can be most beneficial.

Wishing you well, Sir...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Unknown said...

Ride it out..Sir...but know that you aren't alone.

And yeah..I know all too well about them "dog days"..

but as if have said before:
Maireann croí éadrom i bhfad.
( A light heart lives the longest)

I know that is easier said than done sometimes..but it seems like you're getting the hang of it.

Peace - Rene
And I sure could use a little paycheck padding :)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Confusion Doth Reign.

Must Needs Visit Facebook...