22 January 2009

Here's Your Hope And Change!

Of course you have to change a few words-- He's President Obammy now, not Senator nor P-elect...

Senate Bill 2433....It's Already Started




According to David Bossie, President of the group 'Citizens United
for American Sovereignty based out ofMerrifield, Virginia ,

The above mentioned Senate Bill (S. 2433) is a piece of
legislation in the works that all Americans need to know
about...and know now! This Bill, sponsored by none other than our
"President elect" Sen. Barrack Obama, with the backing of Joe
Biden on the Foreign Relations Committee, and liberal democrats in
Congress, is nothing short of a massive giveaway of American
wealth around the world, and a betrayal of the public trust,
because, if passed, this bill would give over many aspects of our
sovereignty to the United Nations.

The noble sounding name of this bill, "The Global Poverty Act" is
actually a Global Tax, payable to the United Nations, that will be
required of all American taxpayers. If passed in the Senate, the
House has already passed it, this bill would require the U.S. to
increase our foreign aid by $65 BILLION per year, or $845 BILLION
over the next 13 years! That's on top of the billions of dollars
in foreign aid that we already pay out! In addition to the
economic burdens this potential law would place on our precarious
economy, the bill, if passed in the Senate, would also endanger
our constitutionally protected rights and freedoms by obligating
us to meet certain United Nations mandates. According to Senator
Obama, we should establish these United Nations' goals as
benchmarks for U. S. spending. What are they?

The creation of a U.N. International Criminal Court having power
to try and convict American citizens and soldiers without any
protection from the U.S. Constitution.

A standing United Nations Army forcing U.S. soldiers to serve
under U.N. command. A Gun Ban on all small arms and light
weapons...which would repeal our Second Amendment right to bear
The ratification of the "Kyoto" global warming treaty and numerous
other anti-American measures.

Recently, the Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations (where Sen.
Joe Biden sits) approved this plan by a voice vote without any
discussion! Why all the secrecy? If Senators Obama and Biden are
so proud of this legislation, then why don't they bring it out
into the light of day and let the American people have a look at
it instead of hiding it behind closed doors and sneaking it
through Congress for late night votes? It may be only a matter of
time before this dangerous legislation reaches a floor vote in
the full body of the Senate.

Please write or call, email your representatives, the White House,
the media, or anyone you think will listen, and express your
opinions regarding this Global Tax giveaway and betrayal of the
American people at a time when our nation and our people are
already heavily burdened with the threats of our freedom and
economic prosperity.

Is this the "change and hope" people voted for?

Please send this email to as many folks out there on your networks
as you
can ASAP! Find out more, just do a search for Senate Bill 2433.

I'm still watching...



Bullseye said...

May they all burn in the hottest pits of HELL for all eternity !!!

Well, maybe that's just me thinking out loud.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey Bullseye!
Man... Heck, can't think... so pissed... don't know why. Sound like the liberal left to me...

Dragon said...

Let them try to collect any global tax from me...ain't happening...Nope.
Allow me to make a joke...NWO is out of order...They better realize that fact sooner than later...Believe me when I predict that mother nature is about to piss on their parade...Pestilence and Famine are about to make an appearance...
If the report I read on the BBC about plague is correct...Then Pestilence is only a few hours away...Don't worry about a black president, read up on the black plague... I still got my Black Plague World Tour tee shirt.
Only one thing is for sure... We are living in interesting times. Thats my nickles worth, Dragon

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Dragon, Interesting times indeed. And I'll watch the "Obammy' comments! lol! can't see you as the unprovoked violence type; guy must really be an idjit...

ErinAndBrad said...

Well, thinkin that this pretty much sums up what to expect from the Obammy dream team - or should I say nightmare team! Not gonna pay any UN tax or global green tax and they sure as all get out are not getting my weapons or my stash - not now not ever.It has started - prep while you can! Like your posts CM - thanks!
God Bless and Prep On
P.S. Looks like he likes to allow the murder of babies too - the push for eugenics is now really gonna go forward I fear.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi ernie!
Always nice to have a new visitor here!
Man, I plan on being so far off radar they couldn't tax me if I were the last capitol gains on the face of the planet... Me, and my friends Smith, and Wesson, too...