16 January 2009

Bandaids for a Heart Attack

First let me send a heartfelt THANKS! to LazyHousewife @ SoNotDomestic for wanting me to bare my soul. When, or IF, rather, I find it, I'll do that post (just kiddin' ya. Kinda. About the soul thingie, that is. Yes I have one. This weekend i'll dust it off, gaze into the windows to it's.. um.. uh, it's eyes, and let yall know ten things it wants you to know about it.)

Now, let's break out the calamine, some hydrogen peroxide and maybe the vaporub and a humidifier and talk about today's post title.

That's what the nation is doing, businesses and people alike, in the face of the constantly-worsening economic picture.

Oh, i forgot-- Obammy's a-comin! It'll all be good.

The idjit box was on during dinner at granny's table tonight, so I was made to endure the packaged tripe that is served up for news these days (no offense, cowgut...). These YEARS, actually; besides hockey (which i watch maybe four times a year. Until playoffs...) I haven't watched tv in any form[ O.K., there was The Gilmore Girls, faithfully every tuesday night-- great writers, that show had-- and, when I could, Felicity, because Kerri Russell in that red curly hair is quite simply the cutest woman on the face of the planet] especially news-- local or national-- for literally decades now. (2, thank you for asking. Physically I'm 40-ish, but age is a state of mind anyhow.) I actually quoted said title to grams, only to draw snippy retort (forgot, i'm crazy, what with thinking the woes are real and stockin' all that"extra" food and whatnot...)

Back in the real world-- the blogosphere-- I see fellow traveler Catman has had a recent similar discombobulation... he mentions how the media "are almost gleeful over the economic situations...".

Of course that brought this song to mind:

Gotta love the applicable-to-today's-world lyrics:

"You don't really wanna find out what's goin' on
you don't really wanna know just how far it's gone;
just leave well enough alone"

And the closer:

"We can do the inuendo, we can dance and sing
And when it's said and done we haven't told you a thing;
We all know that crap is king! ..."

It certainly is. That is why you really should BUY BISON"S CRAP!!!!

Take care, folks.



Livia Indica said...

Of course they love the bleak economic situation. They know that means more folks will be watching, hoping these mouthpieces will share some good news. It's all pre-packaged, corporate-owned crap.

HermitJim said...

I think you about covered it all, Nephew! Keep up the good work!

Stephanie in AR said...

News today is about as honest as asking a bunch of kids who ate all the cookies?

Those remedies sound like an odd set of symptoms. Wouldn't a cup of coffee be better? fwiw I'm also in the 40's range & those aches are not all in the head either.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

hi Liv! oh so good to see you typing at it again...
The media mention, kinda, the bad news, then zip right into "Entertainment Tonight" mode; that, i think, is what draws the minds [?] that tune in to the drivel. Where is the reporting of the food riots and shortages in Europe? Where is mention of the non-delivery [availability?] of heating oil in Russia? But you wanna know what the network is showing n tv tonight (or showed last night? GODS what is more loathsome than repeating ON A NEWSCAST of all places what happened on american idio.. uh, idol last nite?
{ O.K. swan, baby; DEEP BREATH... that a birdie...)
You said it- prepackaged crap

[BTW, still no definite date on my travels; I'm aiming for 21/22 March... I'll let you know.]
Thanks for the visit!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hey there Hermit! Thanks for the Coffee!
Too bad the evening news won't 'cover it all'. Might have less sheeple, and more gardens.
Of course, that would mean less corporate profits, so less advertising$ flowing into those "news" rooms...
It'd be eureka! if not for the obviousness...
Thanks for the comment!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Steph... Right you are, the aches I feel em too. Usually weather changes affecting old injury areas (shoulder from a bicycle wreck; ankle from a rock-climbing mishap...)
Still, I'm a firm believer in a deep mind-body connection. How we think about and CHOOSE to react to those ailments, or anything else for that matter, can sway their effecting us.

Don't mean to "preach, and i'm not being defensive; aging is inevitable, and with it the side effects. I just do my best to sweep them a bit more a-side than they wanna be!

Thanks so much for coming by, and for taking your time to comment! Great to have feedback!

Take care...


the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...

Hi Cygnus

just popped in and usual brilliant post

we have been out of signal for the last 4 days so loads to catch up with

thanks so much for comments on the bus

have a guiness on me my friend

andy x mel x

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Aye Andy!
I've noticed your absence-- so glad to have ye back and know you're safe. Figured you was doin' a bit o' traveling or whatnot, but good to know it! I'll mosey over in a jiffy... Break out a wee bit o' the creature, would ya?!?

DarklyFey said...

Hee. I love your sense of humour about it all, even if it does have a dark edge to it! I don't think you're crazy at all. :)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi DarklyFey!

Thanks! Half the time I seem mad but it's just the way I express humor. Sarcasm is highly underrated, and usually (in my case anyhow) misconstrued as anger. I guess years of pessimism can't help but shine their dark light (if that's not to mixy a metaphor!)on my funnybone...

"Half fun and full earnest", as one of my old-time favorite authors would say!

Thanks for visiting the South! I must have been picking up vibes-- just got home from work, but while I was there I kept thinking I needed to visit your Red Leather Couch.

Therapy, anyone?:P