02 September 2009

Preparedness-- Our Safety Meeting

Lowen B. Hauld-- The Sheeple [almost] See...

Funny thing happened yesterday morn at the company's weekly OSHA-outlined safety meeting: the topic was PREPAREDNESS.

And an amazing thing happened-- the thing didn't turn in to the weekly lecture about how many dumbasses need a lawyer to keep from putting an eye out when putting their safety glasses on...

People were alert. The speaker never lost eye contact after looking up from the mandatory reading. When he asked what else he'd left out, yet another interesting thing happened:

Damn Straight! "You needa have this! " "We got one of those! And we're gonna get three more!!"

Heck, ol' bashful Cyg almost reported that everyone kept mentioning being able to cook on the grill, and the importance of having canned goods stored away, but not having the propane to fuel it all [yer electric stove be kaput, r'member? That's why you's not workin' and drunk for three days eating all your own and your neighbors' thawing freezer stock, after the ice melts...]

But, I didn't; and surprisingly, someone DID... so, I needn't, de rien...

What I do needs is, go out and look at my own S-10's preps: just added half-case of bottled water, 24 for $2.66 (ca va...) The other half in the bedroom closet.
Some new tools of late reminding me how much I'm lacking in the general possessions department. All this, none the less, is digression from what the topic started out as, and that is preparedness and everyone's bright-eyed [relative] enthusiasm about it versus some other stuffs covered of late.
Might chalk it up to two major hits in two years... Suddenly it CAN happen to you. REPETITIVELY.


Unless... But like the Uncle and I say, as preppers, we're never 'fully' ready...
Because... heh! We're REALISTS...

Slainte, Folks!



dixiebelle said...

Yes, I think people in general are getting some wake up calls lately and starting to think beyond their own hedonism... but mostly, the thinking isn't of the D&M kind, and hopefully they won't fool themselves into thinking they are all prepared, just because they've got some matches and extra tins of baked beans handy!. But hey, we've all got to start somewhere, and cold beans is better than nothing, I guess!

I am going to do my next Challenge on Be Prepared!, because we have alot stuff we think we would need in event of any emergency, but it's needs some sorting out, and no doubt we'd come across some gaping holes when we actually spend some time looking at it all!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

A good idea for us all from time to time, DixieBelle!

I agree-- any schmo with some cut lumber and enough propane to make it through a hurricane... well, gots to beat any one that ain't, eh?


Thanks for the comment, Lady Belle...



Unknown said...

I see a little movement of the sheeple lately. Not so much as to wake the rest of the herd but....but sometimes I look out there and see a head raise up with ears perked. I try to take note.

Dixie.... A couple of months ago I did the challenge out of necessity! Six weeks out of work taught me that I need to rethink somethings. I found a few holes but all in all I feel we did very well. It's a great experiment and one I think we should all try!

Felinae said...

Slowly but surely the sheeple are awakening.

Like Sci,(Hi SciFi :D) I can see it in some, but others, sadly I am afraid are a lost cause.

I feel, you can never have enough preps and there is always something to be prepping for. We just do the best we can.

Have a good night, my friend.