04 January 2009


Daily Savings towards "The Move"
(in U.S.$ value as of 1-2009)

3 Jan 2009
A) food items: $2.13
B) Coinage : $1.59

Total : $3.72

Estimated savings (U.S.$ based on 'current value') since 25 Dec 2008:
A) food items: $10.00
B) coinage : $5.27

To-Date Totals:
A)Food Items :$12.13
B)Coinage :$6.86

= :$18.99

Chose tonight to itemize. Don't ask why, because even i ain't certain...

Hello, folks.

Was out and about amongst consumer hell tonight. (Running low on frothy adult beverages. Never want that...) Always take said adventures to do a little eyeball-shopping. Found some canned fish for 3/$1. And, given all the banter @ Bison's place last nite, picked up a can o' Treet [uh, you say so...] to try. Ain't fond of the schtuff, but the caloric content comment therein made me venture...

Kinda kickin' myself in the anus for not having "spent" more whislt one of the local food marts was running canned veggies 3/$1... Tonite they were back to some select items @ 2/$.99. DAMN...

Hey, live and learn. And watch the sunday paper adds; long as they're killin' trees to let us know...

Talking w/ my uncle, the notorious HermitJim, about similarities in today's economic foreboding.. er, I mean "news", and those of the depressive 1929 era. This is why i'm sad i didn't "spend" more of my 'saved' coinage for foodstuffs. I'm curious as to why so many feel money in I.R.A.'s and 401k's ain't the same as canned goods on a pantry shelf. As you can see from above, i count foodstuffs set aside as savings. Tough to chew a Lincoln... And let's not even discuss, here, the day comes it (Lincoln) has little value...

The corned beef hash i can palate; the penny... not so much!

On an aside, there's been some good banter today (here) on heirloom seeds versus hybrid varieties. Here's cygnus' $0.02:

The thing to remember, folks, is that BOTH varieties will produce viable second-generation seeds (e.g. ones that can be sewn next cycle). The primary difference is, the heirlooms will consistently look the same (PROVIDED THEY DIDN'T CROSS-POLLINATE...), whereas the (2nd gen.) hybrid varieties will almost immediately begin reverting to one or the other "parent" seeds' dominant characteristics, mayhap loosing in the process some of the 'qualities' they were/are bred/known for. As the aforementioned link states, argument can be made for both sides. I prefer to stick with Heirlooms when i can, and want to be Monsanto-free inasmuch as is possible, but when Survival is key... WHAT WORKS???
And who's to say reversion back to a former parent's' charateristic is a bad thing? Maybe you'll end up with an entirely "new" strain of heirloom cuces...COOL!!! :)

Anyhoo, there's me bent on the day. Gads, what a busy one... Yall gots to stop being so interesting and informative with your blogs; what, you think i ain't got other time commitments!?!

More Soon, Folks...



HermitJim said...

hey Cygnus...I'm thinking along the lines of using some of the same brand of seeds that I usd last year. Had good luck with most, like the okra, and usable food is usable food regardless of the name of the seed.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hi Bendz!
thanks for stopping in!
Wealth...petty rich life as it is. Good lyrics in a song i know says it well:
" I ain't got no money, but I damn sure got it made..."
Thanks again, Bendz;great to hear from a new voice.

Hey Hermit!
Yessir, hard to argue with success.. especially when she's feeding you!
Thanks for coming by!


Bullseye said...

Nothing like keeping track man. Let's you see your progress and helps motivate ya. Good job and keep on preppin.
Working on a seed order now. Not sure what I'll come up with, want to different things this year I think.

Stephanie in AR said...

Check & see if there is an Aldi's near you, it's worth the drive if there is. Depending on the harvest basic vegetables are between .25 - .49 usually about .35. Most is pretty good. Personal preference we spend the .49 for baby peas. Tuna just went up to .59. Some even sell those frothy beverages. When I make the drive, if I buy 1 fresh pineapple (usually .99) and milk ($1 less per gallon than local) the trip pays for itself. So far we haven't found anything that we would not buy again. It's worth looking into. If there isn't one close there should be in the Ozarks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, came across your blog after visiting "Code Name Bullseye". Thought I'd check you out see what you got going on. I'll keep an eye on your blog and if I like what I see and read I'll link to you.

That being said: I appreciate your willingness to be different with the color scheme of your blog. But, the white and blue are eye hurting colors. Don't know if anybody mentioned this to you yet or not but the contrast hurts my eyes & I'm sure it can't be good for others.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanks man. Something came over me, and i'm gonna run with it, keeping track daily... kinda why i write this blog...
Glad you dropped in.

Steph, i'm pretty sure there isn't one, but will investigate. And will DEFINITELY mark it for post-move! (Would that it already were..!) Thanks so much for the visit and the info.

Hello GreenvilleRoad... Always nice to have new visitors show interest enough to comment. No sir (ma'am?), no one has mentioned the color scheme yet; I'm always open to change, and in fact always trying to implement said. I'll take a gander; aint been happy with the text color anyhow...
Thanks, friend.