19 January 2009

on Recent Preps

I haven't written anything of late on my 18-month bug-out plan to head to them thar hills.. Here's a quick update:

Not a lot of food going in the pantry this past week; kind of a small payday. But I ain't been lax-- the buick needed new tires. She got two-- front ones. This coming payday-- Friday-- she gets her front end aligned, an oil change, and several 'small' items. Small is in quotes because these things are not so high on most priority lists (or weren't on mine...)
But they should be. For instance, having two new tires means watching for air pressure changes during their 'break-in' period. So when I go down to the local Habib's to air 'em up (because I don't have a[n auto] battery-generated air pump-- costing me three quarters of a washington, btw; Fuc#!ng ripoff!) I notice one of the back tires is nearly flat. WTF???
HermitJim and me were not two days prior talking about the transportation 'emergency' needs. [Seems we thunk this minor crisis into existence!]

Point is, a can or two of 'fix-a-flat', a car- battery-operated air pump, and a plug kit are also going in the trunk this coming Freya's Day. Fairly minimal cost that could save a lot of future woes.

Also doled out insurance money for the buick last payday (evil legal extortion in my books, but had to be done. Hey, after we go to thru the coming revolution, let's make insurance optional, eh?). [Seems the buick needs a name... what should we call her? All maroon, exterior and interior; clean save for the banging I gave the driver's side when someone moved a road on me one night... What do y'all suggest? And sure she's maroon, but I'm a Longhorn, so keep that in mind...] N.E. Who... Insurance, two new tires.. Oh, and filled 'er up w/ petrol. After all that I was left with about four washingtons for the next two weeks...

But it needed to be done, and I HAVE to, and do, count the auto investments as preps. (Preventative maintenance. Thanks, Mayberry, for the reminder.) In the coming week I will make up for pantry neglect by doubling up. Fortune smiles on this ol' bird; the new job will allow me to double my daily offerings, going from ~$2 per diem to ~$4. And on top of the afore-mentioned air pump, alignment, Fix-A-Flat etc. I'll throw in an LED flashlight, just for good measure.

I do want to add that there's been a lot of commentary of late from people-- I mean "our kind", the preppers-- about others (sheeple? not if they're catching on...) waking up; 'smelling the coffee', as it were. Seems a lot more folk are starting to recognize the value of growing their own food, of preparing for a rainy day. To recognize the clusterfucking we are receiving from ol' Uncle Sammie.
All's I can say is "HALLELUYA!!!"

I beg you folks to keep on ranting, keep on putting the Truth out there, to keep on bloging ... Ears are tuning in; eyes are opening. No way we've had no sway. And even if we ain't, the uninformed needs guidance.

You folks ARE that guiding medium. So keep pluggin' and chuggin' away!

More Soon..



Anonymous said...

LMAO@moving a road on you! I think molly maroon sounds good LOL!

Bullseye said...

Got it man...The Grimmace. LMAO And what better timing. It's fate I tell ya.

Good job on the Grimmace preps too man. Got to keep the BOV ready for action.

Still laughing,


Livia Indica said...

I'm just evil enough to not want to spread the word too much. Maybe if the dumber people don't prepare and then die we'll all be better off. Maybe we'll have one of those "hey, the Earth lost another moron!" moments.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

MOLLY MAROON she now is! I love it!
And I swear-- I was goin' in a perfectly straight line! The asphalt, it seemed, had different ideas...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Man, what is we doing up at this hour?
Mayhap watching for those infiltrators...
Glad I could return the smile, Bro...
You take care. See ya on the morrow.
(Hey Bulls-- He needed TWO PAIR OF ARMS... I'm thinking ol' Grimmace might be a good prospect for standing in a window when TSHTF. He (IT???) can fire twice as fast with the 'extra' extremities! Ha!)

Much Love!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Livia, My Ozark Mama! I am in total agreeance. But those that DO wake up, that begin to comprehend, their #'s are still small enough to leave plenty o' cleansing!
Good to hear from you, as always...

Anonymous said...

Moving roads. I have only been in Texas for 3 1/2 years and have not heard about the moving roads. I will keep a look out now lol.

Livia Indica--so true about losing another moron. Could not have said it better!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

i'm very pleased that you visited My Song! Yeah, those moving roads.. Ought to be warning signs.
(Maybe those moved with the road?...)

Please come visit again!