01 May 2009

Enough Jokes, AMERICA. WAKE THE F^@K UP!!!


Read this [and decide for your self]:
Swine Flu A "Coincidence? HAR!!!"
Forewarned is... man, I hope you been prepping...

Slainte more than ever, from Cygnus' heart, folks. We'll see in two days.

[BTW, Houston, Tx, just had it's first pigcough death yesterday. Dallas school district-- ALL OF IT-- is closed for two weeks.]

Just remember-- the cover of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy says:
Don't Panic!!!

Yeah. good luck with that one...



Catman said...

Your "Don't Panic!" is not printed in large friendly letters as is customary. The publishers of "The Guide" will not be amused.

I think you've got something here, Cygnus. Could it be that Obama and Company are really the Vogons?

If the dolphins start disappearing leaving strange messages like, "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.", then we will know for sure.

Dragon said...

Don't take this personal. I mean nothing by what your about to read but to point out a few things.
Keep your whit's about you...No-ONE Should Be Panicky Yet,
That article was more fiction than fact...The latest intel is that the strain is a recombinant swine only, not a swine-avian-human strain...I have concerns about the timing of the exercise and some other things in common with that article.
One of my favorite science fiction novels contains more relevant info than that article.
Anne McCaffrey's Dragon riders series has a pretty good story about a PANDEMIC. Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (1983) contains more relevant information. and may be of interest to survivalists and preppers alike.
Nerilka's Story (1985) also is of interest. ***one must note "how they coped". The above mentioned stories contain more relevant information than the Tin foil piece you linked...I am following most of the tin foil pieces written and have yet to find one that I can give even 10% credence too.
Become concerned.
Become Informed.
We don't need to panic.
I won't be overly stressed till I know personally, 3-5 people who are ill with this strain.
As a pandemic this is moving too slow.
It may be a flash in the pan...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Dragon-- precisely why I put it up. you make an excellent point-- I just received it and posted-- am now digging myself into the 'links'.
Perhaps a bit shoddy on my end... no personal affront taken. just want to disseminate... I should have been both more clear on that point AND more slow to react.
Thanks-- and I will word more carefully in the future.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Catman-- I can edit; alas, no time... the men over my shoulder (V.'s?!?)are not allowing ti--

Noki said...

I'm glad I'm safely here in Asia where pandemics never reach the human populace.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ashley-- Don't eat the parrot...
Dog is okay; bird=NO!!!

Bullseye said...

Hey C, glad to see you got the info up man, had company drop in on me for a few hours and not had a chance. Been reading it tho. Like both you and the Dragon, not too sure about ALL of it, some truth in there tho I do beleive. Thanks for the email man. Peace brother.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Bulls-- I jumped gun, but better safe than sorry. I left it in the orig. link, so at least have the 'distance' thing as comfort.
Dragon is one of the most genius folk I've ever had the privilege of 'knowing'.
Live and learn. And be prepared...

Thanks, Bullseye!