21 July 2011

Her Words Won Me.

Her Voice Keeps Me.

It was better than two years ago I met a woman on line-- more specifically, on blogger.

I could complicate it here, tell all the details we've figured about what day, what topic, what time...

I'll save those for another post. But, our meeting was ONLINE-- no faces, no clues. Physically.

And through her language, through her vibrant mastery of the ... hell, through her sheer mastery of WORDS...

Well, my heart was won. I was lost. I'm in love.

And then I moved here, based on that on-line meeting [and a couple physical rondevous, really. Because, y'know...] . And then, I heard her classically-trained voice.

When she goes into studio and puts that magnificent voice on record for posterity, I pray I am fortunate enough to be rhythm-keeper on percussion as background.

In the interim, I'll walk out of the house from time to time, overwhelmed and teary-eyed; I hear The Voice.

I AM a lucky man...

Slainte, folks.