21 July 2011

Her Words Won Me.

Her Voice Keeps Me.

It was better than two years ago I met a woman on line-- more specifically, on blogger.

I could complicate it here, tell all the details we've figured about what day, what topic, what time...

I'll save those for another post. But, our meeting was ONLINE-- no faces, no clues. Physically.

And through her language, through her vibrant mastery of the ... hell, through her sheer mastery of WORDS...

Well, my heart was won. I was lost. I'm in love.

And then I moved here, based on that on-line meeting [and a couple physical rondevous, really. Because, y'know...] . And then, I heard her classically-trained voice.

When she goes into studio and puts that magnificent voice on record for posterity, I pray I am fortunate enough to be rhythm-keeper on percussion as background.

In the interim, I'll walk out of the house from time to time, overwhelmed and teary-eyed; I hear The Voice.

I AM a lucky man...

Slainte, folks.



Sarah Sullivan said...

AWww I love that...wonderful..beautiful to hear a man say this! She is the lucky one hon..she really is!
So thrilled for you!
Namaste, Sarah

Ken said...

...gifts of the Gods my Brother...your truly deserving(make sure not to do nuthin'stupid to louse it up...lol)

Mayberry said...

NOW we know why the crickets been chirpin' 'round here : ) Guess I should add "shade and sweet water" to a hearty slainte!

Golden Flower said...

“Your intelligence is measured by those around you; if you spend your days with idiots you seal your own fate.” http://malenadugroup.blogspot.com/

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I do that ALL the time, Ken...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

you should, craig.

muamat said...

I love that and I heard the voice on youtube.

Sunny said...

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Unknown said...

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