02 March 2009


Thanks to all of you in the Blogosphere who give my live dimension I would never have fathomed possible.




Love ya, G...

P.P.S. Had to come again, Folks, because this man is a god.. :



Cygnus MacLlyr said...

folks, I know it looks like typical Cygnus tongue-in-cheek, the way I proffer homage to you and then let Carlin lambast sheeple... but these were honestly two different posts!

The thanks is sincere; my friend Livia at Magic in these Hills has been doing a series on the monkeysphere, and it prompted me to offer the opening statement, because honestly many of you are more 'real' to me than most of the physical beings I work, commute and otherwise needs exist with on a daily front.

And those are the ones George so definitively spoke of.

Just thought i needed to clarify, 'cause the post looks hilarious, but should be taken seriously as well.



Bullseye said...

I love this guy man. The funny thing for me is that he is the narorator on some of the Thomas the Tank Engine cartoons that my daughter watches. I just keep waiting to hear him go ape shit or something. Listened to and watched Carlin for years man. Thanks for the vids my friend.

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

George Carlin was a shining star in the sometimes cesspool of life. I really loved that guy:) Thanks for the clippies! A big dose of the Church of George always does a body good:)

Noki said...

I hate how he would always beat around the bush (hehe, no pun intended). He should have told us what he really thought instead of holding back. But I agree with so much of it. Especially that part about the government getting off our backs.

Excuse me now, while I go get my vehicle's state inspection done, so I can do the registration, drive to the VA to try to get a copy of my DD-214 so I can maybe get a job, because last year's income taxes are eating me up and I don't have enough to cover my land taxes.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

He's a god.I'd bear his children, but he's dead and I'm a heterosexual male, so... I don't see it working!