17 December 2008


A little 'late' with today's post; normally I'm up late @ nite, typing my little digits off, but last night found me abed with some nasty virus... Anyhow, seeing as I tend to post after 'The Witching Hour' due to work schedule and general night prowess, I'm not actually "behind". [I may BE one at times, but that is a different matter altogether:) ] And I've noticed that most of the few reader/commentors I've garnered visit @ hours akin to my own...so late is relative.
Anyhow, laying up in bed last night ('cause I'd mostly slept the day away), thinking.


Sometime good. Sometime, not so...
Mostly pessimistic stuff last night. Could be partially blamed on the physical ailment; probably more so that I tend towards pessimism en generau.
But I have my moments--- and one thing can be said, of me and every other being on Gaea's face: set my mind to something, and it's only a matter of time.

I've decided that it's not where I've been-- the 'past' is only a collection of present moments that one has moved away from; nor is it where I'm going-- the 'future' is but moments the 'present'is moving inexorably toward. Philosophy, Religion, Science--- all agree (in varying degrees) on this concept.

My trouble therein is that often, in retrospect [can that exist in this concept of time? More fodder for philosophic ponder, i reckon...] I live TOO MUCH for the now, as a glimpse at my current situation and more so my bank account will prove. I AM a creature of pleasure, living so largely in/for day-to-day moments that I lack disciplined preparations for the "future".

I can argue Science and the Theory of Relativity all I care; how far would that have gotten me in a society of European forbears, whose survival through long, harsh winters depended on adequate preparations during seasons of abundance? Shclocked off on the next/nearest village, I'd wager!

I've had a dream for many a year now, folks, and the primary conclusion I've come to is to enact a lesson I learned in college: I reaped a 4.0 GPA through 60+ hours of school by sacrificing some short-term pleasure to reap long-term gain. (Not all, mind you; maybe even 'most' would be more accurate, but 'all' would be "all work and no play"-- and we all see what that did to Jack!!!)

I'm currently on a serious prowl for a second source of income-- a "job" (LOATH!!LOATH!!) :/

Sacrifice-- a bit of pleasure time, some sleep, a libation or three... everything will add up, and I will start making payments on the country acreage I've had my eyes on for a while-- and heart on for years.

Now to set the mind to it... Consider it DONE.

Oh sure it'll take some "time"-- a lot of those afore-mentioned 'nows' into that 'future'-- but a lot less of it/them than were I to continue like the grasshopper versus the ant in that old fable...

And here's public record, folks... a chance for me AND you to follow and see how serious I am.

Uh, ok--not too much pressure, please:|

Yet come to think of it, it's where I seem to perform best...

More soon, folks. Expect to see a generous display of blog titles related to "Cygnus' Search For (and Preparations Towards) His Homestead".

Think I'll go back and listen to Hank Jr.'s tune again; I've always loved that song.
I now publicly declare it my anthem. ;]

See ya c'est sior, people. Thanks for your support...



Ash said...

I've been thinking about income lately, too. If only I could come up with something to do from home while working a part-time job outside. Not really interested in much I've come across.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Hello again, valued friend...
yeah, seems a lot of work-at-home tripe we see advertised 9esp. on the net) is just that-- tripe.
There are some needles in the information-superhighway haystack, though (if I may be so bold as to mix metaphors). Check out the "Blondie's Online..." link via my profile (bear with me; I'm trying to move all followed blogs to my front page)... and be patient...
Rome fell quickly, but it wasn't built in a day, either.

Just keep networking and plying your creative trade(s). Do what you love; that will show thru in your work, and "they will come"...

Keep me posted, girl-- and best of luck!
Thanks for stopping by:)