22 March 2009

Worthy Pursuit Of Adult Leisure Time

A Book To Read: Literature/History/Bibliography genre...

Actually, you should go to the N.P.R. site and listen to the interview:

"I don't think for a moment that there was any sexual relationship between them, because I think their relationship had nothing to do with bodies," explains Wilson. "They were wrapped up in each others' minds in a much more complicated and frightening way."

Just sounds like a fascinating read, people-- and I don't even like biblio's...

Oh, and there's a great site link for no-knead (or low-knead!) bread recipes-- I think several, in fact... Go see! In fact, again you can go listen to the interview. Recommended, really... I'm headed that a-way even as you read this-- and already heard it on broadcast!!

Slainte, literary-- and prepatory-- Folks!



SunTiger said...

I think the best part of making bread is being able to knead the dough. I mean -- who or what else do you get to slap around without ever going to jail?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...


I love it, Sun Tiger!

Having been there, that is... I shoulda picked on the pan o' wheat rising, not the...

Thanks for the visit! Hope to see you again soon!