08 January 2009

Beggin Yer Fergiveness...

Sorry, folks, but i just ain't up to typing tonight. Could be 'cause i've spent so much of said energy commenting on all yall's sites-- but that'd be misplaced blame.

Truth is, i's jes' tired. And needs begin revamping my sleep habits to wake up ~ 5 A.M (versus the norm for me of crashing out thereabouts) so's I can work my jelly at the new place of employ come monday.

Today was the first i ever double-posted; mayhap menana will see a repeat, as i wanna talk about BREATHING (think you know how, eh? Stay tuned... We'll see!).

For now, another frothy one, and some self-indulgent surfing.

So, hop on over to Andy's again and look for the rabbit in the sky...

I'll be back soon, folks!



Livia Indica said...

Hey no worries man. Sometimes I go a full week without sayin' a thing!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

i guess saying i ain't gonna say nothin is a cheating way to say ... what, something? Nothing? Hell, i AM tired!
Thanks for scootin' in... loved your graveyard dirt, BTW...



p.S. What are you doing up at this hour?!?

Stephanie in AR said...

Trying to get the kids used to getting up earlier too. Oldest is now public school & bus comes at 7:20 so need to up about 6:30. Looked around at all the teens & young adults who can't get up in daylight without griping someone's ears off and decided the younger set needed to learn to get up too. Now if changing habits weren't so hard! or at least didn't make the brain so foggy. Good luck & keep breathing.