24 November 2008

a minor recant...

Well Folks,

the sun rose again c'est matin... as it will regardless of the foul mood we oft find ourselves encumbranced in.

I won't recant everything I espoused last night, because much of it would stand regardless of whether Father Sol decided to load upon the chariot for His morning sojourn...

But for much of the rant I can say I take full blame, or credit, or... whatever:)
Now-- on to today.

I was/ am hoping to rejoin the permanent american workforce today. Had a good interview @ Aca... uh, an undisclosed sporting chain. The irony is, if this company passes me over, they really have lost out.

NO ONE on this planet desires more to make a living @ PLAY than the MacMeister.

I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 years young. I worked pizza parlours and surf stores until birth of my son ( and primarily inadequate education there) led me back to the mainland.

The prospect of not only working for but being an inclusive member of a store so dedicated to the out-of-doors lifestyle is a real positive for ol' jimbo.

And yet...

Yet it really DONT MATTER.

Folks, I'll still PLAY.

I'm gonna climb rocks; I'm gonna fish; I may even work (no pun intended) out a way to buy that travel trailer and haul it to the Ozarks so i can fish and garden to my heart's delight (yes, multi-layered meaning inferred...:)

So,I didn't really mean to F**k YA [uh, unless you ARE Kerri Russell, and then I really meant "make love"...]; I just wanted to ...

Hell, I dunno.

I guess I was just playin'...

Love Ya.

More Soon

1 comment:

HermitJim said...

Looks like you got off to a good start! At least you have experienced the first taste of the dreaded " open and empty mind" of topics to expound on. Be forwarned, it happens to us all from time to time!

Anyone that writes experiences it from time to time, so the secret is to find something mundane, and using your own sinse of what should be, make it into something special!

Welcome to the wars...where words are our weapons and the truth as we see it, the prize we fight for.