15 February 2009

And Once Primed, Bullseye..

When we're really ready to jam, We'll be headed for this Par-tay!!!

English, Pagan and in Canada!: Something a lil' bit sexy...

Slainte, folks!

Oh Wait! everybody go to Kenneth The Conquerer's blog and inundate him with welcome-backs and just general comments. Seems he's short of things to read over there after a hard day out Conquering hoardes...

Love Ya, BUDDY! GREAT to see ya back in the proverbial saddle!



Bullseye said...

Hey, C, thanks for the HOT vid man. Really enjoyed it.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thank Edain; I really just wanted to-- and felt it and so did-- Dance..!

Thanks for the call-over, Bullseye. I'll keep my sights on your invites..