10 January 2009


I have to wonder why, or how, someone who grew up in the lean years of the Great Depression chooses to be critical of a preparatory mindset.


And said someone with a better-stocked pantry than my paltry one!

My Uncle made a insightful guess a few days back: maybe it is an unconscious desire to suppress those difficult times.

Maybe. Okay, yes, even.


What's wrong with me "saving for a rainy day"? I mean, let's look at a summation from the front page of today's Houston Post:

"Unemployment soared to 7.2% last month, but even that gloomy figure may mask the degree to which the job market is in a tailspin.

The fine print of friday's report showed that a broader measure of joblessness-- which includes people who are working part-time but would prefer a full-time job and people who want work but have given up looking-- rose... to 13.5%

...Employers cut 524,000 jobs last month, 2.6 million over the course of 2008. companies not only slashed workers, but also cut back on hours for their remaining employees, [leaving those remaining with] the shortest average workweek on record.

The unemployment rate is at a 16-year high. The growing army of the unemployed, at 11.1 million, is nearly 50% bigger than at the start of the recession a year ago."

By Neil Irwin--Washington Post

[And the above-mentioned person is, as I type, reading that very paper, and watches t.v.news every night (packagd as we know that source is , they ain't been all cheery of late) . And ignoring who knows how many other signs...]

And I'm certain I ain't the only one who has noticed that gasoline prices are on the rise again-- a near 20-cent increase almost overnight, at least here in the Big H.

But I'm silly for preparing; for buying a little extra food every time I shop; for desiring a pressure canner/cooker.( Honestly, when I was asked "What on Earth do you want a pressure cooker for?", I was so slack-jawed baffled that I couldn't answer.Whuh??? I finally said " I plan on having a really big garden". That garnered a snicker. And THAT got me pissed...)

I was able to hold my tongue, then and now. Lydia made a good point in her comment @ HermitJim's site today, having an answer at the ready for grocery clerks who might wonder verbally about bulk food purchases.

I really don't understand, folks (nor do I understand folks-- no comma). But maybe I ain't meant to.

I'll just go about my merry if "convoluted" way. And come a simple move to the country and a wait on garden production there, or TEOTWAWKI, I'll have me green beans set aside.

That's all I got for now, friends. Thanks for droppin' by.



Catman said...


I've read the the reported unemployment numbers are misleading. It seems that once you exhaust your benefits, that they no longer count you as "unemployed".

So, they say that the "real" unemployment rate for this country is somewhere around 16.5%

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Sounds 'accurate', Catman. Add the other faactors mentioned in the article, probably ALL figured separately.. I'd say we're likely lookin' at nearer 21%. Just a guestimate..

Glad to have the two jobs I currently do. Every "spare" greenback towards that 'rainy day' is my motto...

Thanks for the input, bro...


Stephanie in AR said...

I just smile and say I don't like to go shopping much so the bigger my pantry the less I need to go. Somehow that is a more acceptable answer. Of course, having a large family helps - everyone assumes that large basket full is just for this week. lol

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hello again Stephanie!always good to 'see' you! Very feasible answer,I say. Living in the "country" helps, too-- lots less trips= more per. And of course kids, they never eat much (rolling eyes!)...
Thanks for the feedback!

Livia Indica said...

Someone actually asked you what you wanted a pressure cooker for? That must have been some moron.