08 December 2008

It's Relative

I aint so sure... but i think i got asked out by two different women tonight. 95% sure one was at least an invite. Is that the same thing?!? Man, i've been out of 'the game' too long. Not so sure i want to play again, either. Costs too much-- in about every way you can interpret those words.

Never hurts to read the menu, though; no obligation to place an order. (No matter HOW hungry:) :)

Time will tell. I, however, am a Southern Gentleman. I never will;)

Speaking of time, ol' mister not-so-wise night owl here (hey wait, Cygni are Swans n'est-ce pas! Ah well, allow me artistic license to mix metaphors) has to remove head from under wing not so long after Sol begins His journey from the depths of the underworld across Father Sky... and that's less than six hands of time hence. Going to be a hectic next few days for me as work schedule proves it don't understand these concepts of light versus dark and personal functionality therein..

Bear with me, dear readers, as i work (!) around it. Shouldn't miss any days posting here, but reserve the option to pose (prose? Verse!) here. If i don't seem as active comment-- or content-- wise, well, there it is.

In the meantime, here I am back in the mix tomorrow:

Yall enjoy, folks. I know I will:)

More soon.

Cygnus (aka "Mr. Pew")

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Ash said...

I love Pepe Le Pew so much!! Cute.