14 February 2009

say, aint this valentino's place???

Older than This dirt, Uncle?

I'll be honest, ladies, I have had a question or three about where this whole Valentines Massacre music Disaster was, is or will be heading.

Funny thing about concepts. And frothy adult beverages.
And live-time publishing options...

I heard a specific song on the way to work one morn and a certain Lady came to mind.

All day @ work, the Mind, having a tendency to blog of Its own volition, came up with the idea to do a song per day and end with THE ONE. I figured that by pretending to claim each song brought to mind a different person, I would hide my burgeoning... Admiration, shall we say? for THE ONE this song beckoned.

Well, turns out I can find many a cover edition for the song, but not one done by The gentle Giant himself, Mr. Don Williams.

So, here's the best one-- the only "BE MY VALENTINE" request I really care to send out.

Not only that, but I never made it to fourteen songs. In typical guy fashion I got a late start, tried to finish early, postponed until just beyond the last minute, and will get it done late.

And that's all good, because I'm pretty sure i don't know 14 of you..

And you (Yew) came to mind every song, even if to say "Yes, this one is not her..."

Ladies, every one of YOU are this person in another's eyes. Oh, not the person I Ain't Gonna Marry, but the one who above all others drives us menfolk to see the beauty in "simple" things like Stars, and a Sunrise, and napes of necks, and...

Which of you beautiful creatures Started this whole conflagration, I'll never, ever tell. And, Ladies, It Don't Matter.

What does is that THIS SONG makes you that person in someone's eyes.


Happy Valentines Day, Ladies



Unknown said...

How very sweet and the way that you explained it was beautiful!


Felinae said...

How Sweet Cygnus. I agree with Misadventurous Mommy, you explained it beautifully.



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Good Morning, Ladies! I hope you both woke to rose-petaled pillows and little chocolate delights on a nearby nightstand...

Happy Valentines day!

Ken said...

...whoa...none of that sweet stuff comin' from me Brother...just a little 'i'm back' note(although limited in capabilities)...got alot of catchin' up to do...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Wonder of the e-world, buddy...Let words paint the picture of what we WOULD HAVE done. Sure, we would .

good to know you're back, bud.

Noki said...

I wish I could agree with you, but I know for a fact that at least one of us isn't "that person" in anyone's eyes. Some of us just don't attract the love of others. Heck, even my cat doesn't seem to love me half the time, and I raisedthat little bastard.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ashley, I had a pussy like that once, too...

Stephanie in AR said...

Sweet, I'd rather not trade the new Food Saver for rose petal though. (yes I'm weird & he loves me anyway)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Steph! a FOOD SAVER?!?

Practical AND Pleasing! No wonder the man clingeth!

Thanks for the visit, and the smile, lady!