22 December 2009

Hullo??? Somebody Home?

Think I will, thanks.

Slainte, Folks.


13 December 2009

Because, You Know...

Goofy For Me Would Be A Change...

Kinda like the sub-title of Chapter Three...

Slainte, Folk!


Doncha Just Love Fresh Grease

And Parmesean-peppered Sweet Potato Fries?!?

So dinner is turning out to be.

Freedom of house, the radio set to soon blare me Favorite Irish Music Program, and hunger.

Physical, metaphorical, ostentational, pragmatical...

Al them alls..

Slainte, Folks. Have a great Saturn's Day Nacht.


12 December 2009

fukk u

Universe-ity of Life

And solving, bit by bit (no computer pun intended, but it DO be funny now I see it in writ...! har!), some o' the C-813 Dilemma-- BATTERIES!!!

Solution? Put 'em in backwards [the Energizer Bunnie ones]. That away, the pictures keep coming and coming and coming...

Therein [the batteries] lies the Quatro. Now, whether it IS nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous battery misrepresentation...

[Well, I'll just go on record here and now as saying


or to]

Take [to spending] arms [and legs] against the sea of sorrow...ful 1.5v representation. Four times the cost, but a batt'ry that lasts, and showeth, All four seasons.

Slainte, Folks.


09 December 2009

Pre-Song Swan Pennings Return!

So Here's Something I Haven't Done In A While:

Pre-write a post at work-- where I'm getting paid to do so--!!! Vicariously though that be, the pay...

Speaking of--I'm being paid more, too, than last time I did this.

The Company has officially declared the fall 2009 [Sheet Metals Apprentice] Semester over by way of reimbursing with-held tuition monies AND adding several pennies' to the regular semanas stipend as well.

Now, here's some irony for us, and the scary part for me:


School I've learned to like. Better said, I enjoy worthy educational pursuit-- even in the sadly intellectually-watered down formal setting.

And I even enjoy work to a degree. At least the aspect wherein I accomplish something constructive and can, as a consequence, eat and mayhap pay a bill.

So, those are all fine and well, schooling and verk...


But, I Wanna Grow Some Things...

And for this I need more space, both physically AND metaphorically, to [literally] branch out with this dream.

Now I'll be honest; the morning's commute was consumed with facing my fear of leaving what I've worked at for a year... (funny, my conscious stream-of-thought for writing that sentence was "what I've spent a year establishing", but a quick mental inventory corrected that to "what I've invested the time moving towards", and by mere way of departing the Nation's Fourth Largest.)

Long and short, the 'fear', splayed askew for personal dissection, failed to Wake.

Thus, buried.

The minuscule amount of green frogskins required to cover yon debt? I got enough wherewithal to line up some contract labor to get me thru the lean months. So, whilst the familiar and consistent cash flow of the current stipend is a comfort...

So is confidence in my ability to feed myself-- and mayhap pay a bill-- in this new clime, at this familiar- yet new-scaled adventure I set forth on...

Um,, A-t-t-tthe-t-tha-thu--at's all,Volk!!!



04 December 2009

Cygnus Sings Shirtless In Snow!!!

Extra! Extra! See All About It!!!

Guess that's a wrap. Slainte, folks.


02 December 2009

I know If I Don't Start Now...

You'll Never See My Red-Veined Yellow Buddy...

[Hmn... I was beginning to wander did this 'puter have enuf comput...]

Slainte, Volk. More photography forthcoming when Bob the Wonder Computer is introduced to Cygnus' C813...