11 January 2009

Being Watched

She, or rather her household, must be/ have been.

She'd left for work about 7:30 pm. Her schedule is sporadic, being an assistant manager of a fast food dig. Her daughters are usually home during the evening, but had chosen this saturday nite (yesterday) to visit the mall.

Arriving back home at 9:30 or so, the daughters' first sign of foul play was lights on in the "apartment"-- mom doesn't do that ("didn't", she told me later that night; "I will now").

Now... too late for this time; maybe preventative if/when again...

The daughters approach the door cautiously. It's open. Mom CERTAINLY doesn't do that.

The house was in shambles. A new flat screen television, gone. Jewelry, ditto. Even little toddler video toys-- you know, anything appearing to have any value whatsoever.

Granted, shi+ happens. Especially in big cities like Houston.

But even here I've let my guard down. Maybe a bit abrasive with a total stranger being an a$$ in a store. A bit closer to light variety of road rage than the calm side. We've all heard the stories...

Three people live on the premise here; generally at least one of us is home at any given time, so chances are less that a smash-and-grab burglary like the one my manager above went through will go down here.

But probably not much less.

It is a wake-up call for me; a sign that it's time once again to make every effort to get the hell out of Dodge.

Corners just got sharper, and I'll be honing the blade with which I cut them, or tuning up the engine to take 'em faster if you prefer that analogy. Ol' Honest Abe will be feeling a stronger pinch.

Burglary of a house-- of someone's other than 'mine' to boot-- may not be TEOTWAWKI, but it's still not any world I care to inhabit. Add to that, that when TSHTF, big cities like h-town will be first in line to go totally chaotic.

I gots to get to them thar hills; it's only a matter of time before it's my house, or my car or pantry-- but time moves slower in some places.

That, and you got a lot more space to see 'em coming; you can get a better aim...

Stay alert, folks.



Ken said...

...evenin'Brother...i got a bad feelin' about the next couple months...i'm hearin' about shit too close to home for comfort...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

hey Ken:yeah, this one was close enough to re-awaken, or alert, me. When obammy's in... just have to do like we've been,which is what we cak and know to be right.
But I'm serious about kikkin in my afterburners; I gotta bolt... SOON.
Thanks for keeping the feelers uot...