15 February 2009

"You're My Exception..."

A Valentines Day Review:

He's Just Not That In To You

But he was in to this chickflic-- uh, I mean movie. Yeah.

Really, he was. OK, I was..

Here's why:

1) Not too "soapy"-- e.g. the plot was straightforward: the aeons-long struggle to understand relationships

2) The redhead with the round face--the obsessive one. Yes, it WAS a complete sentence. Read again. 'THE REDHEAD...'
Very Kerry Russell-esque...
Absofuckenlootely beautiful, in other words...

3) The script follows four or so stages of relationships through screen characters that are maneuvering said stages... No mater where you are in your penultimate Reason for Existence quest, this movie addresses your plight in a very enthralling manner.
Just talked on the internet?
Been married for years and suddenly...

Anywhere in between?

See, whom does this movie not touch?

And no, I did NOT cry.
My right eye had this wet moment, and...

My left had one liquid comment, easily deleted by my buttery popcorn napkin.

Oh, and at the end, when even as a writer you love the "NO PANTS" scene, in all of it's predictability, for being so.. well.. simply Well-done, well-timed cinematographically.

So well in pulse with the hearts beating in the auditorium seats....

Be warned: the screen inexplicably blurs. Looking away, focusing on how the children might be raiding the chemical cabinet at home-- these help clear the eye condition right up. Just about all that will, too...

The clincher for me was the closing-- the very word, if I recall, though it could have been the last paragraph. But say word.


Hey' long as you got that, you got life...

Good Movie.

Pretty women. Pretty men.

No pants... Everybody's happy, right?




HermitJim said...

What? No cartoons?? Bummer!!!

Stephanie in AR said...

Yes I get the watery eyed gonna sneeze thing every once in a while too.