05 January 2009

An Expanded View

Daily savings:
a) foodstuffs: (seeds GOTTA count here, oui?)= $2.60
b) coinage : $.77

Daily total: $3.37
To Date :$22.36

Mornin', folks.

0205 hrs local... I usually have something posted @ midnight local, but got run off the computer earlier (I am a bit of a hog in that dept...), and then had work hours change on me. Regardless...

Was given permission to kill some St. Augustine today in the name of garden expansion. I took some video (i hope...) with this new gizmo me mum sent via Mr. Claus a couple weeks back. When I get enough, both video and experience, I'll post some vid and/or photos here; kinda Before/During/After like.

The current garden measures close to 5'x9'; I'm going to keep the width (easy access from either side w/o having to trample/compact soil) and extend the length to ~22'.
22x5 gives 110 ft^2; ought to be able to grow a meal or three there!

[Now, to convince 'em an apiary would benefit... (Helloooo MEAD!)]

Ran down to the seed spot earlier, afraid their sale would end soon, but then a reliable source says it's been 1/2 price for as long as he can remember. (HOO-F%#@ING-RA!!!). Plus, I had more space to fill!ha! Laid a tarp to kill off said grass; just antsy now, as ever, for the weather to warm and the weeding to commence...

May not be exciting reading for many a soul, but man it warms mine. Here I have, for the second time inside a year, a garden right outside my arms-of-Morpheus' chambre, and full reign over said space. And all these new-fangled checks in place-- video, pictures, blogs-- to keep Prometheus' gift alight under my posterior regions; to keep me motivated, as it were.

And A WORLD of fellow travelers to share, learn, and, when needs, LEAN on.

Ain't life Grand, folks? :D

Thanks for stoppin' by...



Lazy Housewife said...

I'm thinking of having a garden this year, too...wanted to do it last year but life got too busy with my brother being sick and then my wedding. We always had a huge garden as kids (couple of acres anyway) and I miss some of the fresh food. It's just not the same from the grocery stores - especially tomatoes, lettuce, and greenbeans. Not a fan of corn though. Hehe. What are you growing?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

well lazy, i ain't growin' corn! ha! with you on that one; too much teeth-picking necesasry [EW!]my seeds list stands thus:
bib lettuce
sweet banana peppers
squash (yellow straightneck)
beans- contender bush variety
buttercup squash

these are the seeds in my lap, literally, as of the moment. come payday i'll add a few varieyies of tomatoes, a cucumber or two (hate 'em raw, but LOVE pickles...) and gods know what else... i'm like a kid in a cand.. oh, wait; that phrase is already spoken for... HA!
Seriously, i wish i had more groundspace. But revel in the fact that IT'S COMING!!!

thanks for the visit.
man, i still gotta post an entry to your contest...and less than a week to go!

Ah well; thrive on pressure.
so0 do you, i sense... ;P

more soon


HermitJim said...

Hey nephew...I can taste that fresh salad already!

Stephanie in AR said...

We have had very good luck with the contender beans. Are you going to grow the watermelons on a trellise or just let them wander? This will be the first year we could think about planting anything very viney & can't wait.

Noki said...

You should look into "Square Foot Gardening". It's supposed to be better in bunches of ways. Less area used, easier to manage. I haven't had a chance yet (no place for a garden) but soon I hope to build something based on that model but a bit portable that I can take with me when I move my RV around.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi Stephanie!
I'll likely just let the melons wander... the gerden is a slightly raised bed(one cinder block0 and spillover into the surrounding grass shouldn't hurt. I may do some of the other vines-- beans esp.-- in pots near the fence; give me more veggies and use the fence to support trellising...
Good luck with your vines, and all your garden! i can hardly wait either!!

Hey Ashley! i'll be using a space-saving method "developed" by Jon Jeavons called Biointensive (aka French something-or-other), along with companion planting. Utilizes the 4'-5' width i have; no traditional "rows", and a much more natural look.

Thanks for the visit folks!


Bullseye said...

After you get the weeds killed out put down some newspaper. Wet it down good and it will stay in place and the worms love it. They will come and eat the newspaper and then they will stay in the garden providing much benefit.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Bullseye, dang good beta, man! though it's grass i'm killin' off, can't see why newspaper won't be a benefit , in both the 'old' and 'new' space.
THANKS, man!