01 February 2009

My Overly Opinionated Mommy Said...

Whatever the hell she wanted to; what part about the name do you misinterpret?

Look, folks, here's a bit more Ol' Bird His-story. Because I'm writing, and I'm male.


Let's see.. No; let's start at the beginnings.

Attempted a book when I was 16. Alas, I was 16... Attentive to whuh...

Some poetry. One published somewheres... Dark, but always hopeful.

Went to prison. Still full of hope, because SHE was standing by me. She Always Would.

She quit writing. From a 6x weekly rite of mail call to NADA. Sancho, he'd come a-callin'...


So accustomed was I to this daily rite (write? right/ RIGHT! It's The End Of Th........) and yet not ready to deny reality and glom on to network programming, I opted to sit with pen and paper in hand, just as I had done damn near 730 days concurrent...

I began writing. Label it as you will:

DIARY (idunnosoundskindof..girly..)

JOURNALING ["um... Should I have a point here; because, y'know, really"...]

Sat with a pen in hand and a notepad in lap and continued to crank out two pages per day legal size, front and back.

It was my routine. It is what I did. Lest I spend all my time reading Ludlum and so vastly improving vocabulary that yon minions be said of "let them eat cake..."

Um..(clears throat)..

So I wrote.
A lots of wordses.

And then years later, Uncle Skip introduced me to blogging. Where, as you can plainly see, I perigrinate much less piquantly... 'Cause a bein' shy, an' all...

So I still write. Sometimes poetry.

Sometimes pornoetry.. Y'know, fukken rimin stuff. Y'know...

But folks seriously, this old bird w/o a pen in hand... he'd be like two sitting in the proverbial pesticidal-treated bush: SICK.

Sure am glad at the very least this provides hours of self-entertainment (writing it, Nimrods! You think I'm so bold or egocentric as to read my own stuff! Humphh! Y'all the ones with nothing better to do. I'm busy @ your site, learnin' helpful stuff an' such...)

So see, even when (not IF, folks; WHEN) you proclaimed 'followers' stop proclaiming, I'll continue writing.
For two reasons.

Number One-- It is part of who I am

numero deux-- My Mommy Said.

( That Allie Thought That...)




HermitJim said...

A true writer writes, not in the hope that someone will read it, but because it is his passion and calling to do so.

We live in fear, not of running out of things to write about, but of not having the time to do what we must!

Nice work, Cygnus!

Unknown said...

Both you and the Hermit express yourselves so ,it seems , flawlessly and easily that one could not help but know that y'all are REAL writers.
Do keep it up!

Unknown said...

A P.S. of sorts.
Did you see the Austin "zombie" sign on the national news yesterday? Funny!

Ken said...

...a writer,writes...always...don't change a thing brother...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Didn't catch that on the news; Would have lmao though!

Thanks for the comment!

Hey Ken! Don't think i will; I', having too much fun doing it this way..

Yall have a good weekend!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

you got that right, Hermit-- More time! I haven't read everyone's posts yet! it can't be 3 a.m.!!!

Thanks for the encouragement

Nadette said...

It's a outlet, keep it going

Unknown said...

To be completely honest your blog is the only one I read regularly that makes me think. Sure I like reading all the mommy stuff I read and I seem to like writing it more, but only because sometimes our real lives are too painful and dark to write about (at least that seems to be the case for me). You have such a way with words that can't be taught (believe me I owe $24,000 in student loans and it would take me at least that much more to write with as much passion and ease as you)...though I do long to one day be able to!

As long as you keep writing you know I'll keep reading!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks, Aesha; I think I will take that advice...
Thanks for visiting this humble little post of mine!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

misadventurous Mommy,

Now I know I could own the world...
Your very kind words mean a great deal to me, woman.
I'm really liking your newest blog-- gets more of the Allie that needs speak her mind doing just that.
Write just the way you do, Lady. Follow that beautiful pulsating chambre 'neath your left breast... you won't ever go wrong.

Thank you so much for reading my stuff, pretty woman. Thanks even more for words that profess enjoyment!! That's a big part of what I want from my writing-- to hopefully provide some entertainment and fodder for thought seems near as important as writing because I HAVE to...
Couldn't barely live if I didn't...

BTW, you know I'm madly in lust with you, don't you?!? My ego just grew three sizes bigger than it needs be [BIG BIG smile!].

Thanks, Mommy!