03 May 2009

Saturn's Day Nacht:

Time For Celtic Fare!!!

Welcome to "My Song". It's Saturday night, long about 2140 hrs local.

Ever noted, on my sidebar, right under the Swan?..
That's right-- I'm a Thistle and Seamroc BUFF. Never miss it if there's choice. The best of the Keltic [there is NO 'soft' "c" in gaelic. No such thing as a 'selt'. "Celt"= KELT.] music world, usually seasonally attuned.
In H-town, we get Fiona Ritchie's hour-long program-- produced Edinburgh, Scotland-- piped in at 2100 hrs local. Tonight.
I'm there, dude!

Odd-- if you consider "coincidence" (which I don't believe in) so... I spent all afternoon in a park, banging me Bodhran. Then came home and dusted off a keyboard sitting in the house hall, collecting said. And you-tubing instructions on both, and putting my fingers and palms to work to produce...

Welcome to the weekend. Time for MUSIC (is there ever NOT a time?!?).

Hope whatever video I find speaks as much to your Soul as She [music] always will to mine...

AH YEEAAHH... Oft hard to find a solid, upbeat Irish tune. This 'un, though, serves to fit the bill!

ET ECH!!! [windshield-wiper's forefinger in the air]!!! Don't cheat yourself and bug out early! If you must, drag bar to just inside 3 minutes, and await... If'n y'miss the Dance of the Firbolg, y'won't fergive yerself!!!

Slainte, Folks! See ya tomorrow (with fresh veggies on the palate!)



Ken said...

...nice...thanx Brother,i needed that...was visiting a couple hrs ago,but kept getting booted off...its lots later now,i guess 'traffic' allowed me to get my turn...lol

...type to ya soon...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Glad you finally got through, Ken! Glad you enjoyed it..

Take good care, Bro...

Bullseye said...

Thanks for the tunes brother, loved it.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Good to hear, Bullseye!

Edain said...

Wow! How many buttons did you just press? lol

The Corrs - check
The Cheiftains - check
Irish Dancing - check

This is what I call thigh slapping music - excellent, thanks for that hun! :)

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

You're going to love this! I was listening to my cd this afternoon that has this very song on it! It really brightened my mood (and said mood was very, very low..) and I found myself doing Cat's Irish dance moves around the kitchen! Thank you, my sweet friend, for sharing this! Tis most definitely a sign for me!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Lady E! Well, the button-pressing is me favorite off-blogger passtime! LOL! Well, mayhap oft on blog, too... but no one picks up.. hehehe!


Thanks, Edain,Hun!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Well, Dawn m'fave Lassie... THAT makes it all right under sun, moon AND stars!!!

You have a sweet week, Precious One! Thanks for the kind words...