08 February 2011

Through The Eyes Of Freedom

Saoirse's eyes...

Two weeks of taking in what must have seemed at first awfully bright visual sensory input have sharpened to the high end of chiaroscuro definition. With my own windows of the Soul open and taking her in, those yellow-flaked blue orbs causing neuron fire for synapse construction over the light-and-dark contrast of the ceiling fan blades.
Total absorption in the thing; not defining it, mayhap not even knowing, thinking or caring to try. Just taking it in, OBSERVING it.

Freedom... Saoirse is, I'm told, a parallel in the Irish language.

Too young to let either reflections of the 'past' or worries of the 'future' mar the Present.

There's a lesson there.

Think I'll go hold her again and watch the birds eat. I'll stand there in what, when we see adults doing it, we call 'daydreaming'. We've suppressed that this is the key to learning: the total, non judgemental Zen-observation of our first days...

Slainte, folks.


01 February 2011

Unbeknownst To Me

Flower Had her Camera Running

@ ... the Redneck Central General Horspital[sic], Sock,and Pill Emporium


She usually shoots photos-- GALLERY QUALITY, by the way-- so, not seeing the flash i never suspected i was caught...

I've not watched the video yet. I doubt I ever will-- my tear ducts NEED reserves...

Given I take a photograph every two or three days, and am occasionally wont to wax verbose and have a new daughter with which I am utterly enamored enough to kindle fire under year-long sleeping muses, I'll likely dedicate a great deal of this blog to those aspects of my life.


I imagine there will be garden pictures as well, and have no doubt l'il Sprout will be in there-- in the front-or-back pack papa pilfered por phree... hehehe!!!

Thanks, folks, for hanging with me this dormant-- insofar as writing--- year. I have been active; heck, you should see my aluminum can and glass collection, on top of Mafia Wars and Pot farm stats! ROTF!!!

More soon!! Slainte, folks!