01 February 2011

Unbeknownst To Me

Flower Had her Camera Running

@ ... the Redneck Central General Horspital[sic], Sock,and Pill Emporium


She usually shoots photos-- GALLERY QUALITY, by the way-- so, not seeing the flash i never suspected i was caught...

I've not watched the video yet. I doubt I ever will-- my tear ducts NEED reserves...

Given I take a photograph every two or three days, and am occasionally wont to wax verbose and have a new daughter with which I am utterly enamored enough to kindle fire under year-long sleeping muses, I'll likely dedicate a great deal of this blog to those aspects of my life.


I imagine there will be garden pictures as well, and have no doubt l'il Sprout will be in there-- in the front-or-back pack papa pilfered por phree... hehehe!!!

Thanks, folks, for hanging with me this dormant-- insofar as writing--- year. I have been active; heck, you should see my aluminum can and glass collection, on top of Mafia Wars and Pot farm stats! ROTF!!!

More soon!! Slainte, folks!



Phil said...

A new daddy?

Congratulations dude!!

My best to you, the new Momma and the little one.


Asphodel said...

Ohmygosh! Lookit you! Such a happy poppa :) Congrats to you and Momma both....ooooh so sweet little precious baby girl!! I'm going to be a grandma to a little girl myself in just a few short months and I am so looking forward to it. Cherish each and every moment my friend.

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