07 February 2009

I Sewed Seeds on the Seventh, I Saith

Peppers (banana)
Green Beans (bush)

It's a beautiful sunny day in the nation's fourth largest city. So I went ahead and dropped some seed in the garden area.

Yep, it ain't even mid Feb. But what doesn't survive, or come up at all wasn't meant to. only about half of what was in each seed pack wend down. More seeds for later plantings. Containers. New garden area where grass is to be killed off.

So, you reckon we'll have sprouts this time next week?

Somebody get a camera...




Catman said...

I hope mother nature is kind to you. We still have some days where it may freeze here in Cali. All our stuff is started inside.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

We do to here even on the third coast, but what survives is likely to be extremely hardy. If nothing else, feed the birds. The two felines weren't sure what to think, be digging in their dirt box...

And can always cover the area in hard freeze--it,s relatively small.
~5' x 10'...