01 January 2009

In Honor Of Janus

Just dragged my tired anus in from work: notice a lot of you are either up past your bedtime, or you autoposted...

Given it is a once-per-anum event, i hope it's the Former!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone stayed safe and happy tonight, and isn't too hung over on the morrow.

Then again, hang; after all, this is a once-per-anum...

More later my e-quaintances.



the dafthermits (Mel n andy and wee clan) said...

Morning Cygnus from bonnie Scotland

Happy 2009

thanks for your kind words on the blackbus

all the very best


Ken said...

...mornin' Cygnus...just a quick HappyNewYear to ya...

HermitJim said...

Good day to ya, nephew! Hope the coming year treats you well!

May your coffee be hot, your troubles be light,and the worst of your tomorrows outshine the best of your yesterdays!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Andy-- yall be safe on those roads this year

Ken--It'll be a happy one 'cause i'm moving in the right direction. Best to you and yours..

Hermit! May you inherit a desert lodge with a thousand rooms, and find a pound of coffee in every one!