12 March 2009

WORK: Definitively Explored

work: 1) continued exertion or activity directed to some purpose or end... 4) a manufacturing or other industrial establishment, usually in the plural...

The dictionary goes on to list 28-- that's vingt et huit to our canuk friends-- different main agreeances on use of the word.

Forget Dictionaries.

Define work. What image does the word conjure up for you; what foul film flashes on the theatre of your mind's eye when this word is spake?

I'll tell ya what I think-- it's another four-letter word. And no plain and simple one, either; it's a dirty, nasty low-life version of the genre, all the more wicked for it's friendly facade.
And we're supposed to nod and smile, our grey matter automatically counting green pieces of paper traded for the most valuable of all our stock: TIME.

OUR TIME, folks!

So I'm at the factory setting, lining someone's pockets with green paper. I got a lot of time to ponder stuff. And stuff ponders along, and out of a repetitive thoughtpattern comes this blog.

Now, I LOATH work. No bones about it.

"Then What, Ciggie?"

Glad you asked, o inner leprechaun...

My favorite game-- you've won the lottery; what are you going to do with your life now that money is no concern?

Or my second favorite-- "What do you do?" wherein a guaranteed better than 95% of U.S. citizens will answer with their occupation.

That's your JOB, folks, that's what you do for a paycheck.

What Would You Do If... That is the question. Not whether it is nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune... that's that other guy Bacon's question. No, If you could do ANYTHING in the world, what would it be?

THIS is Who You Are.

So I'd garden, and climb rocks, and flirt incessantly...

Now let's circle back to the question: what is work?

Many of you may consider one of my favorite hobbies, gardening (fondly referred to as 'playing in the dirt'), to be defined as a four-letter synonym.

And to the deeper phase of the asked:
If I had to do the vegetable-raising and apiary and rabbit hutch all for existence, for my very survival versus the fun I categorize it today, would it soon not be re-filed as WORK and begin to be loath???

What say ye?

Slainte, Folks!



Catman said...

Work? Electronics Engineering Technician.

Do? Experience whatever the moment brings.

Lottery? Depends on the amount. 3-9 Million cash after taxes, probably nothing significantly different. Probably pay off the house, buy another couple of gun safes and things to fill them.

More than $100 million? I'd be traveling around the USA meeting some of my fellow bloggers and playing Santa Claus.

Move to that place my wife found in Kentucky. Class III license. We'd have a serious annual BBQ for the blogging family.

Start an animal rescue. Probably rescue some humans too. My wife wants to adopt small humans as well as small animals.

Bullseye said...

I think there is a saying that goes something like "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life", that is the way I feel about working on my samll farm. Yea, it's work to some, but not me. I love every minute of it and hope to live this life until I die. A guess I should also add that this is NOT my primary income. Good investments of time and money at a very young age fund my hobbies and life now. But it is the work on the farm that is my life, no doubt about it. And as for the lottery, no thanks. Too much of anything gets me in trouble, money for damn sure. LOL I could buy my way out of anything...LMAO

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Small humans ARE cute...

I like your Do The Moment answer. These were rhetorical questions, dig, kitty?

Definitely do a big bbq for the bloggers. Maybe buy a small hunting preserve with year-round access but annually or even semi-annually hold a gathering there...

I Like Your Mind, Cat Person...

We'll be in touch..!!..

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

That's what I mean, Bullseye-- money being no object (you win the lotto, for example), how would you spend your TIME-- that most precious of commodities again..

I think a lot of preppers will be their self (sorry for the oxymoron...)-- fish, hunt, plant.. May have a tad beter toys to do said with, but still gonna be me.

Thanks for your input, bulls!

HermitJim said...

Only one ambition for thje old man...out of this cess pool of a town and into the sancuary of the woods or the country. Matters not where...just other than here!

Stephanie in AR said...

Nah...work as in a paycheck is much different than work of your choice. When it is your place (garden, animals or whatever) YOU decide when to start, when to finish, when to take a break, what is most important, how its going to get done or even IF it will get done, and every other decision that gets dictated to you at the paycheck job.

Yes it does take effort. But you reap the benefits, all the benefits & not just the crumbs. Yes there will be times when it just isn't fun - placing tomatoe cages in 113F heat or walking into the weed patch to discover it is the previous owner's barbwire burial ground isn't fun. It is your choice on how to handle the situtation and while there may be a *better* way at the end of the day there is not a right way or wrong way. (Colorful language doesn't intimidate old barb wire.)

I read that most people don't really want to be rich & all the problems that brings but instead want to be financially independent - enough money to do what they want without worrying about that same money. kwim? I'd worry about the next generation or two if there were very much money to hand down - like that saying about workboots to workboots in three generations.

I also like the Jewish idea of heaven - not as a place to sit/stand around all day just singing but as a place where whatever it is you wanted to do in life but never could, well now you can. Gardener, singer, whatever there would be the time & talent to explore. Sounds more heavenly than the normal vision. Its still *work* but it isn't...

I'd also read that some see God telling Adam he had to work as a punishment - and it is to a point - instead it was a mixed bag. Weeds, weather and other thwarts to the effort, a reminder of what was lost. But also a chance to create, dream and plan to keep from going crazy. Too many days off isn't exactly paradise is it?

I know you are pagan but the idea still something to think about. Work doesn't have to be work.

If I were financially independent - I'd still pretty much stay at home because people are fine, then its time to go home. But we would travel a bit, see places & meet people. Sounds odd but there is a difference. We'd definately be moved to a different place - one where the neighbors aren't so close and with a creek for the kids. I'd like to help the crew out but would really have to think about the best way. I wouldn't want to recreate the welfare system on the homefront kwim? There's also the matter of what to do with the family mooches too..."there's one in every family, two in mine" is so very true.

Feeling a bit tied down?

Stephanie in AR said...

As for my own pesonal job/work...that would be very hard because I pretty much am trying to do that now. An advantage of being the wife with a vision of what home means and a dh who agrees.

As for outside - well it is all so interesting it is hard to decide. My major was biology but the minor with almost as many hours was literature. It is a great combination too - if you want to know what the science really meant to a time then read their literture. The other minor was math (a given in the sciences) and history. Everything is so interesting - but not finance. Too many madeup definitions over there to suit me.

Longwinded today aren't I? must be a meloncholy wind moving about.

Stephanie in AR said...

It's me again Margaret...

We are getting snow & ice today but then it will warm back up. So for your trip better look up & bring something for chigger bites. An overgrown propery will have lots of chigger patches. Lots.

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I LOVE my "work" which is really fun because I'm a MOM (fav job...no greenbacks, but happy human beings as a reward!)and a TEACHER and I can even throw COUNSELOR in the mix!

If I were a rich girl, I would travel to Ireland ALOT with my kids, READ and CREATE...probably volunteer more...GARDEN...Travel to Stonehenge..Hawaii (again) Bali..Italy...(I'd have my own private jet of course! lol!)

To me work is to fulfill my purpose here on the green and blue jewel we call home for now...

Ken said...

...hey Brother,long time no type,work for me is plastics'...you name it,if it's made out of plastics',i can do it...time on the side,i like to hunt,squirrels and rabbits(favs),like to fish too...my 'growing' has suffered the most tho,i really miss the 'big gardens'(size is reletive)...lol,just aint had the time these last few years to do much else than 'hobby' plant...

...small fortune comes my way,i'm gone...land,some 'material' for initial purchases,and no one but you guys would ever see or hear me again...