28 January 2009

Bison Tacos

Uh, no offense, dude...

Dinner started last night when I had some ground bison show up in the reefer.
Right along side a new onion. And red tomato. Um, there was come of those cheap-ass mushrooms, too-- you know, the button-type...

So find a knife, a counter, the onion, the 'shrooms..

Onions(~1/2 cut to desired size); 1/2 pkg. mushrooms cut accordingly.

Worchestershire Sauce
Soyu (Soy Sauce)
Balsamic Vinegar
3 tbsp. Fajita seasoning
some "extra" beer

In one container, put cut onions and mushrooms; top with Marinade;

Crumble raw ground meat into a separate container and season/ marinade according to divine guidance.

In a 10" cast iron skillet, brown 1# ground bison meat
When ~75% done, add onion/ mushroom marinaded mix from the night before. Keep meat covered to retain moisture.

Sides Served C'est Soir:

grated cheese blend-- white and yellow cheddars
diced tomato
chopped onion
lettuce (bib)
warm flour tortillas
Sour cream
pinto beans (no reefer should lack a bowlfull or three of these most diverse "leftovers"...)

All's I did was marinade the ground meat (did start with a very lean choice, if you note..) overnight, then commence to individually dishing up sides while the buffler sauteed.
Add some pickled Jalapenos (which I did, neglecting to menu 'till now!)...

Some Assembly Required...

Take your warm tortilla; sprinkle a little of that cheese blend inside...
Meat Mix on top-- helps the cheese melt, too.
Some fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce.

Extra sour cream, please. Thank you.
(You're welcome...)

Salsa, sour cream, and a pickled jalapeno on the side; three tacos later you'll claim Nirvana

Don't forget to scramble three eggs for mixing with the leftovers tomorrow; got breakfast and lunch tacos, as well as dinner, off of one stove-firing.




Bullseye said...

Man I can almost smell it, mmmmmmm. Sounds really good.

Leon1234 said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.

Mayberry said...

You make-a my mouth water!

Noki said...

Sounds yummy! You can serve these at the next family event, maybe. I'll bring cookies.


Edain said...

Dang! C'mon over 'n' cook, ya making me hungry! ;)

Ken said...

...had 'beefalo' a few times in the U.P of michigan...great meat...guess its about the same eh ?...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey there Bulls... given the jet stream of late with this icestorm, you might just have whiffed...

Good Leo... and you? and how's our favorite Empath, Phoebe?

Mayberry! You again! that makes twict you visited my humble "abode". guess a bit more food out always draws a crowd... Hell, I'd bite!

Ashley-- try the oatmeal ones coming very soon on mt Song-- fructose (natural fruit sugar in stead of refined cane...)

Edain, I was on me merry way when a couple RMCP turned me back-- seems they don't agree about a man serving his full scarlet letter term DAY FOR DAY comprises debt-to-society-paid-in-full either... Once a criminal, always a criminal.

Ken, M'buddy, I believe buffler and bison one and the same, Sir, one and the same. [Better wici- it to be sure; you know I'm loony as a left-handed Superbowl bat...]

Edain said...

Cygnus tis a shame, I will just have to enjoy your cooking in the ether..lol.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Alas, woman, don't give up yet. Where there's a will, there's always a taco...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Oh, BEEFalo... yeah, A cross btween buffler & cattle.

Hey, good Stuff Maynerd...