22 March 2009

Double Love Award Finally Arrives!

Sick and Tired of me talking about My Misadventurous Mommy?
Grab some Pepto- and a pillow; this likely won't be her last mention here.

A while back, she foisted another assignment-- I mean, gracefully bestowed an award-- upon yours truly. I did the writing, but instead of passing it along to seven others, I chose six, and then told Mommy a new award would be created for her should she chose to proffer another 7 Things She Loves.

She did so immediately.

And has been graceful enough to give me a bit of time to come up with the "cash" to cover the check my overly active oral orifice offered... Thanks, dearie!

Allie, to you goes the first ever DOUBLE LOVE AWARD, for back-to-backing the Kreativ Blogger Assignment, thus sharing with an ever-prying world not seven but fourteen things about yourself...




Unknown said...

Thank you so much and I love it...I will get this up as soon as I upload it to photobucket and get it a code (don't ya love html).

Lots of hugs and a couple kisses!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Kisses! I finally get Kisses from my Misadventurous Mommy! How can the world continue to be wrong?!!

Hey- what the hell is this photobucket thingie? You mean, i did another slack-assed job with focus, etc. on THIS one, too?

I'm glad you like it, Mommy...

REALLY glad...