14 January 2009

My Mistake


365.24219... but seeing as how i actually write my posts the prior evening, i stand correct! Nyana-Nyana-Boo-Boo!!

Now, for tonight's meeting:

[picture me standing before you] "Hi; my name is Cygnus, and I'm a blogaholic"

[You all , in unison] "Hi Cygnus!" ['s ok if you thought it with a lower-case 'c'; i use that meself time to time...]

It's true, folks. And sure i'm sounding a bit goofy tonight (why change now...). Probably chalk it up to excessive injection of input to the brainstem after several recent long periods of forced withdrawl [working full-time, I have to be away from the keyboard fix, go hours on end without the thousand yard slack-faced screen stare...]

Imagine... No partaking of [expressing] my own musings. Not even a chance of sharing a bloggle via commentary. Heck, even denial of coveting your cups-running-over, of me viewing thirstily form a distance.

Inability to concentrate on tasks at hand in the office due to thoughts drifting towards the euphoria of that first pouring (forth of words).

Swerving off the highway (of coherent thought) and even the access roads (of summation), into the ditches (tangents of roads that could be)...

And when at last i do arrive home? Shun time with the family! Excessive hiding alone in my room, mouse in hand, unwilling to put it down! " NO, I WON'T SHARE [the computer] DAMN YOU!! CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"

And I'll tell ya, folks, I don't think the pain of (this) addiction will EVER be worse than the pain of withdrawl (from the ROM).

It's said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Look into mine and do you know what you'll see?

[XP is] "Loading Your Settings..."

Thanks for listening. I feel better just having shared my testimony... Now, anybody care to join me at the local (Wi-Fi) watering hole?


Post-Scriptum: I erringly thought I'd titled yesterday's post '364.2421'...hence the opening sentence. Got the days right, but missed the decimal!
See how bad this addiction is?!? I can't think straight, I tell ya!


Noki said...

"Hi, Cygnus..." Addiction can be a daunting foe. I often refer to myself as a "podophile"... I'm addicted to podcasts. And audiobooks, but that's more like a short-lived podcast that you pay for, and there's so word for it that sounds like a pun. If only I could become half as regular in my bloggery as you are in yours, perhaps I would get more readers.

Perhaps Dad would list me on his list of blogs that he reads.

I wonder who it is that you reconnected with and who shares your views so closely... Lemme guess... Melissa?

In any event, I do enjoy your blog, so keep it up. :-D


Ken said...

...funny thing is,when talkin to my wife the other day,i used it as an example of one of the things i'll miss post-SHTF...

...gonna have heavy 'info-denial-withdrawels'...lol

...see myself reading/re-reading the three ring binder...lol

HermitJim said...

Hey Cygnus...glad I'm not addicted to the Internet like you! Glad I don't saty up until all hours, writing and reading and...wait a minute, I DO!

Oh well, guess I'm in good company, huh?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

ken, get you a copy of Manly P. Hall's "The Secret Teachings Of All Ages"

Only one you'll ever need...

Readers.. Write for YOU, girl. Build It, and they will come...

A "fambly member " reconnected with.. That'd be the Hermit!!! Whole different connection! But I look forward to missy and my friend Mary... REALLY!

And to your future correspondence...