28 August 2009

Some Days...

It Just Doesn't Pay To Get Out Of Bed...

Today, however, was like getting a promotion on christ-mess eve...


Here's what near ten hours take-home of labor looks like in sheet metals tools.

And what the store did na have when I went a-searching [y'all are my witnesses!] and so was forced forced I tell ya to buy the camera in stead.
[Well, look at it this way-- if I hadn't a bought the camera, how would you ever be able to appreciate my tool? HA!]

And WHAT a tool it is...

No clue what kind of 18 oz. of tempered steel this baby is made of, but will bang head-first or side-bodied on 16-gauge stainless for years with no defect...

Kinda feel like I'm wielding Mjollnir when I'm in possession...
And if I'm gonna barter ten or so hours' worth of labor for the tools to do tens of hundreds of hours more, well, then... I s'pose I aughta be serious about the whole apprentice class then...

Oh-- the 'promotion' part of the deal is, come Monday I get to start itching more-- working with insulation near full-time.

They call it a promotion. They don't realize...

I know the fast road to cancer when you put me on it!! HA!

See Ya, Missouri, come Spring Official!!! HARAR!!!

(Still... Moving around at work caint be all bad...
Might not be any GOOD, true... but a step aside is a step not back'ard, aye?)




Felinae said...

Hi Cygnus...

First congratulations on the promotion. I knew you could do it!

Yes, I will still call it a promotion because it is, even if you think it a side step. A step to the side still gets you moving :D

I like the first picture, the way you did it kinda like a silhouette, very nice.

Those are some good looking tools ya got there, Cygnus. ;D

The polished wood on the hammer with the dark circles going around the circumference give it added character.

Good deal, my friend, I'm happy you'll be hitting MO according to schedule.

I'm pleased things are looking up for you :D


Kyddryn said...

Nice hammer, Sir.


A lateral promotion is still motion in some direction.

I like your outlook on the tools - they're an investment in your future, Sir.

Meanwhile, thwart the Big C - wear a breather mask!

Shade and Sweetwater,